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Top 401-450 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

401)   HierarGrid: A Hierarchical DataGrid that Displays Master-Detail Relationships
This is an article which is useful for the .NET programmers. This article clearly shows how to display the data from two tables that have a common field in the datagrid control.

402)   Horizontal + Vertical Menu Suite
Horizontal + Vertical Menu Suite is a program that allows webmasters to build tab menus in vertical position for their site navigation. It is easy to use and customize this program.

403)   ASP .NET - Data Binding
This user friendly tutorial deals with the data binding, which helps in adding list to particular item from data sources. Here the users can learn about controls which helps in data binding.

404)   DotNetGallery - A Robust ASP.NET Image Gallery
DotNetGallery is an ASP.NET server control designed for easy displaying image galleries in the aspx pages. It is a file-based , dynamic, image gallery. It is also a highly configurable application that automatically generates fast thumbnail indexes of a folder structure.

405)   Simple country dropdown component
The main theme of this online tutorial is about how to generate a country dropdown component. The author tells the users to create a DLL in which a reference to be added to it.

406)   DelphiWebSTORE STORE is an easy to integrate online program using which you can create a full featured web stores with MS SQL server database support.

407)   PRB: "Access Is Denied. Check the DCOM Configuration Settings for the Machine Debug Manager" Error M
This is a tutorial explaining about the error handling in ASP.NET. While the users run their application for the first time, the error messages pops out continuously. Through this article the author describes about one such problem while debugging an ASP.NET application in Visual Studio.NET.

408)   PRB: "Remote Calls Are Not Allowed for This Process" Error Message When You Debug ASP.NET Page
This is an article with the solution to the error message while debugging ASP.NET application. In the client computer when the user debug an ASP.NET application, this error message displays - Remote calls are not allowed for this process. The author displaces a solution for this type of error.

409)   r.a.d.chart
Using r.a.d.chart developers can generate enhanced charts for ASP.NET applications. Different types of charts can be created in various colors.

410)   About IsPostBack
This is an tutorial in which author describes about a method to avoid re-loading of .NET page. Here author offers a statement to handle this process in an efficient way.

411)   USA States to DropDownList
USA States to DropDownList is a tutorial which explains the webmasters about adding a list box which allows the users to select a single state from a list of more states by its abbrevation through dropdownlist.

412)   An SVG framework in C# and an SVG-GDI+ bridge
It is a tutorial in which author gives an idea about SvgNet, which is a C# frame work that helps in generating SVG documents in C#. In this tutorial the author gives details about SVG elements and SVG types.

413)   Create a MultiRotator Server Control
The main objective of this tutorial is to create a multirotator server control which could show a number of banners from one source data and prevents the fake.

414)   Simple Business Object in VB.NET
This is a very simple article dealing with business objects created in VB.NET. The author shows the complete process of generating the business objects along with its sample source code.

415)   A simple excersise in how to pre-set and retrieve checked checkboxes in a CheckBoxList in a Datagrid
This is an ASP.NET tutorial in which the author shows how to get the values of the selected checkboxlist control that is placed inside a datagrid control with a sample program.

416)   SharpWebMail
This is an ASP based .NET component which uses pop server to store the email and uses SMPI for sending the emails. Through this tool user can create the HTML messages, read complicated messages and allow the user to search the inbox messages.

417)   Data Binding with Windows Forms and ADO.NET
This is a web based article in which the author describes how Windows forms use the ADO.NET objects to integrate the form with any control that contains data. This article is more informative to the beginners.

418)   PhotoController
PhotoController is a powerful image manipulation tool that helps you to process images easily. This tool supports various image types such as bmp, emf, exif, gif, tif etc., You can apply filter effects such as blur, sharpen, distort and mosaic on the images using this component.

419)   .Net iCalendar
.Net iCalendar is a .NET iCalendar library, web developers can use this to generate iCalendar data in different formats. This program enables developers to create iCalendar data in their selected format.

420)   DateTimeUtils Class: IsDate
Checking the valid date and time value is possible through this tutorial. Isdate function is used in .NET to evaluvate the given string for date and time is correct or not.

421)   NetPolls
NetPolls is a program with which website administrators can conduct online surveys on their websites. They can create any number of polls using this program.

422)   Image manipulation in ASP.NET: Loading & Resizing
Loading images and generating thumbnails are the topics covered by this tutorial. This article clearly explains every thing including resizing images.

423)   Creating a Multi-threaded URL Status Checker
This is an article for generating multi-threaded status checker. This will be of much use for verifying the updated links presented in a table.

424)   Displaying Cached XML Data in a DataGrid, and Intelligently Refreshing the Data
It is an article in which author explains about caching the dataset in a data cache and the method of binding this cached data to display the cached XML documents which resides on data grid.

425)   OChart
OChart is a flexible tool which helps you to create hierarchical charts. This tool is customizable and you have several formats to display the data. This software is written in ASP.NET.

426)   Login System (ASP.NET)
Login System is a program built on ASP.NET with which the administrators can perform username and password validation.

427)   User Ratings
This article is one of the most important one, which should be checked by almost all the webmasters. Whenever the webmaster built their own website, it is necessary to get the voting about the site from the visitors. The article explains one such article about rating the webmaster's output.

428)   Adding Client-Side Message Boxes in your ASP.NET Web Pages
It is a tutorial through which author elaborates the method of adding the message box to the ASP.NET web pages. Here author demonstrates the method of displaying the alert message box and confirm message box.

429)   Database Driven In-Context Search (ASP.NET)
Database Driven In-Context Search (ASP.NET) is a program using which web developers can add a searching facility to their websites. It performs searching based on users keyword.

430)   School Intranet Portal
School Intranet Portal helps to increase communication between teachers and students. In this portal you can add school News, events calendar, discussion topics, class work archives, reports, newsletter, stories, photo gallery, research links etc.,

431)   Design .NET assemblies with deployment in mind
This online tutorial describes about creating .NET assemblies. The author explains about the architecture of .NET assemblies and focusses about the other alternatives with their advantages and disadvantages while generating .NET assemblies.

432)   AxpDatagrid
This is a web control tool that uses several grids for the web users. It has many enhanced features and no scripting is essential to edit the database.

433)   Understanding DIME and WS-Attachments
This tutorial is helpful for the webmasters which discusses about SOAP messaging, DIME and Web service attachments in detail. It teaches the users to send a SOAP message with attachments with the help of DIME.

434)   HtmlTextArea Control
HtmlTextArea Control is a tutorial which helps you to gather information about the ASP.NET HtmlTextArea Control. This control is used to get the multiline text input from the user. The author shows syntax of the tag in this tutorial.

435)   OLAP for Developers
This is an informative tutorial through which you can easily implement drillthrough and actions on the web applications. This tutorial cleary shows how drillthrough and actions of the Analysis services can be helpful for the programmers.

436)   User Controls and Custom Server Controls
User Controls and Custom Server Controls is a tutorial in which you can get more details about the user and custom server controls of ASP.NET. This tutorial also shows you the advantages and disadvantages of the user controls. The author explains the procedure with sample programs.

437)   Sorting Objects using IComparer and IComparable Interfaces
It is a simple tutorial which concentrates on process of sorting objects by using Icomparer and Icomparable interface in .NET frame work. The author explains this topic with example for easy understanding.

438)   SmppClient component
SmppClient component is a ASP.NET program. It supports any kind of application oriented to SMS field. It helps in sending of short message to mobile phones.

439)   .netCART
.netCART is a program which is built for ASP.NET ecommerce and shopping cart system. This program will bring administrators entire solution for their ecommerce and shopping cart system.

440)   ImgSlide
ImgSlide is a program that displays provided images in right to left scrolling effect to perform a slide show. Each and every slide can be hyperlinked.

441)   File Manager User Control
File Manager User Control is a powerful tool using which users can create files and folders. You can easily download and install this control on your website. This software is written in ASP.NET.

442)   ABCUpload .NET
ABCUpload .NET enhances the basic .NET file upload functionality. Advanced features like Pure HTML Progress Bar support, GigUpload technology for truly massive uploads and MacBinary decoding. All in 100% Managed Code.

443)   TransZoom
TransZoom is a program that enables webmasters to have a slide show on their ASP.NET websites. They can display images with zoom-out effect by using this program.

444)   XenoCode - Protect and Optimize your .NET Applications
XenoCode is a tool that can be used for optimizing and protecting your .NET codes and applications. This program would be of much use to .NET developers.

445)   ASP.NET Email Forms
This script is used for making an email form for the web developers on their website in no time. It has drag and drop facility and hence it is easy to install. No programming knowledge is required.

446)   Active Data Online DiscussionBoard
Active Data Online DiscussionBoard is a program built on ASP.NET with which website administrators can construct and manage enhanced online forum on their websites.

447)   Pop-Over Calendar WebUserControl (ASP.NET)
This script is a .NET based tool which is used to highlight the day of the month. This script saves the time for the users. This calendar pop-up when a button is clicked.

448)   activePDF DocConverter
activePDF DocConverter is a program that enables users to transform various file formats into PDF. Users can also utilize this program to enable their enterprise applications with convert-to-PDF capability.

449)   Building a .NET E-mail Application - Part 1
Building a .NET E-mail Application is tutorial that tells the readers how to build the outlook express like email client using ASP.NET.

450)   Building Web Services and Clients using JScript .NET
This tutorial teaches the users about web services and how to create them with clients by using javascript.NET. Users can easily understand and generate their web service as quick as possible.

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