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1-50 Email Systems (ASP.NET) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Sending Emails Through Outlook using C# and VB.NET
This tutorial clearly states the method of appending your email in Microsoft outlook express. Using or C#, the webmasters could write functions, which is given as example.

2)   Sending E-mail with .Net, the Easy Way
Sending E-mail with .Net, the Easy Way is the article demanding the purpose of sending emails, how to attach files, how to send HTML messages and solutions to overcome the frequent problems while sending emails.

3)   POP3 EMail
POP3 EMail is the article giving the full details about checking the mails from the web browser. The author has touched the very important part about the capability to retrieve POP3 Mails.

4)   Email Form Processor Pro
It is an ASP based .NET application through which any forms can be generated in the users website. This tool provide full control over full layout of the forms created.

5)   How to Send Email from ASP .NET ?
This tutorial explain in detail how to send email from ASP.NET. This article covers the area about what is needed and how to send emails. New concepts in sending mails along with attachment is the additional reference in this site.

6)   Send HTML Email using ASP.NET and Visual Basic.NET
This is an online tutorial that elaborates in sending HTML Email using ASP.NET and Visual Basic.NET. It is very simple and easy which is now proved by the author through this article. Now you could use ASP.NET for sending your HTML Emails.

7)   Sending Mail with CDOSYS
This is cool tutorial that clearly tells the reader about the new CDOSYS that is available with Microsoft IIS.

8)   Simple ASP.NET Email
Simple ASP.NET Email is the articles very much useful for the beginners sending emails in ASP.NET. A set of questions asked by the users are given along with the solutions by the author.

9)   Jmail Email Form Wizard
This article provides required coding to include a web based form into your website to enable sending messages and mails. For this the component JMail is used and you can copy and paste the resulted coding.

10)   Simple SMTP mailing with .NET
Simple SMTP mailing with .NET is the article through which the author tells the webmasters how to send direct emails from the user's site using Smtp Mail class.

It is an ASP.NET email SMTP component that allows user to send and receive emails messages from the SMTP server and through HTTP mail can be sent to the recipients.

12)   Simple SMTP Mailer
Simple SMTP Mailer is the script which explains how to send mail through SMTP. Using the .NET SMTP classes users could send their emails to any email addresses.

13)   Email Tracking: Tracking Email Reads using ASP.NET
Email Tracking is a very new concept in ASP.NET. In this article the author explains how to track the read emails. The author used three simple and common techniques to find out.

14)   ASPEmail
You can learn how the ASPEmail component is used with web based form data to send email. Explains all functions step by step and makes you feel easy to create your own email program.

15)   SharpWebMail
This is an ASP based .NET component which uses pop server to store the email and uses SMPI for sending the emails. Through this tool user can create the HTML messages, read complicated messages and allow the user to search the inbox messages.

16)   Building a .NET E-mail Application - Part 1
Building a .NET E-mail Application is tutorial that tells the readers how to build the outlook express like email client using ASP.NET.

17)   Send Email - ASP DotNet
This tutorial gives the webmasters the method of creating their ASP.NET page and then describes the art of sending emails with the help of ASP.NET.

18)   ASP FormMail
This ASP learning resource teaches you how to create a web based form to receive automic emails from your visitors, users etc., All email components are given in detail from which you will be able to generate the coding for form based mails.

19)   Generic JMAIL
This online tutorial teaches you how to send emails using Jmail component. All the functions are available with syntax and examples.

20)   ASP.NET Email Using VB
This tutorial explains the form validation concept to create an email. The author tells the users how to organize an email with the help of form validation.

21)   Forgotten Password WebUserControl
This is a web based application with VB.NET project files which helps in storing files into the visual studio directory and gets control over the full webform of the users website and also helps in sending password for the users when he forgets his account password.

22)   email marketing application
This is an ASP based .NET component that can be integrated into users website and helps the user to develop their own email marketing with in their infrastructure itself.

23)   Aspose.Email
Aspose.Email is a program that enables email functionality to the web applications without requiring System.Web.Mail namespace’s usage.

24)   Smtp.NET
It is an ASP.NET email application in c# for generating email system on the users website. This offers various important features like sending merged mails, authentication, and more.

25)   aspNetPOP3
This is an ASP.NET email server component through which users can send and receive email messages from the POP3 server programmatically with the help of ease-to-use interface.

26)   PowerTCP Mail for .NET
This is an ASP.NET mailing component with message stream technology. This component allows sending and receiving email messages and helps in creating, editing, sending and retreiving email messages.

27)   4ASPNET POP3
4ASPNET POP3 allows users to get full access to E-mail messages using POP3 protocol.

28)   ListNanny.NET
It is a web based ASP.NET email component which handles bounced mails and take suitable actions on them. based on the reports of the bounced mails, email list managers take appropriate actions to improve the efficiency of mailing lists.

29)   Sending email using System.Web.Mail
This tutorial tells the users about sending emails in ASP.NET. The new concept by the author introduces System.Web.Mail for sending emails.

30)   ASP Form to Mail Script
In this tutorial, You can learn how to create form emails with hidden fields. More useful to receive new orders online. Supports SMTP service for mailing process.

31)   Sending HTML-Formatted Email
It is an ASP tutorial that explains to send emails in HTML format in an easier method. SMTP service / MS Exchange can be used for this mailing purpose.

32)   Advanced Email and News Manager
It is a web based email utility component which help users for creating email campaign and managing system. This tool offers thousand lines of codes and offers more than 50 control line for email campaign and marketing purpose.

33)   Sending E-Mails using ASP.NET
This tutorial explains the method of sending emails using ASP.NET. With the help of classes of System.Web.Mail namespace, the webmasters could send emails either in Text format or in HTML format.

34)   Programming to Send Emails
Programming to Send Emails is one of the best article to bring out the creativity of the webmasters to think about creating their own email component to send their emails. This article proves the success of programming to send emails.

35)   Email made easy with .Net C#!
Sending Emails is very simple in C#, which is proved by the author in this tutorial.

36)   Send Email from ASP.NET
Send Email from ASP.NET, this is the core objective of the author to explain the webmasters through this tutorial. The author demonstrates the main three methods of email functionality in .NET and when to make use of it.

37)   Pivo POP3 Component
A high performance POP3 component enables ASP/ VB/ VC++/ C#/ VB.NET/ ASP.NET or other COM environment applications to retrieve email from mail server based on POP3 protocol. Pivo POP3 Object supports all operations.

38)   Chilkat MHT
It is an ASP.NET email component which converts the HTML email messages into EML, MHT and email objects and the emails can be sent through web mails or mails.

39)   EasyMail .Net Edition
It is an ASP.NET email application which provide various functionalties for performing email services in the users website. This component supports SMTP, POP3 and IMAP4 for sending emails.

40)   Sending Email from an ASP.NET Web Page
The method of sending email from ASP.NET web page is described through this article. Through this the author has demonstrated the art of sending emails from an ASP.NET web page.

41)   Aspose.Email
Aspose.Email is a composing and Smtp sending component with advanced features like Mail Merge, objects embedding, logging, monitoring, smtp configuration.The latest release Integrated all of the features of Aspose.Mime into Aspose.Email;etc.

42)   Building an Email Notification System
You will be capable of creating the source code to include a form to obtain the valuable feedback from your website visitors from this online ASP tutorial.

43)   Scheduled Email Reports
This tutorial is about scheduling the email reports. The main highlight of this article is that this application can work according to the webmasters configuration to whomever they wish their email reports to be sent.

44)   Sending Emails with ASP.NET
Sending Emails with ASP.NET is much easier is the statement of this author through this tutorial. The author explains the detailed description of how to make and send emails in ASP.NET.

45)   Email Validator
This is an ASP.NET email utility component which analyze the list of registered guests invalid email account. This tool warns the visitors by remainding them their emails are invalid and allow them to register again.

46)   Chilkat Email .NET
It is a web based email component which helps the users by sending, managing and receiving emails. This has several attracive features like providing MHTML for sending HTML emails, allowing merging emails etc.

47)   4ASPNET POP3
4ASPNET POP3 is a .NET POP3 Component. Users can have access to emails using the POP3 protocol.

48)   Frequently Asked Questions for System.Web.Mail
Frequently Asked Questions for System.Web.Mail is the main core of this article. This article gives out all the posssible frequently asked questions and unsolved problems with System.Web.Mail and its solutions.

49)   Sending Email with ASP.NET
This tutorial explains the users about sending mail with ASP.Net. The main intention of the article is to show how you could send emails from text form to HTML form.

50)   4ASPNET POP3 .NET Component
A powerful, cheap and easy to use POP3 .NET component, which allows you to download/parse emails from POP3 server, save attachments, retrieve custom headers etc. Great help with examples (C#), free updates and support.

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