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1-42 Networking Tools (ASP.NET) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Get IP Address of a Host
This is a tutorial explaining the webmasters about the usage of the .NET DNS class. The author describes about getting the IP address of a host using Visual C#.NET.

2)   Ping IP
Ping IP is used to ping the devices enabled with IP address. It allows the users to set refresh rate which indicates the users automatically. This tool is simple to setup and to operate.

3)   Easy .NET Screen Scraping
This online tutorial is about using .NET's built in library to screen scrape. The author tells about how to send a webrequest and receive the feedback or result.

4)   Using the WebClient Class to grab data from other sites
This article explains about using the webclient class, how to collect data from other websites and how to return those data into their own webpage.

5)   .NET Screen Scraping in depth
This is an online tutorial which helps the webmasters to learn more about the screen scarping with more different techniques. The author explains the art of submitting the forms and using cookies while screen scarping.

6)   Screen Scraping
Screen scraping is a tutorial describing new methods in scraping the screen. Eventhough this is now something new, but here in this article the author shows how to scrape any site in the website to delete more content out of the web. The sorce code is given along with this article.

7)   .NET Whois Lookup Component
It is used for querying the domain name registrants personal database. It lookups the mailbox, postal addresses and their IP address. It supports synchronous and asynchronous methods.

8)   Serial COM Simply in C#
This is an online tutorial about serial COM port communications. In this article the author explains about how to contact or communicate through a serial port with the help of ASComm OCX.

9)   Whois search using C#
This tutorial is about searching the owner of a domain. This is possible through WHOIS Query. The author explains about the task of WHOIS search with the help of C#.

10)   Pattern Matching in .NET
This article is about pattern matching in ASP.NET. The author discusses about the five validation controls of VS.NET. All these five fields are described as regular expressions. The author explains about developing a regular expression validation in C# code.

11)   Telnet Factory for .NET
This is a .NET based networking tool which is used for providing TELNET protocol for transferring data between various systems. To use this utility users should just use a very simple source code on their system.

12)   Ping Utility and Webservice in C# .NET
This tutorial is about the ping. The importance of ping is described in this article along with its source code.

13)   Using Network Functions in Visual C#.NET (Part II - Group Functions)
Using Visual C#.NET, this tutorial explains about the usage of platform to handle groups and users. The author describes the task of handling the users on a standalone system. The author also discusses about how efficient the users could interact or contact with these groups.

14)   DevPower FTP.NET
This is a simple and useful networking tool for the web administrators that permits them to migrate data between various computers. It transfers files and folders using windows API, also they can customize the data as they like.

15)   WHOIS queries the .NET way
This article is about WHOIS query. It is hard to remember the URLs of all the query pages to which this article brings out a solution. Exception handling is an added feature to this tutorial.

16)   .NET ICMP & Traceroute component
This is a powerful traceroute component which is used for tracing the route of network path. It offers three models they are, traceroute client, traceroute reply and traceroute reply connection.

17)   GotDotNet User Sample: JustinIO
This online tutorial is about accessing the serial ports with the help of win32api in C#. The author describes this concept with a neat description.

18)   .netCOUNTRY
This script is an ASP.NET based online component which converts the IP and browser information to country information. Using this script, the users can determine the location of the site visitors.

19)   Viascape’s Whois component
This program is used to collect the information about the registrants. It performs both synchronous and asynchronous lookups. It provides notification callback to the users when asynchronous calls occurs.

20)   dotEtive Socket
This networking tool is helpful for the users to make .NET program compatible with sockets like 4, 4A and 5. It has very simple source code and the users can easily transfer their data to any sock enabled application.

21)   FTP library for .NET Framework
This network component is used for transferring file from one system to other system synchronously or asynchronously. This tool is basically for .NET framework applications.

22)   BK Ping
BK Ping is a .NET applications networking tool which is helpful for the users to ping the hosts using IP address either synchronously or asynchronously. It offers several ping classes to work with network.

23)   Track and Report Server Attacks Quickly and Easily with the .NET Networking Classes
This is a tutorial which tells the facilities in Microsoft .NET Framework which provides DNS and WHOIS information. The main task of this article is to help the webmasters to controls spam and stop the viruses.

24)   IP* Works! .NET Edition
This is a .NET based network application tool which is used for making communication between various systems by enabling protocols. The components contains with this tool are based on C# codebase.

25)   BK Traceroute
This is a .NET based networking component which is used for tracing the route of network communication between different systems. It traces the route in both synchronous and asynchronous form.

26)   wodSFTP.NET component
This is a .NETs networking tool which is basically for transferring data to and fro from other systems. This FTP component is enabled with SSH that helps the users to transfer their data with full security.

27)   KCommon's FTP Component
This FTP component is usually for transferring files and folders from one system to other systems globally or on local network. Both synchronous and asynchronous methods are supported by this tool.

28)   LocateIP
This is a networking tool component used to display the proper currencies and proper languages and is used to determine the country of the visitors.

29)   Smilla .NET Communication Library
Smilla's NNTP is a news transfer protocol which enables the webmasters to facilitate their site with newsreading feature. This utility is based on .NET applications.

30)   Go MAD for ASP.NET with Graymad!
This article is just the description of some more articles by the author. The author discussed about few other articles with its description.

31)   dotEtiveFTP
dotEtiveFTP is an useful .NET based networking component which is used for transferring and customizing the file between the systems remotely or locally.

32)   Visitor Information Graphic
Visitor Information Graphic is an effective tool which displays the information of your website visitors in a graphic box. This information include visitors Computer name, IP address and proxy settings.

33)   IP* Works! SSL .NET Edition
This tool is used for providing SSL connection to the .NET application for secured network communications with other systems. This utility has many networking components and it is easy to use.

34)   How to Check URLs Using .NET
This is a tutorial in which the author discusses about how to stop broken links on the site with the help of ASP.NET. The author also covers the topic Scraping methods to check for inactive links.

35)   .NET ICMP & Ping Component
This tool allows users to permit their .NET applications for delivering packets with internet control message protocol. It helps them to ping any host, route etc.,

36)   Blackbytes whois for .NET
This network component is used for finding the registrants of the domain name and their address from whois server. It collects personal databases about registrants.

37)   PowerTCP FTP for .NET
This tool is used to transfer files and folders between various PCs. It uses wildcards to transfer files and it uses both synchronous and asynchronous methods to transfer data.

38)   HTML Text Pattern Matching
This article demonstrates about how to generate a proxy for client for any URI. The author discusses about the HTML text pattern matching. The sample and the source code is downlodable.

39)   AyloNNTP
This is a .NETs networking component which is used for adding news on .NET based web applications. This script is built by using C#. It is simple and useful for the web owners for news publishing.

40)   Active Whois
This is an ASP.NET based network component which is used for finding and to collect the information about the domain name registrants name and their address.

41)   .NET Logging Network
This networking tool is used for logging the .NET framework application to notify, login into the remote systems to view the special events like debugs, runtime exceptions etc., from any systems.

42)   To emit a request WHOIS
This tutorial is about releasing a request WHOIS. This article explains the methods and properties which could handle a TCP connection. To get the information or details, the users could question about any domain name to many waiters of WHOIS.

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