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Top 3501-3550 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

3501)   Global Exception Handling with ASP.NET
The important task in web application is to track exceptions when they occur while clients are surfing the website. This article gives solution to the problem by creating an exception handler to fix the error.

3502)   Designing a .NET Application
This online article is about the variations in physical architectures. The author describes about the typical architectures. This might be useful for the webmasters to know about the complete description about the implementation options, merits and demerits.

3503)   Maintain Consistency With ASP.NET Templates
To sustain a stable look of the web sites, templates are the only way which is the main theme of this online article. The main task is about explaining the building process of an ASP.NET template framework.

3504)   ASP.NET Tips and Tricks
This article provides helpful tips and tricks on developing in ASP.NET.

3505)   Aspose.PDF.Kit for Java
Aspose.PDF.Kit for Java is a Java Pdf document manipulating component which allows developers to Edit the existing pdf documents; Show and change the meta information of a pdf file;etc.

3506)   nDevelopment
It is an ASP based .NET component which generates lines of code from the SQL server database. This tool helps in generating control helpers, classes and collection. This tool offers various features to the users.

3507)   Command Line Automation for .NET
Command Line Automation for .NET is a program that provides a complete commandline automation for .NET programs. This program performs implementation over MS DOS and console commands within and from C# and VB .NET code.

3508)   Microsoft .NET Web service security
If the users want to gather the details about how to secure web service using .NET application. After referring this tutorial the users can provide their web service with data protection, authentication etc.,

3509)   Quick .Net File Download Security
It is a tutorial in which author discusses about providing security to the file systems of ASP.NET application. Here the author discusses about the method of securing the files in the database as well as in the folder of the web server.

3510)   VControls README
This is a tutorial which concentrates on validating the web form elements using validation control. In this tutorial author discusses about methods to perfectly utilize these controls in ASP.NET applications.

3511)   Error Handling: Catching errors in & C# (Part 1)
This tutorial explains about the types of error and its features. Handling errors is very easy in ASP.NET. This is proved by the author through this article "Catching errors in & C# (Part 1)".

3512)   Base Page and User Control Classes
In this web based article the author offers you the sample source code for creating web pages by defining a class that inherits the properties, method and events of the base class System.Web.UI.Page.

3513)   Extending the ASP.NET XML control
This tutorial concentrates on the procedure for extending ASP.NET XML control and the method of utilizing it to call web services. The author explains about the method of calling web services using HTTP Get.

3514)   Healthy VB Requires Good Docs
This is an useful article that contains information about the VB.NET. This article is simple and informative.

3515)   emagiC CMS ASP
This is a content management system and is a remotely hosted application that can be used to control contents on the websites.

3516)   Master Memory Management
It is an article that deals writing optimized code for VB.NET and C# applications in the .NET framework. Here author describes about .NET memory management through which users can gather information about writing an optimized code.

3517)   IL - The Language of CLR
This is an article that explains the crosss language features of Common Language Runtime. CLR has various features such as it provides security, garbage collection, cross language exception handling etc.,

3518)   ASP.NET Source Code Viewer
This online tutorial is all about the ASP.NET Source Code Viewer. This is available in the .NET Framework with some changes.

3519)   Setting Initial Focus in Web Form
It is a tutorial which deals with setting an initial focus in the web form, which helps in taking control over tab orders which is present in the web form.

3520)   Developing An Image Upload Web Service
From this webservice article one can learn how to develop an image upload web service by enabling HTTP, SOAP and XML that helps the users to upload and invoke images from SQL server database.

3521)   Your First .NET Application
This is an useful article which gives you more information about the .NET application. Novice can get more benifits with the help of this tutorial.

3522)   Database-like Data Containers
This is an article through which you can learn more about the DataSet object of the ADO.NET. Dataset consists of three collections such as tables, relations and extended properties and it is completely in- memory object. This article also explains you about populating the DataSet object.

3523)   Query Grid
This program allows developers to create a query field on their database table to query required data easily. It provides query control field on each column.

3524)   TreeLink for ASP.NET
TreeLink for ASP.NET is a powerful content management program that can be used by the webmasters to generate extensive tree menus on their websites. This DHTML component has several enhanced features for the webmasters benefit.

3525)   Mastering ASP.NET with VB.NET: Introduction to ASP.NET
ASP.NET is the .NET framework layer that handles Web requests for specific types of files, namely those with .aspx and .acsx extensions. The ASP.NET engine provides a robust object model for creating dynamic content and is loosely integrated into the .NET framework. This integration makes it easy to change the implementation when the .NET framework migrates to platforms other than Windows.

3526)   .NET Framework and Web Services - Part III
This tutorial teaches about methods that have to be followed to establish web services. For each task example code has been shown on this site to allow users to test on their system.

3527)   Implement a One-Stop Authentication Web Service with .Net
This article briefly discusses about the creation of central authentication web service for internet applications using .NET. Description given in this tutorial are easily understandable.

3528)   Delegates And Events
This article gives information about the use of Events and Delegates in C sharp. Readers can come to an idea about the major role of delegates and events from this article.

3529)   Convert XML Into Objects Using .NET Deserialization
This is an online article in which the author gives details about the concept of deserialization, which execute the process of converting XML format to object. In this tutorial author guides the programmer to execute the process programmatically.

3530)   The Power of .NET- JavaScript and ASP.NET Login
Power of .NET- JavaScript and ASP.NET Login is one of the most important article through which the real strength of JavaScript and ASP.NET are explained. This tutorial also describes about the login verification system.

3531)   Introducing ASP.NET
ASP.NET solves many of the problems that currently face Web developers, and it greatly simplifies the tasks of creating, debugging, and deploying Web applications.

3532)   Introducing Microsoft .NET
This is a tutorial in which the author gives you a brief explanation about the features of .NET technology. The author also compares the DNA architecture with the .NET architecture.

3533)   BaseCompareValidator.Type Property
BaseCompareValidator.Type Property is an useful tutorial for the .NET programmers to learn about the type property of the validation controls. This property is used to set the data type for the values to be compared.

3534)   A Practical Comparison of XSLT and ASP.NET
In this article the author compares both ASP.NET and XSLT. The ASP.NET is available with many debugging tools and it has the capability of doing custom performance tweaking at every step which results in perf win. The XSLT can easily handle embedded HTML coding and it is declartive.

3535)   SSW Extreme Emails
SSW Extreme Emails is a tool that can be combined with Microsoft Outlook to use as a task management system. There are several capabilities available to enable users manage their project with ease.

3536)   An Exciting Time
This is an easy to learn tutorial from which you can get a brief summary about the changes that exist in beta 2 version of the ASP.NET. This information is helpful for the .NET programmers to develop web applications with enhanced functions.

3537)   Checking My E-Mail
Through this article "Checking My E-Mail", the author narrates the building of a tool which could use the name space. The unread messages could be checked from pop3 email account.

3538)   Net-factors ProEdit
This component is used for making a database table to add, edit and manage data easily. It has an user interface tool for friendly operations. It supports MS Access, MySQL and MS SQL databases to store data.

3539)   Adding Attributes to an Object Within a Datalist
This is a web based article which helps the readers to add the attributes to the objects that is placed within the datalist objects. This article shows it with a sample code to the readers.

3540)   Selling Management On Migrating To .NET
This is a .NET article in which author describes about how to migrate management system to .NET applications. This article gives various suggestions for the programmer about why the management have to migrate to .NET.

3541)   SQL Server 2000 SP3 Security Features and Best Practices
This tutorial comes like a reference guide for the administrators and developers to gather information about the security features of SQL server 2000 SP3.

3542)   Authoring an ASP.NET Page
This is an ASP.NET tutorial in which you can get details about how to include client and server side scripts in ASP.NET pages. You can see the syntax for using the page directives in this tutorial.

3543)   Data Access and Customization
It is an useful .NET tutoiral in which you can get details about various topics such as, templated controls, finding a control inside a template, select and edit item template of the datalist controls etc.,

3544)   In-Memory Data Compression in .NET [C#: Beta 2] PART I
This tutorial deals with the method of compression of memory data in .NET application which helps in solving the problem of transferring the data from computer to computer.

3545)   About the WebService Behavior
This is a simple theory where you will find some interesting web service behaviors and the capability of those behavior in building database driven web page designs.

3546)   Unidirect.Net
This program is helpful for the users who want to access any database from their .NET framework application by using single code. It is completely based on ADO.NET and it stores the results in ADO.NET dataset.

3547)   Remoting in .NET by Ramaprasad
This is a simple article in which the author offers description about .NET remoting, which helps to communicate between several application domain. The author compares .NET remoting over web services.

3548)   Database Report Web Service
This tutorial helps the users to create a database report by using simple web services. It allows them to administrate their databases easily.

3549)   VB.NET or C#?
VB.NET or C#? is an article in which the author shows you the difference between Visual Basic.NET and C# language. Both language support pure OOPS features. This features here help the .NET programmers to choose any one of the language based on their need for developing professional applications.

3550)   Saving Images to a Database in VB.Net
Users can utilize this online tutorial to learn how to use VisualBasic.NET in uploading and updating images to the database. This article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of uploading and storing images into a database.

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