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Top 3601-3650 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

3601)   Using ASP.NET Table Control
In this tutoiral the author talks with you about the ASP.NET table control. You can know how to create cells and rows dynamically to the table with the help of this tutorial. The author explains the procedure with a complete sample code.

3602)   Shoring up Web services
Shoring up Web services is a reference article guiding you in the process of integrating web services on your applications through service providers.

3603)   Securing Your ASP.NET App Against Cross-site Scripting (XSS) Attacks
This tutorial deals with preventing ASP.NET applications from Cross Site-Scripting attack. This will be useful for the administrators to secure their visitors information.

3604)   Vendors eye Web services opportunity
This is an online reference article giving you a brief outlook on the XML-standards of web services and the aplicability of XML with SOAP and UDDI.

3605)   Cookies in ASP.NET
It is a web based tutorial in which the author shows you the method for creating the cookies and retrieving the values stored in the cookies in ASP.NET.

3606)   Stress Testing : Push your application to the limits
This is a tutorial which concentrates on stress testing and testing the ASP.NET applications in the MS Application center test, which test whether the application is capable for the customers request.

3607)   ASP.NET Starter Kits
This is a reference guide with some starter kits with sample .NET applications. Users can use this reference for learning the basics in ASP.NET development.

3608)   Loading .NET Server Controls…Client Side?
This is an ASP.NET tutorial through which you can learn about showing the web server controls in the client side using the IFRAME. This tutorial shows how to create a HTML page and writes an user defined function which helps you to display the webserver controls in the HTML page.

3609)   Microsoft Office XP users to get Web services
In this article 'Microsoft Office XP users to get Web services' the author has given an idea of how to access the web servicing tools from a MS office XP document.

3610)   Nini Configuration Library
Nini Configuration Library, a configuration library especially for .NET. This effective utility can be used in the place of .NET System.Configuration API.

3611)   Stress-Test Web Forms and Services With ACT
This tutorial deals with stress testing of ASP.NET pages with the help of ACT. This article deals with testing various ASP.NET application in performance perspective.

3612)   Web services architect, Part 2
Web services architect, Part 2 is a simple article focussing on the core issues of revenue models of a business entity and its service oriented architecture.

3613)   Using Delegates in C#
This tutorial can be used for knowing about the use of delegate class in C#. This article teaches the learners in an easy way with simple steps and examples.

3614)   SmartText .Net
SmartText .Net, using which users can proceed a rich HTML formatting and editing. This program can be used in the place of text box control.

3615)   Calling services independent of protocols
This web service article illustrates about the calling services on web services using protocols. This article gives instructions on WSDL, WSIF, usage of WSIF and WSDL etc., in detail.

3616)   SQLnet Data Viewer
This utility is used for viewing and retrieving data from the databases. It uses MS SQL server database for storing data. It is a simple .NET application for the beginners.

3617)   Creating your first ASP.NET Web form
It is an ASP tutorial in which author decribes about generating a web form using ASP.NET application with managable C#. Here author explains the method to utilize the functions on web forms.

3618)   Using Managed Components from Unmanaged Code
This online tutorial is about explaining the webmasters about how to use managed components from unmanaged code. The author also discusses about the difference between .NET framework and COM framework.

3619)   Comparing Database Access to Different XML Parsing Methods
This is a simple tutorial in which author compares XML parsing method over database access method. And the author gives details about several performance results of accessing datas.

3620)   How To Implement Role-Based Security with Forms-Based Authentication in Your ASP.NET Application by
This is an online tutorial where administrators find information about integrating role-based security with form authentication in ASP.NET application.

3621)   Creating COM+ Aware Components in .NET
The author focusses on the COM+ aware components of .NET. This article gives a clear description about why we should host .NET components in COM+. This tutorial also covers about creating user's own class, compiling the component and then creating client for your component.

3622)   Secure XSL Transformations in Microsoft .NET
This tutorial teaches tne method of transforming the XML data with .NET XslTransform class which provides security to the programme. The author describes about imported/ included stylesheets and resolving document() function which helps in executing the above said process.

3623)   bmConfiguration
bmConfiguration is a program that can be used to store the entire utilities for the production of the products in a single config.file to avoid the overwriting on existing data during alteration.

3624)   Moving to ASP.NET
It is an article in .NET application in which the author describes about various steps involved in migrating various ASP application to .NET application. This article will be helpful for the .NET programmers and the web developers.

3625)   .NET Anatomy: Creating Templated DataGrid Controls Using Visual Studio .NET : Part 1
This is an ASP.NET article through which you can obtain information about the templated controls. In this article the author discusses about the datagrid web server control which is a templated control.

3626)   Take Advantage of Streams and Formatters in VB.NET
This usefull tutorial instructs you the process of utilizing Stream and formatter classes to perform the process of accessing the files from the remote resource. The author explains about various types of streams.

3627)   XML Signatures in Microsoft .NET
This user friendly tutorial deals with XML signature specification from W3C, which helps in transferring data securely from the application to an external system. The author gives details for integrating this specification in ASP.NET framework using C#.

3628)   IP*Works! .NET Edition
IP*Works! .NET Edition is a program that provides .NET components for the webmasters to let them develop their applications. All components are completely managed and can be easily used by the webmasters.

3629)   Server Side Validation Code
This is an artcle in which author describes about the programme which validate the form on the server side. Here author explains about the code which execute the above said process.

3630)   Introduction to .NET Reflection
This simple tutorial gives information about the basic concepts of .NET reflection, which helps to detect various types present in the assemblies during runtime.

3631)   Navigate Hierarchical Datasets
This user friendly tutorial gives guidelines to the programmers to learn about the method of navigating through relational dataset bu using ADO.NET. The author explains about DataViewTree WinForms component, that help in displaying the content of the dataset.

3632)   Introduction to JavaScript and DHTML
Introduction to JavaScript and DHTML is an article which explains you about the features of JavaScript and DHTML. JavaScript is a powerful scripting language through which you can perform validation in form objects. DHTML provides you an easy and clear control over a page's style and layout.

3633)   Kingherc's ASP.NET Toolkit
Kingherc's ASP.NET Toolkit is a program that provides webmasters a collection of scripts to meet out their web developing needs. This program provides utilities such as news and organizer, image editor, poll, mini tool etc.,

3634)   What Web Services Are NOT
What Web Services Are NOT is an online reference guide for all web service developers helping them to understand the real concept and unravel the hype about the web services.

3635)   Using XML Web Control
This tutorial gives an idea about the procedure for utilizing ASP.NET XML web control for showing the XML documents in ASP.NET page. In this tutorial users can get an idea about transforming XML data to HTML with the help of XSL style sheet using XSL.

3636)   Generating a Strongly-Typed DataSet from a Web Service
This web service article gives introduction on web services and helps the users to build their own .NET based web services. For quick reference this article has provided example and sample code files for every category.

3637)   Handling Custom File Downloads in ASP.NET With Server
This useful tutorial teaches the process how to create a download function to handle downloading of files from the web server with the help of ASP.NET.

3638)   ASP.NET Syntax for HTML Controls
This web based tutorial helps you to learn about ASP.NET server controls. The author explains the use of each of the ASP.NET server controls and shows you a screen shot for these controls.

3639)   Event Handling in VB.NET
This article teaches the programmers about how to handle events in Visual Basic.NET and the author says the events in the .NET framework are based on delegate model.

3640)   The Right Time to Migrate
This is an article which specially concentrates on data access and various solution in data access. This article provides information about what are all the advantages that the programmer can gain while migrating to ADO.NET.

3641)   .NET Interoperability with COM
This online tutorial is about the method of using COM components in .NET code. The users could also know about how .NET components mingle with COM compatible tools. The main highlight of this article is that the .NET accepts to use the COM components in .NET.

3642)   Modifying Web.config using Web Site Administration Tool (WAT) in ASP 2.0
This is an online tutorial that contributes to readers on modifying web.config file. This tutorial will be useful for the ASP.NET users to manage configuration settings in ASP.NET 1.x.

3643)   Copying a directory in ASP.NET
It is an article in which author discusses about method of utilizing System.IO.DirectoryInfo for copying directories using ASP.NET page. This process can be obtained using the method the author elaborates in this tutorial.

3644)   Currency Server
Currency Server is a program built on .NET that can be utilized for currency transformations and rate exchanging purposes. This program provides results for all currencies.

3645)   A .NET Trilogy
This is an article which tells about the creation of an application which shows data. A Web browser is used to collect the data in ASP.NET.

3646)   Advancing SOAP interoperability
This tutorial concentrates on advanced SOAP interoperability. In this tutorial the programmers can learn about SOAP interoperability testing for web services.

3647)   Security Hole In ASP.NET Beta 1
This tutorial teaches the procedure to hide the web applications private settings from being exposed by using Beta 1 in .NET framework.

3648)   Using COM components from DotNet Framework
The objective of this article is to generate a project demonstrating about how to retrieve a COM component form and to introduce it to the COM components. The author proves this using delegation with the help of an example.

3649)   Javascript Operators
This article is used to know about various operators used in Javascript and the functions of each operators which helps the learners to understand easily.

3650)   COM to .NET
This is a powerful application developed with C# that helps users to build COM wrappers on their websites and to migrate COM based codes to .NET application.

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