Sunday, 22 July 2018
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1-28 Discussion Boards (ASP.NET) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   ASP.NET Forums
This tool is used for making a discussion board on the website to allow users to communicate with others and to share ideas and suggestions that arises regarding to the site.

2)   Discussion Forum in ASP.NET
This tutorial is very simple form of creating a discussing forum in ASP.NET. This ASP.NET forum board accepts the HTML tags also. This is scripted in C# with ADO.NET for creating a ASP.NET web application.

3)   squishyFORUMS
squishyFORUMS is a very good quality forum software that comes totally for free under the LGPL licence.

4)   POP Forums
POP Forums is an essential tool for the web owners to create online communities and also it helps them to support site customers online easily. Many enhanced features are associated with this forums.

5)   Creating a simple, threaded forum
This tutorial brings out the author's idea in building a threaded forum in ASP.NET which is easy to understand. The author describes each and every task in detail while creating this threaded forum.

6)   HarrisonLogicForums
This forum tool is based on .NET framework and it uses MS Access database to store data. It is used on the website by the webmasters to allow their site customers to communicate with others.

7)   Yet Another
This tool is used for creating a discussion board to develop online communities and it develop covalent relationship between the web owners and the website visitors.

8)   .NET Threaded Forum Source Code
This is a tutorial in which the author just writes a threaded .NET forum for the user's site which is displayed. This really helps the webmasters to create their own custom threaded forum in ASP.NET.

9)   PopForums
By using this tool the web owners can facilitate their site with a message board. It helps them to create online communinities easily and it handles multiple forums.

10)   InstantForum.NET - ASP.NET Forums
Unlimited discussion forums, topics and members. WYSIWYG Editor, Full Admin, Member Profiles, User & Forum Search, Email notifications, Managed .NET Assembly, Single configuration file, SQL Server with 100% Stored Procs, Free Support & More

11)   Active Data Online DiscussionBoard
Active Data Online DiscussionBoard is a program built on ASP.NET with which website administrators can construct and manage enhanced online forum on their websites.

12)   Message Board & Threaded Discussion Forum
This tool is used for creating a website with message board through which the web visitors can communicate and send their suggestions to others. It has database for holding data.

13)   Discuss .NET Rewritten
Discuss .NET Rewritten is a program that facilitates website administrators to construct and run an online discussion forum on their websites.

14)   Web Board
This is an useful component which is used for making a discussion board on the website. Calendar, whiteboard, chat, email, ratings, images and more facilities are avialable with this tool.

15)   ITCN ASP.NET Forum
This script is used for generating a forum on the website to allow visitors to discuss their suggestions and doubts about the site and products with represented persons.

16)   Discussion Forum Board Beta2
This article is to show an example of discussion forum board in ASP.NET. This would encourage the webmasters to know much about creating a discussion forum.

17)   Message Board
This tool is used for creating a message board on the website to communicate with others and it enables users to generate online communities, place of work, online customer support etc.,

18) is a database driven forum program for ASP.NET based websites. This program comes with the ability to support several databases.

19)   Net Technologies ActiveForums
ActiveForums is a program which is built for DotNetNuke 2.0 for creating online forums on the websites. This program allows administrators to build forums on their websites.

20)   WebBoard Collaboration Server
WebBoard Collaboration Server is a collaboration and forum program. This program comes in two editions one is webboard standard and another one is webboard premium.

21)   Comment Board
Comment Board is an ASP.NET based program that can be utilized by the webmasters to build and run an online forum on their existing websites. This program supports SQL server and MS Access database.

22)   FREE Forum & Chat Software for ASP.NET
This is a tool which is used for building a website with discussion forum as well as a chatting room to allow web users to communicate or chat with others. This software contains several useful features and it is easy to use.

23)   ChitChat.NET discussion forum
This script is used for generating a website with discussion board and it supports SQL server only. It offers several features and supports unlimited forums for discussion.

24)   Uniforum
This is an .NET based discussion board generator tool that helps web owners to create their site with discussion boards for creating online communities and to enhance the site with online customer support.

25)   Easy Discussion Web Control
Easy Discussion Web Control is a .NET based robust yet simple web control for creating fully customized discussion boards or forums.

26)   dotNetBB
This component is used for making discussion board on the website which helps webmasters to communicate with their site visitors. It is developed using .NET framework.

27)   CSharpFriends
Using CSharpFriends forum utility one can build their own forum on their websites, the full source code is given for free and the user can use this as they wish.

28)   Threaded comments
By using this tool web owners can create a powerful message board which is basically working under ASP.NET. This tool helps them to enhance their site with online newspapers, archives, magazines etc., and it allows their site visitors to send their feedback to the web owners.

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