Sunday, 22 July 2018
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1-41 Form Processing (ASP.NET) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Dropdown Date Selectors with Validation
Use this program to facilitate your web forms with drop down lists containing month, day and year with validating functionality. This program is built on ASP.NET.

2)   Display the character count from a Textbox Control
Using this program webmasters can display the number of characters used in a textbox of the web forms. This is an easy to use program built with ASP.NET.

3)   Masked Text Box
This program is used for creating a masked text box i.e- it does not show the text while typing on the given text box. It hides the text from the user.

4)   ComboBox
This script is used for creating a combobox dropdown input box on the web pages and which are easily customizable. It has several properties and the users can easily change the settings manually.

5)   FreeTextBox
FreeTextBox is a .NET web based application component which collects data from the browser. Codes are used to search, copy, and print the data.

6)   EasyListBox
EasyListBox is a program which can be utilized by the webmasters to include drop down lists to their web pages. This is a highly customizable utility which is based on ASP.NET.

7)   Auto highlight the active Control on a Webform
An ASP.NET based web control that enables an automatic highlighting effect to the fields of the form whenever the cursor is placed on them.

8)   ASP.NET Email Forms
This script is used for making an email form for the web developers on their website in no time. It has drag and drop facility and hence it is easy to install. No programming knowledge is required.

9)   DbCombo
This program is used for creating a combo box on the web page which is used to retrieve data from the database. This component uses postback feature which is used for getting the same result.

10)   Create a Wizard style Data entry Form
With this ASP.NET based utility webmasters can include form in wizard model for submitting information on their web pages.

11)   Editable JavaScript TreeGrid NET
DHTML JavaScript component with ASP.NET wrapper WebControl and DataGrid objects to display and edit data in table, grid, tree view or grid with tree on HTML page. XML and SOAP web services support. Specs: rows dragging, filtering, calculated cells.

12)   WebTimer
This script is used for updating or refreshing the web pages with new events, contents and without losing old events. Elapsed events are occured on the server.

13)   MultiLineTextBoxValidator
This program is used for validating the text box to prevent the users from exceeding the text line over maximum length. It uses javascript to restrict the length of the textarea.

14)   Mono Dialogs
Mono Dialogs control provides MessageBox and InputBox controls to your ASP.NET applications. Programmers are now free from manually coding client-side script to create message boxes.

15)   Professional Validation
This is a web page validation tool based on ASP.NET that helps programmers to create code easily without errors. It validates fields where data entered and send error to the users in a friendly manner.

16)   ShowHideButton
This program is used for hiding the control or text when the specific button is clicked. It is easy to customize and to setup on the web form.

It is a database driven auto complete application to view information from the database using integrated combo box. It is an useful script for the webmasters to integrate into any custom active websites.

18)   Professional Validation And More
Professional Validation And More is a ASP.NET based validation system for webpage forms.

19)   Focus Manager
Focus Manager is used for focus the cursor position on the specific field in a webform according to the code developed by the web developers. It is based on ASP.NET. It is used to validate any number of form elements present on the web page.

20)   List Transfer
This program is basically used for reordering and transferring data from one list box to multiple boxes. It navigates the users by using arrow keys.

21)   DigitsyOnceValidator
This digitsyonce validator helps the webmasters to eliminate errors before they get into their databases due to site visitors mistakes on web forms.

22)   Mad! Widgets ASP.NET Validator
This tool is used for validating web applications and it supports more than twenty validators. It offers maximum features and it is easy to use.

23)   Submit Confirmer
This program is used for viewing the confirmation message about webform submission through popups which is executed using javascript. Its easy to install and to use.

24)   DualSelectBox
This program is used for transferring data from one form field to another form field. It offers several controls that helps users to replace selected data or to replace whole data.

25)   DbNetEdit.NET
This is a .NET based script that helps users to make an user interface form on which the users can store and maintain their data easily. It offers several important facilities like browsing, searching, sorting data etc.,

26)   Fluent.ControlFocus
This script is used for focusing the error after the full page has been loaded. Its a invisible function to focus form fields and it is based on .NET application.

27)   ASPLib Checkbox
This is an based web form controller by which web developers can add their web pages with diffent models of checkboxes for input.

28)   ASPXpand
This program is helpful for the web developers to generate their web pages. It offers huge user friendly functions for data input.

29)   AspLib HtmlDropDownList
This program is used for creating an user friendly web application form with dropdown list input box to allow web users to give inputs easily. This drop down list box is built in HTML.

30)   WebForm
This program allows users to create non-post back forms and also they can generate unlimited number of forms in an easy way. It supports several control features with search facility.

31)   EasyListBox
EasyListBox is an easy to use tool and is a replacement for ASP.NET list box, this can be used to create easy list boxes on the webpages.

32)   Component One Studio
This script contains several components which is used for building a user friendly web form with fully customizable features very easily. This tool is based on ASP.NET.

33)   Wizard Form
This program is used for creating a web form based on HTML in an easy way. It uses XML file type for storing data on the server. This tool is integrated into any server which uses XML.

34)   ecFormBuilder
This component is used for making a powerful forms on .NET framework web applications. It uses template to change the layout of forms and form validation is included with this utility.

35)   Wittysoft ListLibrary
This is a list library which provide various HTML lists for your websites to list your products or information. Many enhanced features are available with this server control.

36)   AspLib HtmlDropDownList
This program is used for creating an user friendly web application form with dropdown list input box to allow web users to give inputs easily. This drop down list box is built in HTML.

37)   ASP.NET Morph Controls
This program is used to create and to manage the data from others online by processing the form on the website and also it allows the users to morph textbox to a label. This tool gives full rights to the web visitors to customize the data.

38)   OpenX ASP Edition
This program is used for generating a HTML form on the web pages. It allows the users to send data to others. It has form validator which checks each field for error.

39)   AWS HTML Wizard
This script is used for making a web form using HTML wizard in few minutes. Users can develop any type of form as they like to implement using this component.

40)   ASPLib Button
This tool is used for creating different styles of button on the web page forms. It is based on .NET application. It is easy to install and to use.

41)   DigitsyHumanTest Web Control
DigitsyHumanTest Web Control is an ASP.NET program which works against the hackers and spammers thereby protecting your websites.

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