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1-50 Miscellaneous (ASP.NET) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   ToolTip
ToolTip is an ASP.NET program that enables webmasters to display tooltip boxes on web pages. This program displays the tooltips on mouse over effect.

2)   Create Dynamic ASP.NET Excel Workbooks In C#
This tutorial deals with creating a Excel spread sheet and loading the report in it with the help of two methods that is specified in this article.

3)   Marquee Webcontrol
Marquee Webcontrol is a tool for displaying a rectangular region of moving text with different movement behaviour. This webcontrol can be used in the area of real time data displaying solutions like news, weather ticker, stocks etc.

4)   Introducing ASP.NET 2.0 Master Pages
It is an article that helps you to learn about the master pages architecuture. In this tutorial the author shows how to create master and content pages in the web applications. The master attribute of the Page directive in the content pages is used to configure the master page.

5)   Creating a SHA1 Hash value for storage in a Web.Config file
In this web based tutorial the author shows you how to create the SHA1 hash value with a sample program. You can perform this using the SHA1 hash algorithm.

6)   Use an HttpHandler to stop bandwidth leeching of your images
This is a tutorial in which the author explains you how to stop the bandwidth leeching of the image files by defining the Httphandlers with a sample program in C# and VB.

7)   Inheriting System.Web.HttpApplication
It is a web based article which gives you an idea about how to write functions in the global.ascx file that can be accessed across multiple web pages in a ASP.NET web application.

8)   HttpPostedFile Class
It is an easy to learn ASP.NET tutorial through which you can learn about the HttpPostedFile class. Using this class you can access the content and properties of each individual files uploaded by the client.

9)   HttpWriter Class
It is a simple tutorial in which the author tells you the use of the HttpWriter class of ASP.NET. You can gain more knowlege about the properties and methods of this class using this tutoiral.

10)   State Management in ASP.NET
This is a tutorial in which the author gives you a brief summary about the various client-side and server-side state mangement methods. The author explains each of the methods with a sample program.

11)   HttpWatch
HttpWatch is a HTTP monitoring system that comes with the ability to log the requests and responses of the web page. This program also monitors the integration of browser cache with Internet Explorer.

12)   Multithreading in VB.NET
It is an simple tutorial which deals with multi threading in VB.NET. Here the author gives an idea about generating a multi threading application with the help of example.

13)   What is new for security in .NET 2.0?
The new security components in .NET 2.0 can help you greatly reduce the amount of code you need to write in order to make your applications secure. The improvements affect public key cryptography, Windows security, remoting, ASP.NET and Code Access Security.

14)   Creating a Multi-threaded URL Status Checker
This is an article for generating multi-threaded status checker. This will be of much use for verifying the updated links presented in a table.

15)   3-Stage Color Picker
3-Stage Color Picker is a program that can be used by the webmasters to include a color picker to their ASP.NET websites. This is an easy to use program.

16)   Creating HttpHandlers and HttpModules
This is a simple tutorial in which the author shows how to create classes which implement HttpHandlers and HttpModules interfaces. The author also tells you about the use of these interfaces.

17)   Creating Excel XP spreadsheets by using .NET and XML
This tutorial specially concentrates on generating Excel XP spreadsheets through which users can write or read XML documents and data sources.

18)   HttpCacheValidateHandler Delegate
It is a tutorial in which the author shows you the use of HttpCacheValidateHandler delegate. This method is called whenever a cached item is validated.

19)   FileSystemInfo Class in C# and VB.NET for beginners
This useful tutorial instructs the programmer about principles of FileSystemInfo class, which has several members like methods proprties etc to perform the process of file and directory manipulation.

20)   Building up a Page Using User Controls Dynamically Loaded at Runtime
It is an article on ASP.NET in which the author demonstartes about the process of utilizing user control to develop the content of the page by using Page.LoadControl method.

21)   ProcessShutdownReason Enumeration
In this web based tutorial the author discusses about an useful enumeration called as ProcessShutDownReason which contains many enumeration values that are used to specify the reason for the process to shutdown.

22)   Generate Machine Key Elements for Web Farm
Generate Machine Key Elements for Web Farm is a tutorial through which you can learn about the tag of the ASP.NET. The author shows you the syntax for using the MachineKey tag in the aspx pages. This tutorial provides you a sample program to understand the use of the tag.

23)   deloittes.NET ColorPicker
deloittes.NET ColorPicker is an effective color selection tool that displays various colors. You can easliy customize this tool to fit on your webforms. This software is written in ASP.NET.

24)   IHttpAsyncHandler Interface
This simple tutorial explains you about the use of the IHttpAsyncHandler interface of ASP.NET. You can place this handler in the .ashx file and it gets executed whenever the corresponding request is received for the .ashx file.

25)   Perform Multiple Tasks Using Threads
In this tutorial users can learn about executing multithreaded programmes. This tutorial teaches the method of managing and creating execution of multithreaded facility in the programme.

26)   Testing a Cloned Object Using Reflection
This article instructs about the use of clone() and system.Reflection. The author teaches the users what are the benefits and how to use these objects briefly with samples.

27)   Using the new ATL CString class to read XML files via MSXML
This is an article for utilizing a new ATL Cstring class in reading XML files through MSXML. This is an easy to understand and useful tutorial.

28)   Server.HTMLEncode vs. Server.HTMLDecode
In this tutorial the author explains you the difference between the HTMLEncode and HTMLDecode methods of the ASP.NET server object. The author also explains you the use of these methods with a sample program.

29)   Exploring Winforms
The author bringsout this tutorial about developing a simple address book application using Windows Forms. This article is worth enough for the beginners to learn more about widows forms.

30)   Gain threading control in C# with the Interlocked and Monitor classes
This tutorial gives details about interlocked and monitor classes which helps in executing multi threading process in .NET framework. The author explains about multi threading process.

31)   TextBoxPro.NET
TextBoxPro.NET is an ASP.NET based content management solution with which users would be able to modify text contents with ease on their websites.

32)   Using Excel Spreadsheets as a DataSource
It is an article which deals with performing excel worksheet as the datasource. Here author describes about communicating data source with ASP.NET and SQL command.

33)   HTTP Handlers and HTTP Modules in ASP.NET
HTTP Handlers and HTTP Modules in ASP.NET is a tutorial which helps you to gather more information about the HttpHanlders and HttpModules of ASP.NET. This tutorial shows how to register the HttpHandlers and HttpModules in the machine.config web.config file with a sample code.

34)   Mapack for .NET
Mapack is a program that that comes with .NET class library for fundamental linear algebra computations that provides support for several matrix properties and operations including Determinant, Frobenius Norm, Cholesky etc.,

35)   Boxing and Unboxing
This is an online tutorial that discusses about Boxing and Unboxing. This article defines that Boxing.Unboxing is the process of transforming value type into reference type.

36)   Web Forms Events and Handlers
This is an ASP.NET based tutorial which basically teaches about the web forms events and event handling method with simple example. The author describes about Event handling method briefly and simply.

37)   Viewing Crystal Reports on the web, using the CrystalReportViewer ASP.NET control
This is an article that discusses about displaying crystal reports on the websites with the help of CrystalReportViewer in ASP.NET.

38)   Equation Solver for .NET
Equation Solver for .NET is a mathematical tool and is developed with ASP.NET that provides different types of numerical methods such as, secant, ridders, interval bisection method to solve equations.

39)   WebGrid.NET
This tool is a powerful data grid component for .NET applications which provides useful functionalities to allow users to control and to work with servers resources.

40)   Your first ASP.NET Page
This is an useful ASP.NET article that contains more information about aspx pages. The ASP.NET allows the syntax compatibility with existing ASP Pages. You can declare the server controls in the aspx pages using the runat="server" attribute value of the custom tags.

41)   Object Oriented Features of JScript .NET
This is an article through which you can learn about the object oriented concept of Jscript.NET. In this article the author describes the three access specifiers such as private, public and protected of the member functions of the classes.

42)   ExplorerBar.NET
This system helps to add XP style explorer bar to your .NET application. It supports FULL XP theme and custom theme.

43)   HttpCacheRevalidation Enumeration
In this simple tutorial you can get details about the HttpCacheRevalidation enumeration of ASP.NET. Using this enumeration you can easily set the revalidation-specific Cache-Control HTTP headers.

44)   Xceed Binary Encoding Library
Xceed Binary Encoding Library is a program using which Windows developers can encode files and binary code into text and decode them back to binary code and files which are text.

45)   Preparing your ASP Pages for a Transition to ASP.NET
It is an article through which the programmers can know the difference between ASP.NET and ASP and also how to build ASP pages that can be easily converted to work with ASP.NET.

46)   Replace() In .NET
This easy tutorial teaches the method of using replace() in .NET framework. The author gives details about the process of including this Replace() function in ASP.NET applications.

47)   .NET Delegate Event Model vs COM Connection Points
This article can be used for learning how .NET delegate event model helps the users to handle event model using COM connections. Tutor has given example for the learners.

48)   Dynamically add Event Handlers
It is a simple article in which the users can learn about the methods of adding event handler on the server control by the help of AddHandler in .NET framework.

49)   Detecting a Client's screen resolution in ASP.NET
In this tutorial the author discusses about how to detect client side screen resolution in ASP.NET. In this tutorial author makes it possible with the help of a simple javascript trick.

50)   Taking Advantage of .NET Framework Classes - Part 1
This is an user friendly ASP.NET tutorial through which you can gain more knowledge about the namespaces, assemblies of the ASP.NET and how to generate random numbers using the System.Random class. This tutorial shows you syntax for using the namespace in the aspx pages using the import directive.

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