Sunday, 22 July 2018
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1-24 Online Communities (ASP.NET) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Accelebrate ASP.NET Training
Accelebrate conducts an interactive ASP.NET training program with low cost. They conduct the courses with highly qualified experts. This training program is more informative for the students.

2)   DotNet Forums
Web developers who want to learn lot of details about web programming languages like ASP.NET, XML, ADO.NET, Visual C# .NET and many more .NET programming can access this onine threaded forums. Includes FAQ system.

3)   C# Forums
An adaptive utility for C# learners to obtain more information about C# programming and can get clarifications by posting questions under available topics. Ability to search with forums and supports threaded forums.

4)   Brinkster Forums
Brinkster Forums allows you to post question about database software and enables you to view all messages. Display forums as per date, author and heading.

5)   Devx Forum
Devx Forum is a place for the .NET programmers to discuss about all topics in .NET framework and other programming languages. Supported modules are: search engine, calendar system, FAQ etc.,

6)   C# Corner
C# Corner was formed and maintained by professionals, who strongly believe in sharing their piece of code with other developers.

7)   Programmers Heaven
Programmers Heaven is a place for webmasters to come post messages on ASP and ASP.NET related topics, as well as read articles.

8)   VB.Net Online School
VB.Net Online School is an online community with which learners can gain more knowledge on VB.NET technology. This online community offers online lessons for the learners.

9) is a website for programmers of .NET to read related articles, leave and read messages in the boards, and there is a newsgroup.

10)   NewTech ASP.NET Training
NewTech is a technical training organization that has trained over 63,000 developers since 1993. The ASP.NET course is conducted for 4 days with the name ASP.NET Bootcamp by the experienced instructors.

11)   GotDotNet User Samples
This is an online communication forum that can be utilized by the members to share their views on different issues related to ASP.NET.

12)   SetFocus .NET Training
SetFocus .NET Training is a place where people can gather more knowledge about .NET framework. This will be useful for the learners to develop their knowledge right from the fundamental issues of .NET.

13) Forums
This web based online discussion forum allows VB application programmers to discuss and get detailed info about Visual Basic and it's other components like VB, VBA, VB & database, VB & API etc., Images can be displayed topics.

14)   uber:ASP.Net Forums
Through this discussion board authorized users can post issues, messages and can inquire about ASP.NET development. Supports topics like Visual Studio.NET, Web Matrix and several general boards.

15)   General .NET Discussion
Any kind of doubts in ASP.NET programming language can be cleared by using this online community tool. Allows you to post any number of questions under any topic and offers solutions online.

16) is a portal featuring ASP.NET how-tos, tutorials, events watch, latest syndicated headlines (articles, blogs, forums postings, KB alerts), resource directory, and storefront.

17)   Dot Net Discussion
Dot Net Discussion is an online utility that is greatly useful to obtain more information about Microsoft .NET material. Solves all your problems with .NET technology.

18)   Dev Bistro - Developer jobs
This is an useful website for the IT job seekers. You can find IT jobs in various countries across the world.

19)   Amazon Explorer - An adventure with ASP.NET & the Amazon Web Service
This presentation shows about creating an Amazon Explorer which could use the amazon web service to view the's catalogs. The author proves that API with useful components and controls has more powerful functionalities.

20)   C# and ASP.NET Tutorials for beginners
"dotnetspider" is an online tutorial and guide for the latest Microsoft technologies, aimed to help new graduates acquire programming skills and learn the best programming practices.

21)   DevX Discussions
A simple but effective way to improve your knowledge in ASP.NET software which lets you discuss about many aspects on web development tools like programming languages, database systems, server side software etc.,

22) is an online community for webmasters .NET programmers. You can post a discussion in the message boards, or search for articles.

23)   Programmers Heaven online school
Programmers Heaven online school is an online community, visitors can utilize this to learn about .NET and C# technologies.

24)   CodeSwap
CodeSwap is an effective online community that helps the .Net developers to share and search for source code and display it. This tool is simple and easy to install.

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