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Top 3451-3500 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

3451)   Paging Database Results in ASP.NET
This is an article through which you can gather information about the paging functionalities in ASP.NET. Paging helps you to display the information in multiple pages so that you can present the data in easy-to-read format.

3452)   Top five Web service myths
Top five Web service myths is an online article aimed to give a clear idea on the concepts of web services by revealing on the real fact of component based application architecture of web services.

3453)   Easily Adding Functionality to ASP.NET Server Controls
It is an article through which you can learn how to improve the functionality of the Calendar Web control by setting HoverColor property of the control. The author also explains the method of creating custom server control class with a sample program and screenshot.

3454)   Introduction to DataTables: Part 2
This useful tutorial teaches the method of row manipulation in database tables. The author gives details about the process of utilizing primary keys to search a row in a database table.

3455)   Understanding User Controls - Part 2
It is an article that gives you a brief explanation about how to use reflection to work with user controls that are Just-In-Time compiled. The author clearly explains about reflecting the user control with the source code in both Visual Basic.NET and C#.

3456)   Leverage the Authentication and Form Validation Features of ASP.NET to Bolster Your Commerce App
This is a tutorial in which author discusses about form authentication, which validates the clients user name and password inorder to avoid the unauthorized users with the help of custom validator control.

3457)   A beginner's guide to threading in C#
This tutorial teaches the basic concepts of multi threading and the method of using multi threading in several application. The author offers details about various advantages of utilizing multi threading in applications.

3458)   Delegates in managed C++
This article instructs the users about delegates in managed C++. This tutorial offers simple steps for creating a single cast delegate and multicast delegate.

3459)   Using SOAP Faults
This tutorial instructs the learners about SOAP fault which occurs while delivering web services. Descriptions are given in simple steps with example.

3460)   The Evolution of Web Services
This tutorial briefly discusses about the evolution of web services. It also discusses SOAP, HTTP, EDI etc., EDI automation has been described in a short form for the beginners.

3461)   MS Team
This is a company that offers service for Microsoft programming. They also provide service for database driven website creation and commit themselves in delivering VS.NET programming.

3462)   Extranet Security
This library describes about how to share the applications through extranet with full security. This tutorial implements several steps for the learners to refer and know quickly about extranet security.

3463)   DTS Grows Up
This is an useful article for the data base administraters to learn about dts package and the method for creating it. Data transmission service tool is used to export the data from a wide range of data sources. This article also deals with the various tasks of the DTS tool.

3464)   Aspose.Pdf
Aspose.Pdf is a .Net Pdf document reporting component which enables you to write Pdf documents without utilizing Adobe Pdf. The latest supports processing for GIF and PNG;etc.

3465)   Implementing Role Based Security in ASP.NET
In this tutorial the author guides readers to learn about providing access rights to the users on role basis. The author of this tutorial covers this process on utilizing Windows and also customized roles for authorization.

3466)   Clearing the barriers to .NET for VB developers
This is an useful article that explains the migration to VB.NET from visual basic programming. It is easy for the Visual Basic programmer to update their skills. This is an easy transition.

3467)   Retrieving Configuration
This is an ASP.NET tutorial through which you can know how to get the data of the cofiguration file. In this tutorial the author shows how to get the configuration settings using the browser property of the System.Web.HttpRequest class.

3468)   ASP.NET and VB.NET Error Handling
Error handling is one of the most important part to run an application in ASP.NET and VB.NET. The author of this tutorial explains the effective methods of error handling in ASP.NET and VB.NET.

3469)   Writing Exceptional Code
Exceptions is the thought which provoke the author to present this tutorial, through which the webmasters could also improve the basic ideas of exceptions in ASP.NET.

3470)   At Your Service, On the Web
All software developers and programmers can refer this reference for scripting codes for a web based service on a .NET framework through an ordinary class function.

3471)   A Matter of Context
A Matter of Context is a data storage article, from this article you can know what type of problems occur in web application and how you can overcome that.

3472)   Tutorial: Creating a Web User Control in .NET
In this tutorial the author gives you the method for creating web user control. The author shows you the declaration for adding and removing the web user control on the web pages.

3473)   ASP.NET Whidbey from the Inside
This is a reference guide which gives an introduction to ASP.NET Whidbey. It describes the features, importance, functions etc.

3474)   Command Matrix
Command Matrix is a program that comes with the ability to bring an one stop solution for web hosting control panel of Windows 2000.

3475)   Authoring Custom Controls
Authoring Custom Controls is a tutorial which describes you about creating custom controls and setting properties to these controls. In this tutorial the author shows you how to create composite and template controls with sample program and demo.

3476)   Caching in .Net - Overview
This tutorial deals with page caching technique which caches a page and stores it in cache memory. Here author offers few tips to store page on the cache by using object cache function.

3477)   Writing Server Side Control Validator
This tutorial teaches the method of creating server side control validator, which helps in validating data of web form fields in the server side. The author describes the functionalties of required field validator.

3478)   ASP.NET Caching Features
It is an article that deals with caching technique which involves in improving the performance of the ASP.NET applications. Here author elaborates about storing data, pages or part of datas on the server using caching technique.

3479)   Accessing Page Properties
This is an informative article for the .NET programmers to know how to access the properties and methods of an aspx page with the help of the user control contained in it. The author explains the procedure with an example code.

3480)   Introduction to COM and .NET
The development of COM upto .NET is the summary of this online tutorial. VB.NET, C#, SQL Server 2000 and .NET component services are the other key technologies which the author discusses through this article.

3481)   Manage Multiple SQL Server Installations and Databases with OSQL
This is a tutorial which helps novice to know about the use of OSQL command. OSQL command is used to manage mutiple servers and databases. You have to pass the server name, databse name, login, password, input file, output file that you want to execute with Sql script as the parameter to the OSQL.

3482)   Microsoft .NET Framework Redistributable
Microsoft .NET Framework Redistributable is a program that facilitates users to create and run .NET applications by providing .NET framework class library and language runtime.

3483)   Flesk.Cart
Flesk.Cart is a program that can be used by the administrators to have a simple shopping cart system on their ASP.NET websites. This will of much use for them in performing ecommerce businesses.

3484)   WebMailer:Sending 1000s of emails from a web page without timing out.
Sending 1000s of emails from a web page without timing out is the main function of this webmailer which is described in this article. The current status of the mailing would be provided to the user.

3485)   Porting applications to .NET
This is an article that deals with porting of web application with the ASP.NET application. In this article the author examines various test regarding .NET compact framework.

3486)   Application vs. Cache Class Speed Tests
This tutorial concentrates on caching data items, data objects and pages in the web server that are created on for initial request which helps in accessing these content again when another HTTP request calls, thus increasing the performance of application.

3487)   Authenticate Web Service Client - An ASP.NET Web Application
This tutorial educates the beginners about how to access authenticate web service client for securing web service from spammers. Screenshot and sample codes for easy reference has been given.

3488)   HOW TO: Create a Summary Row for a DataGrid in ASP.NET by Using Visual C# .NET
This is an useful article for the novice. This article shows you how to create a summary row in the datagrid control using Visual C# project.

3489)   CompareValidator Control
This is an ASP.NET tutorial which brings you the details about the ASP.NET Comparevalidator control. You can use this control for comparing the values of two input controls, the value of a input control with a constant value etc., The author clearly explains the various properties of this control.

3490)   COM+ Integration: How .NET Enterprise Services Can Help You Build Distributed Applications
This article is about the integration of COM+ with CLR. The author defines the implementation and installation of COM+ configured classes with the help of CLR. The author also discusses about the ways to handle important resources along with .NET remoting architecture.

3491)   Enterprise Blocks Web Site
This is a database application based on .NET through which users can develop various web applications. This tool provides full web control, windows services and web services for generating various object oriented applications.

3492)   HTTP Security and ASP.NET Web Services
Performing secured web services using HTTP based security mechanism is the topic discussed in this tutorial. This tutorial will guides the readers to succeed a secure webservice by merging the features of MS ASP.NET and MS IIS.

3493)   User-Defined Interface (SEngUDI) for ASP.NET
User-Defined Interface (SEngUDI) is a program that helps webmasters to retrieve the customer specific data using templates built by them.

3494)   ASP .NET - Server Controls
It is an easy to learn tutorial for the novice programmers to know about the three types of server controls of ASP.NET. The author shows you the syntax for creating the three types of server controls in aspx pages.

3495)   Grouping Validators by Submit Button
This is an article that deals with seperating validators into seperate groups in ASP.NET. In this tutorial the author performs this process for placing a registration page that has validators in a web form in addition to a login element that also has validators.

3496)   Understanding and Using ASP.NET Advanced Configuration
This is a tutorial which helps you to learn about the method of setting identity for ASP.NET process, setting ASP.NET authorization, handling custom configuration handler etc., using the various configuration tag of the web.config file.

3497)   An introduction to SOAP basics
This tutorial teaches learners about the use of SOAP in detail and what are the benefits available with SOAP protocol instead of wire protocol.

3498)   Building .NET Components and Controls for ASP+
This is a very simple article about creating .NET components and controls for ASP+. The author starts with highlighting the importance of ASP+, which helps the webmasters a lot while creating new web pages presently.

3499)   Allowing Users to Edit Items in a DataList Control
This tutorial is more informative to the novice programmers to know about how to change the items of the datalist control of ASP.NET. You can easily highlight the item of the datalist control to edit visually using the EditItemStyle property.

3500)   Displaying Line Breaks in an Email
ASP programming learners can get useful tips from this tutorial to write an ASP program to send mails. Here, how line breaks can be included with email text is explained with a simple example.

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