Monday, 23 July 2018
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1-42 Assemblies (ASP.NET) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   .NET Assemblies & Manifests
This online tutorial is all about the .NET assemblies and manifests which is described. The author tells about the guidelines to be followed while generating a .NET component. The article states about the .NET assemblies and atlast merging with the features of manifests.

2)   Installing an Assembly in GAC
The art of installing an assembly in GAC is the main output of this online tutorial. The author explains briefly about the GAC. The difference between GAC and the group directories are explained in this article. The complete process of adding an assembly is shown.

3)   How To Create an Assembly with a Strong Name in .NET Framework SDK
Creating an assembly with a strong name in .NET Framework is that all discussed in this online tutorial. The author explains the need of a strong name and the procedures in generating this type of assemblies with a strong name.

4)   Assemblies: The Ins and Outs -Part 1
This online tutorial discusses in detail about the .NET assemblies. The author starts this article by explaining the definition of .NET Assembly.

5)   Simplifying Deployment and Solving DLL Hell with the .NET Framework
This online tutorial is about the working feature of an assembly and also discusses about the usage of assemblies in .NET Framework in solving versioning and installing issues.

6)   .NET Assemblies - I
In this article the author defines the 3-tier architecture which is nothing but the number of nodes inside the communication. The author gives more details about .NET assemblies and their implementation.

7)   Simple Business Object in VB.NET
This is a very simple article dealing with business objects created in VB.NET. The author shows the complete process of generating the business objects along with its sample source code.

8)   Design .NET assemblies with deployment in mind
This online tutorial describes about creating .NET assemblies. The author explains about the architecture of .NET assemblies and focusses about the other alternatives with their advantages and disadvantages while generating .NET assemblies.

9)   Dynamically Loading Assemblies
This online tutorial shows about loading an assembly from the group directory. The author explains about the assembly loading with the help of a control component. The article defines about the System.Reflection namespace also.

10)   Introduction to attributes
This online article states about the attributes and the author explains all about them. This article proves how these attributes are effective in carrying the users values in metadata.

11)   Introduction to .NET Reflection
The author gives an introduction about .NET Reflection. The author discusses the basic and important features of reflection in this online tutorial. The usage of reflection API is described powerfully along with its mechanism.

12)   Creating and Using Namespaces with VB.NET and C#
This online tutorial deals with namespaces with VB.NET and C#. The author discusses about generating and using namespace with the help of C# and VB.NET.

13)   Placing a .NET assembly in the GAC using MMC and sn.exe; a step-by-step Guide
This article gives a step by step description about adding a .NET assembly to the Global Assembly Cache. This article helps the users to know about the MMC and sn.exe utilities which are used in this to check the assemblies and generate key pair sink files.

14)   Namespaces, using Keyword and Referencing Assemblies
Namespaces and its features are the main content of this online tutorial. The author clarrifies more doubts regarding namespaces through this article.

15)   Standardize Your .NET Namespaces
This online article specifies the importance of setting up a standard naming structure for namespaces. The author explains about how the namespaces helps to organize user's .NET source code.

16)   Creating and Using Assembly Attributes
Now webmasters could create and use their own Assembly attributes which is the main theme of this online tutorial. The author explains with an example of an assembly attribute to include in the users application.

17)   No ActiveX Server Registration Needed with ASP.NET
This online presentation is about the advantage of .NET against ActiveX technology in installing the user's application. The author gives the sample source code with screen shots in this article.

18)   Creating Assemblies
This is an online tutorial explaining about the assemblies and their creation. This article helps as a developer's guide while building a .NET application. The author covers the process of generating more and different assemblies.

19)   CodeDOM: How to achieve code generation in .NET - Part 1
In this tutorial the programmers can learn about codeDOM, which helps in code generation. In this tutorial the author explains about the benefits of codeDOM and the method of utilizing it for code gneration.

20)   Namespaces In C#
In this article the author explains about the C# namespaces. The author covers the description about the namespace, its features and the real need of it.

21)   What's In a Namespace?
The top to bottom description about namespace is the total summary of this online tutorial. The author explains about setting the web service namespace with the help of .NET.

22)   Creating Assemblies On The Fly Using Code DOM
This tutorial teaches you about code document object model, which helps in generating assemblies online. This tutorial gives details about various classes which help in generating several parts of assemblies.

23)   Understanding and Using Assemblies and Namespaces in .NET
This article deals with the method of generating namespaces and assemblies in VB.NET. This is explained by the author in this online article, through which the users could understand the usage of namespaces and assemblies.

24)   A walk through of Windows Service Controller
This article gives details about the Windows service controller. This tutorial explains the users about the service controller class which in the .NET framework can help the web developers to generate instances and connect with any windows service specifically.

25)   Intro To .NET Business Objects - Part 1
This is a very simple article dealing with the .NET business objects. The author shows how to write business objects in .NET application, by which the webmasters could use it in their web applications.

26)   Database Access Within an Assembly
This simple online tutorial explains about how the database is accessed in assembly. This article is explained by its sourcecode given along with it.

27)   What's In A Namespace
Giving a simple idea about the namespace in the minds of the developers is the main objective of this tutorial. The author clearly explains about the namespace and its requirement while creating a .NET application.

28)   Defining Custom Entry Points
This is an online tutorial explaining about using the custom entry points. Demonstration to manipulate the IL code is the main highlight of this article.

29)   Viewing Assembly Permissions
This is an online article which describes about the assembly permissions. The author shows the hello.dll module output as an example. The author uses the CASPol utility to check and view any assembly which would allow to find the permission needed to execute the assembly.

30)   Multi Namespaced Assemblies
This online tutorial is about the assemblies including the implementation of sub namespace assemblies and multiple namespace. The users could understand about this multiple namespaced assemblies easily through this article.

31)   Command Line Compiling in .NET
The author explains through this tutorial about how to generate an assembly with the help of the command line compiler.

32)   Common .NET Libraries for Developers
The main theme of this online tutorial is about giving some details of the commonly used .NET libraries which would be useful fot the developers to develop their .NET applications. This article shows the users to recognize various .NET namespaces and also describes it.

33)   .NET Services Installation Tool
This is very simple online tutorial explaining about the .NET services installation tools. The task performed by the .NET services are enlisted in this article.

34)   What's in a namespace? By
This is an online tutorial in which the author explains about the namespaces and the assemblies. The author describes the difference in both. Through this article the webmasters could easily understand about the importance of namespaces and assemblies.

35)   Assemblies: The Ins and Outs - Part 2
This article helps the webmasters to know about assemblies and its types. The author shows the art of generating a shared assembly. Few utilities for working with assemblies are discussed by the author in this tutorial.

36)   Writing Assemblies in multiple languages
Assemblies in multiple languages is one of the online tutorial dealing with coding of assemblies in various languages. Through this the webmasters could learn about using more languages to code one single assembly.

37)   .NET Assemblies - III
This is a very simple online tutorial in which the author discusses about the implementation of a simple .NET assembly. He also describes about the implementation of more pre-built assemblies and highlights the flexibility of components generated in the form of assemblies.

38)   Serving Images from .NET Assemblies
Serving images in an assembly is the core of this online tutorial. The article discusses about the two methods of serving an image from a custom handler and serving an image from an ASPX page for getting back the images from the assemblies.

39)   Using the .NET Framework Classes
This article deals with the usage of .NET Framework classes. The author explains completely about the .NET framework along with the example through this tutorial.

40)   Introduction to .NET Assemblies
This article is for the beginners to know completely about the .NET assemblies. The author explains about the .NET assemblies and their usages.

41)   .NET Assemblies - II
This online tutorial is all about the introduction of .NET assemblies. The author presents this article about the .NET assemblies for code reusability and code management. The main focus of this article is about assemblies with their features and concepts.

42)   Assemblies : The Ins and Out - Part 3
This online tutorial is about .NET assemblies in which the author discusses about the utilities for manipulating assemblies in-detail. By the end of this article the webmasters could get a complete idea about all utilities used for assemblies.

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