Monday, 23 July 2018
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1-23 Customer Support (ASP.NET) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   ChangeRequest
It is a web based change request application through which the users can specify any changes in the developing projects and helps the developers to know about the changes done in any management projects in the internet.

2)   Absolute Live Support .NET
Sophisticated eCRM Live customer support Help Desk system.Increase your sales by providing live chat customer support on your site.Supports unlimited users and departments,proactive chat,visitor tracking,call transfers,detailed reports and stats and more.

3)   SightMax
SightMax is a live chat software program providing live website monitoring, live help and live support to visitors for sales and customer service. Written in .NET and using the latest Microsoft Technology, SightMax is cost effective and easy to use.

4)   SmartTasks
This is an ASP.NET information management software which helps in managing, creating and storing several business oriented applications. This software allows users to link, generate several contacts, tracks and notes regarding business management.

5)   Job Board 2.0 IBS
It is an ASP based .NET application through which customer service for organisation can be created on the users website. This application provide various attractive applications.

6)   Wilde Technologies
It is a web based online business enterprise which offers various solutions for business management applications. This center provide guidance for the architects, designers, software development managers and developers for generating various critical applications with regards to business management.

7)   devMail.Net
This is an ASP.NET email component which can be integrated into users website and through this application users can send and receive emails with the help of SMTP, MIME and POP3 mailing applications.

8)   Service Manager .NET
Service Manager .NET is a database driven program that allows administrators to have system for managing customers and employees. This program requires .NET framework.

9)   Convea-Business Applications
This is an ASP.NET business application which helps the user by providing various applications to develop business productivity and management for various business application.

10)   Tracking and Managing Projects
It is an ASP.NET application which helps the user by providing various application of tracking and management services. This software helps in defining, managing and maintaining the various application of projects, resources, timesheets, issues, expenses, documents etc.

11)   Netatrack
This is an ASP.NET software solution which will be helpful for those users who are intrested in developing applications for wireless devices. This application provides all the aspects that helps in developing real time projects of wireless applications.

12)   CRM
CRM is a program built on .NET with which business administrators can build good relationship with their customer by fulfilling all their needs perfectly. This program sports several enhanced features like scheduling and reminding, team maintenance, report production etc.,

13)   Easy Projects .NET
It is an ASP.NET application which provides solution for managing and tracking software development projects. Users can manage a projects from anywhere through a browser based interface.

14)   Advanced Email and News Manager
This is an ASP based .NET customer service application for generating email campign on the websites. This tool offers multi threading facility for linking all the customers with in the email campaign.

15)   Tornado - UR Business Partner
This is an ASP.NET business enterprise solution center which helps the user by offering web based solutions for complicated business application for marketing in the internet and helps in developing and using multilingual business application through intranet.

16)   Intellitask.NET
It is an ASP.NET project management and marketing application with an easy-to-use interface. This tool offers online management facility, share and manage files and more.

17)   GeneralLedger
It is a web based accounting application which helps the users by providing applications of ledger records, store and query accounts in the ledgers, profit and loss statements etc.

18)   Team Coherence
This is an ASP.NET management application with the various development tool for generating business management technologies. This tool provides various tracking facility and built-in functionalitity for developing management projects.

19)   Integral Accounting Enterprise
This is an .NET accounting system with open source code for managing accounts and business management in an organization. This software provides multi-tier design to seperate business management and database layer.

20)   Parabola Time Recording system
This is a .NET time recording web application which helps in tracking and recording the employees work time in organisations. This application provides solution for timedata sheet, speed management to perform particular task and to record the time spent to do particular project.

21)   Stratago
This enterprise application helps the users to develop various real time application in business management and through this application users can develop various reports in finance with respect to business management.

22)   CompileX .NET
This is an ASP.NET business application which offers various functionalties for developing business applications. This software provides VB and c# source code for generating various applications for existing databases or new schemas.

23)   ezWebReports
It is an ASP.NET business management web application which helps the users by providing all business tools and ad-hoc querys required for developing their business management applications.

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