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Top 3651-3700 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

3651)   Popup Comments Form WebUserCo
It is a web based email component which helps the users to create a pop up on their web page for the website content and also uses SMTP server for sending and receiving mails from the internet.

3652)   Validating E-mail Against the Mail Server
Validating E-mail Against the Mail Server is the tutorial more helpful for the webmasters. This article describes the importance of any enquiry and the feedback of any site visitors and checking their valid addresses to reply them back.

3653)   Intranet Security
This tutorial directs the programmers for securing their intranet applications. Beginners can easily perceive each steps that provided in this tutorial for security configuration.

3654)   ASP.NET Layers
This article describes about the layers of ASP.NET. It has three layers. It gives an introduction of web forms and web services in an easy way.

3655)   Writer for .NET
Writer is a program that can be used as a WYSIWYG HTML file editor. Using this tool users can edit HTML files by replacing, copying, pasting etc.,

3656)   Report Sharp-Shooter
Report Sharp-Shooter is a royalty-free report building engine for .NET, capable of creating complex reports from multiple data sources with various report export options. The professional version comes with the source code! Try it free now!

3657)   Advanced Shape Control
In this web based tutorial the author discusses about creating shape controls with various styles such as solid colors, gradiant fill, shadows, 3D Borders, text and 3D border styles. These shape controls improve the appearance of the web forms. You can download the source code from this tutorial.

3658)   Securing Your .NET Web Services
This library contains detailed information about .NET web service security. It also describes about authentication, authorization and impersonation in IIS and ASP.NET security.

3659)   Adding Variables To Style Sheets
This article is with a solution for those who were really fed up with implementing variables in CSS. This tutorial describes the implementation of variables in CSS to create the style sheets on the web server. The author proves that this is very simple to execute in ASP.NET with HTTP Handler.

3660)   Language Compatibility
This is an useful .NET article which explains you the new features that are introduced in Visual Basic.NET. The author also shows you the difference between the VBScript used in ASP and the Visual Basic .NET language used in ASP.NET. The new features are explained with sample code.

3661)   Working with XML Schemas: Comparing DTDs and XML Schemas
This simple tutorial deals with the method of working with XML schema. The author gives details about validataing XML docuemnts through DTDs and XML schemas.

3662)   Databinding with XML
This is an easy tutorial in which the author details about data binding with XML in .NET frame work. In this tutorial the author gives details about constructing a XML file and the method of utilizing these XML files as a data source.

3663)   ASP.NET XML Hierarchical Menus
This is an ASP.NET application, which helps to create a menu structure which resembles Windows start menu structure.

3664)   HTTP Handlers and Factories
It is a tutorial in which the author discusses about the Http handlers and factories. These handlers and factories can be defined in the ASP.NET web config file.

3665)   Serializing Objects using C#
This is a tutorial through which you can know about how to serialize and deserialize the objects with the help of the methods such as SerializeNow() and DeSerializeNow() of the SerializeTest class. The author shows you two namespaces that must be imported inorder to use the SerializeTest class.

3666)   Use COM+ Services With .NET Components
This online article is about building and installing a serviced component. This deals with a .NET component which uses the COM+ services. The main objective of this tutorial is to prove that attributes and dynamic registration make it easier to build managed classes which uses COM+ services.

3667)   HtmlForm Control
It is a simple ASP.NET tutorial in which the author explains you about using HtmlForm control. The HtmlForm control is used to create a html form control and you can use it as a containter for all the input controls. The author gives you a sample program which shows you the use of HtmlForm control.

3668)   Understanding Enterprise Services (COM+) in .NET
This online article is based on the technical information about the linking of COM+ services and Microsoft .NET. The author also explains about the services available in managed code. This linking helps for a programming model and constant architecture.

3669)   General Guidelines for C# Class Implementation
This is a web based tutorial which helps you to know about implementing various classes of C#. This tutorial gives you the sample code that shows you how to use conversion functions and how to compare two values using the classes of C#.NET.

3670)   Creating COM+ components with .NET Beta2
It is a simple tutorial in which the author gives details about generating a COM+ components by using System.EnterpriseServices namespace in .NET framework.

3671)   True Binary Serialization And Compression of DataSets
It is a simple tutorial through which programmers can gather information about Dataset, which stores data in disconnected cache memory and has structure similar to relational database.

3672)   SQL Transactions with the SqlTransaction Class
This is an useful tutorial for those who need to gain more knowledge about the transaction and how to implement the transaction using various methods of the SqlTransaction class. This tutorial offers you the sample code which help you to understand the commit, rollback and save method.

3673)   Exposing Class Libraries through Web Services
This tutorial explains and teaches the users how to build code using class libraries on web services with ease. It helps them to build large web applications quickly.

3674)   ASP.NET Whidbey
ASP.NET Whidbey is a tutorial that provides contents of the Whidbey. Whidbey is the present name of the next version of ASP.NET.

3675)   BaseValidator.ErrorMessage Property
BaseValidator.ErrorMessage Property is a web based tutorial in which the author explains the use of the ErrorMessage property of the validation controls of ASP.NET. You can use this property to specify the error messages when the validation fails in the ValidationSummary control.

3676)   Executing External Applications From Your .NET Application
This online article deals with the execution of External Applications from the user's application. Through this tutorial, the users could understand about running an external task to the .NET application.

3677)   Force-Field
Force-Field is a program based on .NET that can be used by the developers to create security scheme for their .NET applications. This will be useful for performing access management over several users.

3678)   Extending XSLT using C#
This simple tutorial concentrates on extension of XSLT, which is a transformation language for XML. Eventhough it performs several complicated transformation, there arises a need for using custom classes to extend XSLT.

3679)   Migrating from ASP to ASP.NET
Migrating from ASP to ASP.NET is a document in which developers can learn more about ASP.NET frame work and its functionalities. In this article author discusses about various things regarding to the migration of ASP applications to .NET applications.

3680)   Static Methods and Threads
It is an artcile in which the author concentrates on method of threading in ASP.NET application. Here the author demonstrates the methods and properties of static key word which helps in executing multi threading.

3681)   Building Secure ASP.NET Applications
This is an online tutorial for the web developers and for the learners which guides them how to generate secured ASP.NET applications quickly.

3682)   Designing Your Web Service for Maximum Interoperability
This tutorial is a platform for the new web developers which gives introduction about web services and what are the benefits implemented by that etc.,

3683)   First look - Creating COM+ components with .NET Beta2
The main contribution of this article is about the facilities of COM+ services to .NET. This article explains about the role play of attributes. At the end of this article, the author generates a serviced component and the registration task with COM+.

3684)   Using a Script Library
This simple tutorial concentrates on concepts of Script library and the process of utilizing it in your application.

3685)   Inserting a Common Navigation Using .Net
From this article you can learn some tips of inserting a common navigation system for your .NET applications. This article deals with two mwthods to carryon the process.

3686)   Page Templates: Designer Issues
This useful tutorial gives guideline for the programmers to learn about the problems that arise when using page templates and the author also gives solutions to solve them.

3687)   Exposing Existing Code as a Web Service
This tutorial is helpful for the users by which they can come to an idea about how to compare the performance between different web services which exposes COM components.

3688)   File Upload with ASP.NET
This is an useful tutorial for the beginners to get guidance about creating a form for file uploading, to save the uploaded file to hard disk and in database and more about file uploading methods.

3689)   Creating an ASP.NET based directory explorer
It is an article in which author teaches about generating a directory explorer using System.IO namespace classes. This tutorial teaches the method of utilizing these classes in a right way.

3690)   Custom Server Control Syntax
It is an ASP.NET tutorial in which author discusses about the syntax which helps to define the custom server control in the web forms.

3691)   Tracing Features of ASP.NET
It is an article in which the author describes about basic principles of debugging and tracing process and the author also explains about the process of utilizing tracing and debugging features in .NET framework.

3692)   Building User Defined Components in ASP.NET
This online article mainly deals with creating user defined components in ASP.NET. The author creates the custom components with the help of HTML controls and by server-side control. This article shows the output of these controls by a web browser.

3693)   HOW TO: Improve Performance by Caching Pages in ASP.NET
It is an article which demonstrates about caching techniques in ASP.NET, which involves in improving the performance of the ASP.NET application.

3694)   Basics of Building .NET Applications
The main topic and this summary deals with the basics of building .NET Applications. The author discusses about the COM components and the Win32 DLL functions used from managed applications.

3695)   OutLine
OutLine is a browser independent program that allows webmasters to display outline text with show or hide functionality for any content including images, links etc.,

3696)   Generating XML files from SQL Database
It is a simple tutorial in which author explains the procedure for creating a XML file for the data stored in SQL database. In this tutorial users can learn about the above said process programmatically.

3697)   Using Stored Procedures in Visual Basic .NET
This is an ASP.NET tutorial which describes the features of stored procedure and how it can be used to perform various database manipulations. Stored procedures are similar to the functions and are executed by the database engine.

3698)   ASP.NET Web Forms - Introduction
This is a simple tutorial which will be helpful for the beginners to learn about ASP.NET web forms. Here the author discusses about several advantages of using web forms.

3699)   Setting User Control Properties in Code Behind
This is an useful ASP.NET article in which you can get the solution for setting the property of the user control on ASP.NET. The author clearly shows it with a sample program.

3700)   The Web services (r)evolution: Part 4
This tutorial gives introduction about Web Services Description Language and shows usage of each datatype on web services with example.

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