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Top 3701-3750 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

3701)   Using Database Schema Information with ASP.NET
This is an useful ASP.NET tutorial that helps you to list database schmema information in ASP.NET using two classes. This tutorial gives you the complete sample code for retrieving the database information using two classes.

3702)   Code Access Security and Distribution Features in .NET Enhance Client-Side Apps
This is an online tutorial about enhancing the client side functionality by providing effective security. This tutorial also explains about the necessity of the client side features in .NET framework.

3703)   Displaying information from a database
In this simple tutorial you can get the solution for showing the data from the database table and XML document using three web server controls such as datagrid, repeater and datalist controls. This tutorial gives you the sample code for these three controls.

3704)   TurboIIS
TurboIIS is an advanced .NET component used to increase the speed of the websites running under IIS. This utility is useful for the web administrators.

3705)   An introduction to XML, XSL, and ASP.NET
It is a simple tutorial in which the author describes about the basic principles of XML, XSL, and ASP.NET. In this tutorial the author gives detailed descriptions about several classes, which helps to access and work with XML data.

3706)   Usage of Operator Overloading in C#
This simple tutorial teaches you about an object oriented concept called as operator overloading in C#. The sample program given in this tutorial helps you to understand the use of operator overloading.

3707)   Professional C# 2nd Edition : Data Access with .NET
This tutorial gives details about Data access from the C# programs with the help of ADO.NET. The author gives details about naming conventions which helps in working with ADO.NET.

3708)   How Can You Migrate your Existing Applications?
This is a reference article which has various information about migration of existing applications to .NET. In this article author discusses about various important migration technique of products, projects, and codes.

3709)   Make Sense of Web Service Discovery
Readers of this tutorial can get benefits in gathering more details about web services. This tutorial basically describes about how to make sense of web service directory.

3710)   A .NET Primer
This article gives the detailed information regarding ASP.NET. This article is easily understood and an useful article for the novice programmers.

3711)   Nevron HTML Help Toolkit
A two in one package that consists of all facilities to generate cross reference documentations for your .NET assemblies. Supports XML tags with documentation. Several types of assemblies are supported.

3712)   Custom Control Designers Part 1 : Design-time HTML
This is an user friendly .NET tutorial through which you can know about how custom control designer class can be used to make HTML when using a custom control in VS.NET. In this tutoiral the author gives you the sample code for implementing the custom control designer class.

3713)   Ask the DotNetJunkies: Working with Properties and Data Types
In this ASP.NET tutorial the author shows you an easy way for changing the forecolor property of the label control of ASP.NET. The author shows how fromName method of the class color changes its string data type in to color data type and helps you to set the forecolor to the label object.

3714)   Metaverse Content Server
Metaverse Content Server is built with ASP.NET and is a content management program that helps users to generate and manage contents on the websites. This is suitable for enterprise websites and is designed for digital asset management, document management etc.

3715)   Introduction to ASP.NET and Web Forms
It is a tutorial in which author discusses about step by step method to generate web forms and about various aspects that help to control the web forms using ASP.NET application.

3716)   Aspose.PowerPoint for Java
Aspose.PowerPoint is a java reporting component which enables you to read and write PowerPoint presentations without utilizing Microsoft PowerPoint.The latest version added new video clips as a link to a video file ;etc.

3717)   ASP.NET Whidbey
ASP.NET Whidbey is a simple online tutorial which gives a list of ASP.NET online articles with their brief content.

3718)   ASP.NET & Databases : Part 7
This is an useful ASP.NET article for the readers to know about how to sort the data of the datagrid control with the help of the DataView object. You can see the sample screen shots for the datagrid control and sorting operation both in ascending and descending manner.

3719)   Pick up the basics of .NET Framework multithreaded programming
This simple tutorial gives an idea about the process of generating multi threading application. The author gives details about basics of multi threading programming.

3720)   Create an SMTP email client for ASP.NET
Create an SMTP email client for ASP.NET, it is the main core of this tutorial. The author tells the significance of ASP.NET which is an in-built for sending emails in System.Web.Mail.

3721)   Consuming the MSDN RSS Feeds with the DataGrid and Xml Web Controls
This tutorial is about the Really Simple Syndication format, which could be used by the users to organize the content of the website and to distribute the information.

3722)   Working with Single-File Web Forms Pages in Visual Studio .NET
It is a tutorial which deals with single-file web forms page which is built using Visual Studio.NET. The author explains about the methods involved in converting single file web form page to code-behind web form page.

3723)   A Subtle Reason to Upgrade
In this article developers and programmers can learn more about various reasons for adapting VB.NET from VB applications. Here are some tips about what are all the advantages that the developers can gain from .NET framework.

3724)   Visual Studio .NET Editor Malforms HTML Tags
In debugging the users might come across several errors which should be dissolved. In this tutorial the author discusses about a parser error. The author also shows the symptoms and its resolution.

3725)   Five Steps to Getting Started with ASP.NET
This article explains five steps to getting started with ASP.NET and other .NET Framework technologies. It also describes about the ASP hosting.

3726)   IntelliVIEW Interactive reporting for real time enterprises
IntelliVIEW is a .NET reporting system which generates interactive reports. This .NET reporting system can be integrated with java and COM applications.

3727)   ASP.NET QuickStart Tutorial
This is an article which gives some quickstart samples which provides a basic knowledge of programming in ASP.NET, it will be very useful for the beginners.

3728)   Use Objects and Intrinsics
This article demonstrates about the methods to access ASP.NET intrinsics like Application and Session objects and also this tutorial guides the learners how to put off session using web methods which are represented in this tutorial with example.

3729)   smNetServerControls
It is a web based content management application with server component which can be integrated into the users server. This tool provides tag editor, document wizards, tag insight property inspector etc for web development.

3730)   The Fast Track to ASP.NET Competence
The author describes the information regarding to ASP.NET. It describes about VB with ASP. This article is more useful for the novice programmers.

3731)   A look at storing personalized user information after authentication
From this tutorial readers can gather information about performing authentication with the help of inbuilt authentication classes such as FormsAuthentication.

3732)   Using GotDotNet's ThumbnailService
This is an article that elaborates on utilizing thumbnail service of GoDotNet. This tutorial specially discusses about an essential application offered by Thumbnail web services.

3733)   Building Secure ASP.NET Applications: Authentication, Authorization, and Secure Communication
The webmasters could generate a local account to execute ASP.NET web application which is the main content of this online article. In this tutorial the author explains few procedures to be followed while building a custom account to run ASP.NET.

3734)   Using Visual Studio Database Projects?
This is an interesting article through which you can gather more information about creating database projects. In this tutorial the author briefly explains you about the use of the database projects.

3735)   Understanding Generic Type in C#
This is a simple web based tutorial through which programmers can learn about the reference and value types. Both these types are treated as an object using the concept of boxing and unboxing. Classes, string, interface etc., are reference types and structures, enumerators etc., are value types.

3736)   Invoking JavaScript From a Server Side Button
It is a web based tutorial which helps web programmers to know about invoking a java script function of the aspx page with the help of a server side button. The author explains it with a sample program.

3737)   Peek into ASP.NET
This is an article which gives new features of ASP.NET. It also gives the detailed information about the master pages and it is more useful for the visitors.

3738)   Web services: Look before you leap
Web services: Look before you leap is an online reference article dealing on the model based approach in handling software development assets for web services.

3739)   What to expect from Microsoft's Web Services Enhancements
This is an online ASP.NET reference for the MS's architecture for different kinds of web services like the general, standard, federated, modular and composable web services etc.,

3740)   WirelessAdmin
WirelessAdmin is a remote administrative system for various windows platform. It can be accessed remotely from anywhere after the installation on windows desktop.

3741)   XML Serialization in .NET - Object Serialization
This is a simple tutorial in which author gives details about XML serialization, which helps in transforming objects into serial data format. In this tutorial the author gives details about object serialization which transfer objects to binary or XML format.

3742)   Hello World - Console Application
This is an easy to learn tutorial for the beginners to know how to print" Hello World" output on the screen using the WriteLine method in C#.

3743)   A Quick Comparison of ADO and ADO.NET - Part I
In this article the author compares ADO and ADO.NET. The article gives you the sample program for connecting to a database using various clases of ADO and ADO.NET. This article is useful for the .NET programers to know more about ADO.NET.

3744)   COM Interoperability in .NET
The main higlight of this article is about the interoperability issues of COM in ASP.NET and their solutions. The author describes about the possibility of connecting managed and unmanaged types. This article gives more description about calling c DLLs from .NET types.

3745)   Deploying ASP.NET Applications
Installation of ASP.NET Applications are the main content of this online tutorial. The webmasters feels easy to deploy ASP.NET applications at the end of this article.

3746)   Adding a Confirmation to Delete Options in IBuySpy
This is an article that deals with including a confirmation to IBuySpy's options to prevent the content editor from committing mistakes in deleting.

3747)   Microsoft SOAP Toolkit Type Mappers
This tutorial briefly discusses about SOAP messaging and type mappers which helps the users to convert data between COM types and XML.

3748)   Here is a basic Queue implementation in C#
This is an easy to learn tutorial which is much useful for the novice programmers to perform queue operation in C#. The author shows you the output to the sample program which helps you to understand about the queue.

3749)   IP*Works! CC Direct .NET Edition
IP*Works! CC Direct .NET Edition is a program that enables administrators to perform a genuine credit card processing on their ecommerce websites. This program comes with independent components.

3750)   Catch those textboxes
Catch those textboxes is a tutorial that elaborately discusses about altering the textboxes' background color in web forms.

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