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1-50 Development Tools (ASP.NET) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Force ASP.NET Apps to Keep-Alive
This online article tells about generating a class which would keep the website online by hitting it with time intervals. This is a very useful tutorial which helps the users to perform the task continuously or stay online for long time.

2)   Event Handling Between Dynamically Loaded User Controls
This useful tutorial teaches the method of providing the user control for event handling. The author gives step by step procedure for setting up the control.

3)   MVC for ASP.NET
This simple online article deals with the usages and implementation of MVC. Here the author demonstrates about the application of MVC pattern in ASP.NET and how it retains the basic MS Architecture.

4)   WebCombo.NET
WebCombo.NET is an effective drop down list and combo box component built for ASP.NET applications. Using this utility users can generate combo boxes and drop down lists with grand look.

5)   NetSpell
It is an ASP.NET application specifically designed for spell checking with C# .NET code. This tool supports various languages and offers dictionary for reference.

6)   Use "Lazy Instantiation" in .NET to optimize performance
It is an article which concentrates on lazy instantiation which helps in eliminating unwanted session object using properties in the classes of ASP.NET application.

7)   MasterPages: Improved Version
It is a simple tutorial in which author explains about Master page, which is a perfect solution for using page templates. In this tutorial author elaboraetes the procedure for creating templates and their advantages.

8)   Designing and implementing a versatile data access tier for an ASP.NET application
The main theme is about the design of a n-tier architecture and also it discusses about the data access tier. The main objective of this article is to design and induce a proper data access tier for web application.

9)   CodeSmith
CodeSmith is a program using which developers can produce code for ASCII based languages. This program allows users to utilize VB.NET and C# languages in their templates.

10)   Farside.ProgressBar Control
FarsideProgressBar is a web based .NET progress bar which can be used in users applications. This progress bar can be drawn in vertical or horizontal format.

11)   Nine Options for Managing Persistent User State in Your ASP.NET Application
Now the users could understand about the state management through this online article. The state objects which controls the state management is discussed here in this article.

12)   ASP.NET Performance Monitoring, and When to Alert Administrators
This is an useful tutorial which helps users to engage the right tools to diagnose the performance of ASP applications and the parameters to alert the admin in case of errors.

13)   At Your Service: Performance Considerations for Making Web Service Calls from ASPX Pages
It is an article which specially deals in solving the performance problems with regards to web service calls from the ASP.NET pages. All possible problems are discussed in this article.

14)   Performance Comparison: .NET Remoting vs. ASP.NET Web Services
It is a web based article which deals with comparison between the performance of .NET remoting over .NET web service. The author explains about machine configuration and performance test results for the users guidance.

15)   Try these ASP.NET caching strategies
This article helps the .NET programmers by offering them details about three method of caching technique and description about their attributes.

16)   Managing Application State
This online tutorial tells about managing application state. Application state variables are the stored data used often. In this article, the author explains the various aspects of managing application state.

17)   Using code-behind to create a DataGrid Control
It is a tutorial in which author concentrates on generating the data grid on the code-behind file, which offers data grid control to any ASP.NET application.

18)   Code Behind in Web Forms and User Controls
This is an useful tutorial in which author elaborates the procedure for code-behind in web form which separates code and content that helps in securing the codes.

19)   Using the compiler to create Code-Behind dlls
This is an article through which users can gather information about creating code-behind dlls using the compiler.

20)   An Easy-To-Use CacheManager
It is an article which deals with cache manager which perform various caching technique and helps in maximizing the performance of the website.

21)   Performance Tips and Tricks in .NET Applications
It is a web based tutorial which deals with describing the tips and tricks that have to be adapted to increase the performance of the ASP.NET applications.

22)   Building Application Framework with C# - Introduction
Building Application Framework with C# is more simple proved through this online tutorial. The author discusses about the implementation of frameworks for application domains.

23)   Script Encoder
Script Encoder is an utility that helps users to encode the java script files right from your .NET application interface. You simply click any .js file and select the option to encode scipts. This will automatically create the encoder file.

24)   Supporting Database Cache Dependencies in ASP.NET
This is a web based tutorial which specially concentrates on database cache dependencies which can cache data of the SQL server using ASP.NET application.

25)   Other ways to stress test
This is a tutorial in which author elaborates about stress testing with the help of Application center stress, which is a tool that provides all solutions for VS.NET application.

26)   Interactive Event Driven ASP.NET User Controls
This simple tutorial teaches the process of creating event handling user control in ASP.NET. The author explains the method of creating a single page with two or more user controls in it with the help of example.

27)   Lostinet.Web Rane ( Remote Asp.Net Execution )
Lostinet.Web Rane use system is like webservice but the caller is a script which differ from webservice.It is very simple for the user to use it.

28)   Separation of the user interface and page logic by example
This simple tutorial teaches the procedure for seperating user interface and page logic in ASP.NET. The author gives details about the code and explains it with example.

29)   Caching Portions of an ASP.NET Page
It is an ASP.NET tutorial which deals with fragment caching which cache portion of an ASP.NET page which works in .NET frame work.

30)   How to implement a "Render this page in PDF"
This simple tutorial teaches the method of creating PDFs from HTML through HTML templates.

31)   "Cool" ASP.NET Features: Code Behind
It is a simple tutorial in which author describes about procedure for creating the code-behind, which seperates the code and logic design.

32)   Cache Expiration Callbacks In ASP.NET
It is an tutorial which deals with the ability to assign a callback function that triggers automatically whenever an item expires or gets removed from the cache.

33)   IronDesktop
IronDesktop is a .NET based program with which the administrators can obtain a centralized place for retrieving document, an information portal, work spaces for both public and private and an internal messaging functionality for their low level businesses.

34)   Build a Versatile .NET Code Execution Timer / Logger
It is a web based article which deals with creating a code execution timer and logger. Here author describes about various steps involved in generating code for setting execution time for particular ASP.NET application.

35)   Easy Projects .NET
Easy Projects .NET is a program that facilitates programmers or web developers to develop their software. This program is based on ASP.NET and provides an intuitive interface.

36)   Control To String
This is a simple tutorial in which author explains about the procedure for converting ASP.NET control into a string. Here the programmers can gather information about advantages of using it in several process.

37)   Create Page Templates
It is a tutoiral in which author discusses about custom page interface, which helps in constructing overall page structure of a website. Here users can learn about code-behind class and its advantages for building the page structure.

38)   A Beginner’s Guide to Using Microsoft Script Debugger
It is a tutorial in which programmers can gain knowledge about Scripting debugger, which detects bugs in both client-side and server-side scrits. Here the programmers can learn about working with Script debugger in client-side debugging.

39)   Internationalize Your ASP.NET Applications (Part 2 of 3)
This online tutorial helps the users to understand about the usage of culture settings to change images, numbers, database content, currencies and dates in the .NET application to suit the visitor's environment.

40)   Deploying Stand-Alone .NET Applications over the Internet
This is an online tutorial which explains about the task of installing stand-alone .NET application. The author examines the basics of auto-deployment in .NET.

41)   Working with Single-File Web Forms Pages in Visual Studio .NET
This simple tutorial concentreates on procedure for working with single-file web forms page and the procedure for converting single-file web form pages to code-behind web form page.

42)   access2asp
access2asp is a program that can be used by the users in generating ASP.NET code and also to create a WYSIWYG editor text or memo fields.

43)   Monitoring your Web App
This tutorial deals with performance monitor which checks the performance of the ASP.NET application which can be done by writing a perfect coding that minimize the execution time of the applications.

44)   BrowserWindow custom controls
This tool provides three methods for opening hyperlinks in IE windows with the given attributes.

45)   Writing ASP.NET handlers and modules
The main topic deals with handlers, modules and about working of ASP.NET. The author explains about how to write modules, handlers and also explains about the architecture of ASP.NET.

46)   StudioSpell
Studiospell is an user friendly tool that helps you to check the spelling in the html pages and the source code. It checks only the source code on .aspx pages such as ASP.NET, VB.NET etc., This tool is simple and easy to use.

47)   ASP.NET Web Services or .NET Remoting: How to Choose
This is a tutorial that helps users to understand the potentail of .NET and ASP.NET programmes and their intercompactibility. This tutorial gives users enough knowledge to choose the right programme for their applications.

48)   Aspose.Total
Aspose.Total is one of the most powerful .net component suites ever assembled. Aspose.Total offers each and every component that Aspose has available.

49)   TransKing
TransKing is a program that comes with the ability to transform VB and VB.NET projects, COM Controls etc., into C#.

50)   Understanding User Controls - Part 1
This is a simple tutorial in which author describes about user control, which can be used either as an user interface or logic. The user control renders properties and methods for working with ASP.NET applications.

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