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Top 3551-3600 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

3551)   Antechinus C# Editor
Antechinus C# Editor is a program with which programmers can effectively edit, generate, access and compile C# programs. This will be useful for ASP.NET developers.

3552)   ASP.NET and C# - Component Based Development -Writing C# Components, part II
This online tutorial is about component based development using .NET. For this development the users should know more about the assemblies. This article is the one which explains about C#.NET assemblies written and access them through ASP.NET pages.

3553)   Reuse in ASP.NET Across Domains
This is an online tutorial that clearly explains about reusing User Controls across domains in ASP.NET.

3554)   Serialize Objects to XML in .NET
This is an article in which the author gives detail about the process of utilizing several attributes and objects of XML serialization for serializing object to XML in .NET.

3555)   Web Services - Server To Server With SOAP
This portion of tutorial briefly explains about how to make communication link between server to server with the help of SOAP protocol. Explanations are quite simple hence the programmers can easily work with their system on SOAP enabled communication link.

3556)   Power Portal Pro
Power Portal Pro is an .Net based content management system that can be used to organize and administer portal applications. Users can group content modules for generating webpages.

3557)   Page Templating for Web Applications
The developers could know about the page templating scheme through this online article. This page templating scheme could be used along with the postback intensive web applications.

3558)   Manipulating Tag With ASP.NET
This simple tutorial teaches the method of processing tag in ASP.NET. In this tutorial the author discusses about the method of accessing the HTML attributes that are used in the tag.

3559)   User Controls for Page Templates
This user friendly tutorial gives information about creating a page template with the help of user control in ASP.NET. The author explains about the method of creating two user control for linking the page template.

3560)   An interesting intro to ASP.NET
It is an ASP.NET article in which the author gives you the sample code for classic ASP and ASP.NET and shows you that how ASP.NET coding seperates both the application logic and presentation.

3561)   Creating and Using Custom Attributes in C#
It is an easy to learn tutorial which guides you in creating custom attributes in C#. This tutorial shows you the syntax for AttributeUsage class and lists the three parameters of this class.

3562)   How do you send mail - in VB?
The tutorial which explains the users about how to send mail in VB. The author describes how easy is to send emails to anyone in VB.

3563)   Web Service vs Web Workspace Part II
This tutorial instructs the developers about web service and it guides them how to handle data transaction with SQL server. Definitions given in this tutorial are understandable.

3564)   Protecting IL Code from unauthorised Disassembling
In this tutorial the author explains about the mechanism that enables Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL) creation and about a pitfall of MSIL that mechanism faces by providing illustrations.

3565)   Using location tag in web.config
Using location tag in web.config is a web based tutorial which helps you to know how to use the tag of web.config file to access different database connection strings in different folders.

3566)   Updating Data at the Database Level
This is an useful tutorial for the develpers to update, delete and add data in the database table. You can get the sample source code for all these operations. This tutorial also shows sample screens to the users.

3567)   Using Typed DataSets
This useful tutorial teaches about typed dataset, which is one of the class of ADO.NET that helps in data access. The author gives details about the relationship between XML and XML schema, which helps in generating typed dataset.

3568)   Manual rounding with decimals
This is an article for obtaining reminder of a decimal that can be used for rounding the numbers manually. This is an easy to understand and useful tutorial.

3569)   Server Side Viewstate
It is an ASP.NET article in which the author explains about the advantages and disadvantages of the server side view state. This article is more informative to the web developers.

3570)   CodeSwap
CodeSwap is an effective online community that helps the .Net developers to share and search for source code and display it. This tool is simple and easy to install.

3571)   Accessing the a Particular Row's BoundColumn's Contents
This is an useful ASP.NET tutorial through which you can learn about fetching particular rows from the datagrid BoundColums. The author provides the code for doing this to the users.

3572)   Object Role Modeling & Visual Studio.NET
This reference is helpful for the .NET users that allows them to design their own data application to manage data easily. This utility provides formal model for generating perfect database applications.

3573)   Amazon Feed for IBS VB
Amazon Feed for IBS VB is a program built on VB.NET, by using which users can incorporate affiliates sales into their IBuySpy portal.

3574)   Page Output Caching, Part 1
This tutorial concentrates on page output caching which involves in increasing the performance of ASP.NET applications. Here author elaborates about caching, advantages on using caching and HTTP cache headers.

3575)   Jumping into ASP.NET Part 2: Creating the Data Storage Layer with SQL Server 2000
From this article you can learn how to create a data base and how data storage is done using SQL Server, Visual Studio .NET and ASP.NET. The author also explains the security using SQL Server, IIS and ASP.NET.

3576)   Working With Business Objects
The main objective of this online tutorial is about the summarizing logic in business objects. The author tells about how to write business components. This article further explains about how to induce them in the application.

3577)   VB.NET or C#?
This is a tutorial in which the author compares Visual Basic.NET and C#. In C# you can write multiple comments without repeating the comment character as well as you can use unsigned data type in .NET runtime but not in VB.NET. You can re-allocate arrays using 'Redim' in VB.NET but not in C#.

3578)   Printing Book Barcodes using C# and .NET
This is a tutorial that contributes to users on building a EAN-13 and UPC Supplemental 5 Digit barcode printer. This will be useful for the users to learn about printing barcodes on books.

3579)   Opening Child Windows Using Server Side Controls
In this tutorial the author explains the process of opening the child forms using various techniques. The author also shows how to pass the values to the parent from the child window and raising an event in the parent window in response to the returned values with a sample program.

3580)   News -- C# is Pronounced 'See Sharp'
This is a tutorial much helpful for the novice to learn about the C# language. Some of the features of C# that are derived from the java are exception handling, interfaces, abstract and final class etc.,. Features that are derived from c and c++ are struct, preprocessor, operator overloading etc.,

3581)   How To Cache in ASP.NET by Using Visual C# .NET
It is an article which deals with caching data objects and web pages in ASP.NET framework. Here author explains about various storing methods that have to be adapted to store web page, part of the web page and data on the cache memory.

3582)   Authenticate Web Service
This tutorial is for learning about creating an authentication service on web service using MS Access database. Simple sample codes have been given in this online tutorial for quick reference.

3583)   Sockets4Obfuscation
Sockets4Obfuscation which helps to avoid HTML and images from your web pages being stolen by your web site visitor.

3584)   .NET Development Strategies: Is COM Dead?
This CLR article discusses about the status of the COM object when the .NET CLR is arrived. .NET depends on the Common Language Runtime to generate the common Language called Intermediate Language. This is an useful article.

3585)   Integrating XML into ASP.Net Web Sites
It is an article in which author gives details about the procedure for integrating XML into e-commerce applications for data transfer. The author explains about integrating XML files into the website for accessing news information.

3586)   Programmers Heaven
This is an useful tutorial for the novice to learn about the C# language. You can clear any doubt online with the help of the message board offerd by this tutorial.

3587)   How To Use XML in Connected and Disconnected ADO.NET Applications
This is an article in which author elaborately gives information about the procedure for utilizing XML for both connected and disconnected ADO.NET application.

3588)   Apex SQL Code
This script generates code for MS SQL server and it supports any type of languages and it produces codes quickly based on template.

3589)   SMTP Internationalization
SMTP Internationalization, this article is really helpful and interesting for those who like to keep contact in their regional language. This author putforth the foundation for changing the System.Text.Encoding.

3590)   HOW TO: Create a Summary Row for a DataGrid in ASP.NET by Using Visual Basic .NET
This is a simple article that is easily understandable by the readers. This article shows a step-by-step process of creating a summary row in ASP.NET using Visual Basic.NET.

3591)   C# - Native SQL Provider Sample Speed Tests
This reference article allows the users to read and allows them to know about how to test the speed of data from XML files.

3592)   Interoperability Testing
This tutorial basically describes about web service interoperability by using Simple Object Access Protocol. To test interoperability users should follow the given steps and syntax provided.

3593)   Dynamically control HTML tags
This is an article that deals with controlling HTML tags dynamically. In this tutorial the author guides users to perform this process by using attributes.

3594)   Advanced ASP.NET caching with delegates
This tutorial concentrates on advanced caching technique with the help of delegates. The author descibes about this elegant technique which involves delegating caching authority and tracking cached objects.

3595)   Custom Error Pages in ASP.NET
In this tutorial the author explains about the ASP.NET applications and the custom error pages in ASP.NET. For the change in the settings web.config files could be used. This article shows the application of web.config file to a single ASP.NET application.

3596)   ASP.NET - Application Performance Report
This is an article that deals with methodology of testing various output of ASP.NET applications and generating performance reports for that testing.

3597)   PortalPageFilter
PortalPageFilter is a program that filters ASP web pages with "?" and makes them easily get listed on major search engines.

3598)   Microsoft Office and .NET Interoperability
This tutorial discusses about interoperability of Microsoft office and .NET with the programmers which contributes with them for their program development.

3599)   Creating your first Code Behind Page
This tutorial teaches about generating code-behind page which helps in seperating the design from the code. The author elaborates the procedure and the advantages of using it in various aspects.

3600)   Filtering Data Islands
This is an user friendly tutorial which deals with the process of sorting, filtering and highlighting HTML tables by using XML data island. In this tutorial the author gives details for utilizing XML or XSLT to perform the above said process.

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