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Top 351-400 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

351)   Formatting with Regular Expressions
This tutorial teaches you the method of formatting the strings with the help of regular expression. From this tutorial you can learn about regular expression pattern matching.

352)   Securing directories with Forms Authentication
This is an article that can be used by the readers to learn about forms authentication for preserving the directories. This tutorial lists out the step-by-step procedures that have to be followed on form authentication.

353)   InstantForum.NET - ASP.NET Forums
Unlimited discussion forums, topics and members. WYSIWYG Editor, Full Admin, Member Profiles, User & Forum Search, Email notifications, Managed .NET Assembly, Single configuration file, SQL Server with 100% Stored Procs, Free Support & More

354)   HtmlInputFile Control
This is an useful ASP.NET tutorial for the novice to learn about how to HtmlInputFile control in web pages.The HtmlInputFile control allows programming of the HTML element. In this tutorial you can get the syntax for using this control.

355)   ValidationSummary Control
This tutorial is useful for the .NET programmers to learn the use of the ValidationSummary Control of ASP.NET. The author shows you the syntax for this control on the aspx pages. You can set different modes such as list, a bulleted list and single paragraph to this control.

356)   SohoCalendar
SohoCalendar has been implemented in order to provide ASP.NET developers with an easy yet visual way to select date and/or time in web forms and applications.

357)   Traversing the DOM Using XPath
It is a simple tutorial in which the programmers can learn about the method of navigating through Document Object Model by using Xpath. The author explains about the concepts of Document Object Model, which edits XML documents.

358)   Event Handler Basic
Basic version is a compiled DLL that is imported into your application. It allows you to track Exceptions, Errors, and Events. You can choose to log them with any combination of e-mail, windows event viewer, SQL Server, MSDE Database, or a log file.

359)   Rich Content Rotator
This is a content management program and is developed with ASP.NET that helps webdevelopers to generate product slide shows, DHTML news scrollers, stock tickers etc.

360)   Popup Calendar/DatePicker (ASP.NET)
This script is an ASP.NET based online calendar which is used to select the date from the calendar. This script is simple and easy to use.

361)   Microsoft Jet SQL Operations
This site teaches about SQL operators like inner join, like, Union etc., with example and the beginners can learn easily about the functions and usage of SQL operators.

362)   Power Ad Banner Manager
Power Ad Banner Manager is a program built on ASP.NET which can be used by the webmasters to have an ad management system on their websites. This powerful application allows users to display several types of advertisements on their websites.

363)   ASP Banner.NET
ASP Banner.NET is a database driven program based on ASP.NET using which webmasters can rotate advertisement banners on their websites. Using this effective application webmasters can display flash banners, image banners and HTML ads.

364)   nsAuthenticator for ASP.NET
Active Directory / Database Authentication with Database Roles Based Authorization System. Integrates Forms based and Windows based authentication.

365)   Implementing a Genetic Algorithm in C# and .NET
In this article the author explains you about how to implement genetic algorithm using C# coding. The author shows the seven steps of the genetic algorithm in this article. You can download the sample source code from this article.

366)   Aspose.Chart
Aspose.Chart is a .Net charting component which can create more than 20 chart types: Area, Bar,Doughnut, Line, Pie, Point, Step, Bubble, Candlestick, Cube,Curve, CurveArea, Gantt, Scatter, Contour, HighLowClose, OpenHighLowClose, Pareto,etc.

367)   XML Guestbook 3
The main objective of this article is to create a guestbook in XML. The author uses XML because of its compact server friendly nature. The main use of this guestbook in XML is that the users could customize the view of this guestbook.

368)   ASP.NET Tutorial: Global Error Handling using Global.asax and System.Web.Mail
This ASP.NET tutorial shows the demonstration about how to receive a HTML alert email for every error on ASP pages. The author narrates how to use Global.asax and System.Web.Mail for the users to handle run time errors very effectively.

369)   NetSpell
It is an ASP.NET application specifically designed for spell checking with C# .NET code. This tool supports various languages and offers dictionary for reference.

370)   Use "Lazy Instantiation" in .NET to optimize performance
It is an article which concentrates on lazy instantiation which helps in eliminating unwanted session object using properties in the classes of ASP.NET application.

371)   bmImageGallery
bmImageGallery is a program built for .NET framework with users can construct and maintain an image gallery on their websites.

372)   WebCharts 3D
WebCharts 3D is an attractive tool which helps you to build different charts. Using this tool you can easily customize chart colors, style, formats, titles, gradients, frame rotation, decoration, legend placement and alignment. This tool supports both direct and indirect image delivery.

373)   InnovaStudio WYSIWYG Editor
A component in ASP.NET with HTML editor for web content management system. Through this tool the user can create a processor-like-editor on their webpage for editing the content of the webpages.

374)   Use XML Attributes to Navigate Data
This is a web based tutorial in which author discusses about the method that have to be adapted to use elemental attributes of XML to exchange the data in XML documents. And also the author explains about the method of retrieving XML documents from the database.

375)   Dispaly data from an Excel Spreadsheet
Display data from an Excel Spreadsheet is an article in which the author demonstrates about the method of querying a excel spread sheet from ASP.NET page and displaying data from an Excel spread sheet.

376)   Brinkster Forums
Brinkster Forums allows you to post question about database software and enables you to view all messages. Display forums as per date, author and heading.

377)   Organization Chart .NET
Organization Chart .NET is an organizational chart that contain personnel information collected from database. The chart can be accessed very quickly for the user to use it. It has different types of colors and border for the user to identify particular information.

378)   Serialize C# Structs To Message Queues
Serialize C# Structs To Message Queues is an useful article for the beginners which teaches how to create message queue function and how to manage it.

CLS EASY AMAZON BOOKSTORE is a helpful tool that can turn ASP.NET websites into an online book store. It uses Amazon to import books, allowing webmasters to get commission for every book they sell from their website.

380)   ASPX Shopping Cart Asp.Net Script
Professional e-commerce store with a user-friendly control panel including: shipping & tax rules, unlimited categories, departments and products, photos upload and automatic thumbnails, product sorting by name, price, date. Available in Access/SQL Server.

381)   Build A Task Scheduler In ASP.NET
This tutorial explains about building a task scheduler in ASP.NET. This article helps the users to find a solution to overcome while dealing with complex business applications. As the ASP.NET allows free threading constraints, it becomes more simple and easy to develop a task scheduler.

382)   nTierGen.NET Code Generator
nTierGen.NET Code Generator is a software for .NET that helps users to generate N tier solutions and to create C# codes for SQL server database automatically.

383)   DataCalendar
This is an article in which the author provides you a brief explanation about the ASP.NET calender control and DateCalender class. The author shows you the syntax for the DateCalender class which is inherited from the base class calendar and also shows how to override the OnDayRender method.

384)   Deloittes.NET RichTextEdit
Deloittes.NET RichTextEdit is a ASP.NET based content management program with which webdevelopers would be able to implement editing functionality into their existing or new webpages and to change HTML text area.

385)   ASP.NET Popup Control
This tutorial helps you to learn about using the popup control in web pages. The three types of actions such as MessageWindow, OpenLink and RaiseEvents of popup control is clearly explained in this tutorial. You can also learn about the anchor control with the help of this tutorial.

386)   Web Services - Single SOAP Call - Multiple ADO Recordsets
This tutorial is helpful for the programmers that gives them an obvious solution for single SOAP call with multiple ADO recordsets.

387)   Multithreading in VB.NET
It is an simple tutorial which deals with multi threading in VB.NET. Here the author gives an idea about generating a multi threading application with the help of example.

388)   Screen Scraping
Screen scraping is a tutorial describing new methods in scraping the screen. Eventhough this is now something new, but here in this article the author shows how to scrape any site in the website to delete more content out of the web. The sorce code is given along with this article.

389)   DNN Menu Suite Metal Tabs + Treeview
DNN Menu Suite Metal Tabs + Treeview is a program that enables webmasters to build two types of menus as vertical tree menu and metal tab menu for their site navigation.

390)   Filling a ListBox Control with a File Listing
Filling a ListBox Control with a File Listing is an article in which the author shows you the method for getting the file names from the specified directory and display it in a listbox control. The complete sample source code for this process is shown in this article.

391)   MasterPages: Improved Version
It is a simple tutorial in which author explains about Master page, which is a perfect solution for using page templates. In this tutorial author elaboraetes the procedure for creating templates and their advantages.

392)   WebForm DatePicker in C#
WebForm DatePicker in C# is a very simple article which teaches the users the real usage of controlling the calendar. You can pick any date and find its main input form for that particular date. It is very easy to find the past or future date by selecting the year and the month.

393)   ImageUpload.aspx
ImageUpload.aspx is a tutorial that contributes to users on generating an essential ASP.NET application for image upload.

394)   NSurvey
NSurvey is a program using which webmasters can conduct online surveys on their websites. This program allows webmasters to create any number of polls on multiple pages.

395)   RichTextBox E-Card designer
This is an online tutorial that contributes to users on creating e-card by using RichTextBox code. This will be useful for the users to facilitate their visitors to send e-cards to their friends and relatives.

396)   Optional Parameters in C#
This simple tutorial is much helpful for the programmers. In this tutorial the author provides you the solution for adding optional parameters in the functions of C# language.

397)   What is new for security in .NET 2.0?
The new security components in .NET 2.0 can help you greatly reduce the amount of code you need to write in order to make your applications secure. The improvements affect public key cryptography, Windows security, remoting, ASP.NET and Code Access Security.

398)   Creating an Online RSS News Aggregator with ASP.NET
This is a tutorial explaining the webmaster about how to organise an Online RSS News Aggregator using ASP.NET. The author describes about the making of a syndication engine, and an online news aggregator.

399)   Processing Large XML Documents Using SAX 2.0
This is an user friendly tutorial in which author discusses about the procedure for executing large XML documents with the help of SAX. From this tutorial programmers can learn about SAX and the step to integrate SAX for processing.

400)   An ASP.NET Application to View and Share Photos Online
This online tutorial explains how to build an application to see and share photos. Now the users could share and view online photos which is described in this article.

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