Monday, 23 July 2018
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1-50 Image Manipulation (ASP.NET) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Image manipulation in ASP.NET with system.drawing
This tutorial deals with the method of manipulating images with the help of System.Drawing namespace. The author offers procedure to create images in the memory and to send it to the stream.

2)   Blur an image with GDI+ and System.Drawing
This is an article that discusses about causing a blur effect over the images with the help of .NET framework's GDI+ tools.

3)   ASP.NET images: Thumbnails
ASP.NET images: Thumbnails is an online tutorial; users can utilize this to learn about resizing images to generate thumbnails in ASP.NET.

4)   Uploading and retrieving images from SQL Server
This is an article that deals with uploading and retrieving images from SQL server. The author discusses this concept in detail by providing examples.

5)   AspMap
AspMap is an effective tool which helps users to create map images easily. Using this tool you can zoom the pictures. This tool is easily customizable and it does not require any third party component to install.

6)   ASP.NET images: Manipulation
ASP.NET images: Manipulation is a tutorial that explains about rotating, flipping, cropping and copying the images in ASP.NET. This article illustrates this process by using three commands.

7)   Mixing Images
Users can utilize this tutorial to learn about mixing the images with each other by using .NET framework. In this article the author uses several namespaces to perform this process.

8)   Load an image from a remote server
This is an article that can be used as a reference for reading images from any online location with the help of HTTP. In this tutorial the author uses .NET framework to perform this process.

9)   Creating Graphics with XML
This is an online tutorial that can be utilized by the users to learn about generating dynamic images with XML. This article can be used as a reference guide to gather knowledge on performing graphics with XML.

10)   An ASP.NET thumbnail solution
This is an online tutorial that covers on utilizing ASP.NET tools for creating tumbnails and thumbnail views. The author uses C# HTTP handler and C# class for dynamic thumbnail generation.

11)   Transparent Gifs with GDI+ or System.Drawing
It is an useful tutorial for the programmer to learn about the process of generating images by using GDI+ and System.Drawing namespace. The author elaborates the procedure for utilizing the classes present in System.Drawing to create an image.

12)   Retrieving Images Stored in SQL Server
This is an article for retrieving stored images from database to display them. Here the author demonstrates this process by retrieving images from SQL server database.

13)   GDI+ Color processing
This is a tutorial that allows users to perform color processing on images. In this tutorial the author demonstrates about pixel by pixel level processing on an image.

14)   Streaming Dynamic Images into Your Web Page
This is an tutorial that deals with passing dynamically created images into the web pages. This is an easy to understand and useful tutorial.

15)   Converting Color images to Greyscale
This is an article that guides users to transfer color images into greyscale images. Here the author discusses three algorithms and three methods that enable to transform the color images into greyscale images.

16)   ImageUpload.aspx
ImageUpload.aspx is a tutorial that contributes to users on generating an essential ASP.NET application for image upload.

17)   An ASP.NET Application to View and Share Photos Online
This online tutorial explains how to build an application to see and share photos. Now the users could share and view online photos which is described in this article.

18)   PhotoController
PhotoController is a powerful image manipulation tool that helps you to process images easily. This tool supports various image types such as bmp, emf, exif, gif, tif etc., You can apply filter effects such as blur, sharpen, distort and mosaic on the images using this component.

19)   Image manipulation in ASP.NET: Loading & Resizing
Loading images and generating thumbnails are the topics covered by this tutorial. This article clearly explains every thing including resizing images.

20)   ImgSlide
ImgSlide is a program that displays provided images in right to left scrolling effect to perform a slide show. Each and every slide can be hyperlinked.

21)   TransZoom
TransZoom is a program that enables webmasters to have a slide show on their ASP.NET websites. They can display images with zoom-out effect by using this program.

22)   Create Dynamic Banners Using ASP.NET
In this tutorial the author contributes to users on generating dynamic banners in ASP.NET using HTML. This will be useful for the users to create simple banners.

23)   Adding text to an image in memory
In this tutorial users can find information about creating text on a Bitmap in memory with the help of draw brush and System.Drawing.Bitmap. This article can be utilized by the users to generate navigation buttons dynamically on .NET.

24)   Color Table
This tutorial offers the programmers details about various colors Hex values and color property, this can be used as a reference, while programming.

25)   FusionCharts
FusionCharts is an effective tool through which you can create animated charts. It does not need any installation and it runs on all scripting languages. This software is written in ASP.NET. FusionCharts requires only flash plug-in and does not need any third party component.

26)   Manual QueryString Parsing for Server-side Image Maps
This is a tutorial that covers on using ASP.NET in server side image maps. In this tutorial the author illustrates about parsing manual query string for server side image maps.

27)   ComboBox With Images
This is an article for enabling ComboBox to display images. In this tutorial the author makes it possible by generating ComboBoxEx class.

28)   Type and Text in GDI+
This is an easy to understand tutorial comes like a study material to provide information about utilizing GDI+ for type and text.

29)   Inserting Images to SqlServer in ASP .NET
This is an article that will be useful for the users in storing images in the database. In this tutorial the author illustrates about saving images in SQL server database in ASP.NET.

30)   Greyscale an image
Greyscale an image is an article that guides users in converting an image into a greyscale image. This is an easy to understand and useful tutorial.

31)   InOutZoom
InOutZoom is a program that shows the provided images and photos with simultaneous zoom in and out effects. It is easy to use this program on ASP.NET websites.

32)   Color Selector Controls
Color Selector Controls is a powerful tool which helps you to pick colors. This utility has 2 controls such as ColorDropDownList and ColorDropDownList to select color for the images. This software is written in ASP.NET

33)   TrueColorToPalette
TrueColorToPalette is a powerful tool which converts true color images into palettized images easily. This tool uses Floyd-Steinberg dithering algorithm for the conversion process. This software is written in ASP.NET.

34)   ASP Painter .NET
ASPPainter .NET can be used to create new and edit existing images. Since the component works with several images at the same time, you can copy, resize, rotate, merge image parts, and use images as painting brushes. Complete source code is available

35)   ImageLabel
ImageLabel is a ASP.NET based server control which is similar to the label control. This tool supports all image formats and data binding. You can easily download and install this tool for web applications.

36)   A Robust Image Gallery for ASP.NET
This is an article that allows users to build a full featured image gallery by using digital photos. This will be of much use for the users to create a categorized image gallery on ASP.NET websites.

37)   Working with Fonts and the GDI+
This tutorial discusses about method of working with fonts and the GDI+. The author gives details about the procedure for creating graphics by using fonts and GDI+.

38)   INFO: Determine the JPEG Quality Factor by Using C# .NET
This tutorial explains about setting the JPEG quality factor. This tutorial starts with a simple introduction to JPEG quality factor and guides users to determine the same with C#.NET.

39)   Simple GDI+ Graphics
This is an article that can be used as a reference and guidance for learning about basic functions of GDI+ in graphics. This tutorial covers on drawing shapes and including colors by using brushes and pens.

40)   SVG: .Net Graphics Courtesy of XML
This is a tutorial that elaborates on the role of Scalar Vector Graphics (SVG) in generating and displaying images and graphical reports in .NET.

41)   TrueColorToPalette
This is an ASP.NET application through which users can convert a true color image to palettized image, with out compromising in quality.

42)   ImgTicker
ImgTicker is a program based on ASP.NET using which webmasters can show the slides of their desired images and photos. It is possible to add text passage and comments with each photo.

43)   Pick Color
Pick Color is a tutorial that deals with choosing colors from a web page. The author of this tutorial elaborates this concept by using sample codes and detailed explanation.

44)   Rebex ImageGallery .NET
Rebex ImageGallery.NET is an effective image manipulation component which helps you to maintain photos and images on your website. Visual appearance of the imagegallery can be easily customized using templates and cascading style sheets.

45)   Sharpen an image with GDI+
This is an article that can be utilized by the users to learn how to sharpen images in .NET. In this tutorial the author discusses about using algorithms to perform this process.

46)   Neodynamic ImageDraw
Neodynamic ImageDraw is an effective tool which helps you to create images such as charts, diagrams or any graphical application dynamically. This tool supports all types of browsers and it is written in ASP.NET.

47)   GDI+ : Brushes
This is an easy to understand tutorial in which the author demonstrates the procedure for utilizing this GDI+ brushes to fill the images with gradients and color.

48)   ImageIN
ImageIN is a program that comes with the ability to produce number of graphics in a quicker manner. This program resizes images on the fly.

49)   Screen Capturing a Form in .NET - Using GDI and GDI+
Form capturing by using GDI and GDI+ with .NET is the process discussed by the author in this tutorial. This article performs this process with the help of an attribute of C#.

50)   wbImage
wbImage is a program built on ASP.NET that can be used by the webmasters to allow their visitors to send their selected images to the server.

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