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1-50 References (ASP.NET) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Microsoft Jet SQL Functions
This site helps the new learners to learn and know about the functions of SQL. It has different functions with examples to guide the learners in an easy way.

2)   SQL Server Gets New Class Of Notifications
This tool is helpful for the database administrators and for the developers which guides them to find the solution about the data transfer from DBMS to external resources.

3)   DLL object or class with methods or include with functions
DLL object or class with methods or include with functions is a .NET performance test article which helps the user to identify the better object.

4)   Microsoft Jet SQL Operations
This site teaches about SQL operators like inner join, like, Union etc., with example and the beginners can learn easily about the functions and usage of SQL operators.

5)   Migrate Classic ASP To ASP.NET
This is an article which deals with the various steps involved for migrating classic ASP applications to ASP.NET. In this article author gives some statements for converting classic ASP to ASP.NET application.

6)   Wintellect ASP.NET FAQs
This is an ASP.NET FAQ site in which author answers for important tough questions about ASP.NET programming. ASP.NET programmers can read this article and they can learn more about ASP.NET.

7)   WML Script Operators
This site is fully explained about WML operators with empirical reference. Explanation has been given in a simple form.

8)   WSH Methods
Its an useful learning site which gives information about WSH Methods to teach the learners in a simple and quick way. Each functions are explained with examples.

9)   Rerserved Database Keywords for Access, ODBC and T-SQL keywords
It is an ASP.NET reference with the collection of reserved words in three tables which should not be used in any data objects and names of the columns, rows and user defined objects while developing any programs depending on Acesses, ODBS and T-SQL.

10)   Why ASP.NET?
This is an article which gives information regarding ASP.NET. Visitors can gain knowledge by using this article.

11)   XML - WebServices
Web service application developers can refer this article on how to make simple web service patterns, to test, distribute, process transactions and connect with customers through web portals.

12)   Microsoft Jet SQL Declarations
Through this site SQL learners can learn the usage of declarations basically. It is an useful reference tool for every beginner.

13)   The VB.NET Hillbillies
This is a VB.NET article that explains the features of VB.NET and its advantages over Visual Basic. VB.NET helps application developers to build an effective and dynamic application.

14)   WSH Properties
This library teach us the functionalities and usage of properties in WSH. It contains huge syntax and it explains the users with sample code and examples.

15)   WML Script Statements
This site offers different statements available in WML and it explains functions of each WML statements. It is used by the programmers for their WML script development.

16)   Overview of ADO.NET
This is an ADO.NET library that allows the users who want to learn about ADO.NET and its functionalities and the usage of XML in ADO.NET etc.,

17)   WML Script Standard libraries
This article explains about the library functions of WML. It teaches the learners with sample code for quick reference.

18)   The Common Language Runtime - Overview of the Runtime Environment
This is a powerful article that discusses about the CLR environment. CLR forms a runtime environment that helps Intermediate Language code to execute. This Intermediate Language supports 14 standard types.

19)   Stop Hijacking .NET by Modifying the Source
This is a powerful article that clearly demonstrates security vulnerability of the .NET code and explains how to modify and recompile a BCL within the shared source CLI (Rotor). This is an useful article for all the readers.

20)   Internal or External Web Services
Internal or External Web Services is a simple and easy to understand online ASP.NET refernce article where the author has given an account on various types of web services.

21)   Migrating from ASP to ASP+
It is an article that deals with migration of ASP to ASP+ application and how it can run along with the existing ASP pages and also various limitations that exist while migrating the ASP pages to ASP+ application.

22)   ASP.NET Questions
This is an ASP.NET FAQ site in which author answers about various topics related to ASP.NET programming. This site has various questions for example 'in which platform this ASP.NET program will run'. All the possible answers are given, young developers can utilize this article.

23)   WSH Collections
It is an user friendly reference site which helps WSH learners to know and learn about collections used in WSH.

24)   Web Services 101
Web Services 101 is a simple ASP.NET reference on web services focussing on the business values of web services and its impact in increasing the revenue of the business.

25)   Application Architecture
This is an easy to understand reference article in which the author has given the designing application and services application architecture for .NET.

26)   Introduction to OOP in VB.NET
This is an useful reference for VB.NET framework. VB.NET is an object oriented language which helps the .NET developers to build an powerful and dynamic application.

27)   .NET Article Reviews
This article reviews information regarding .NET to the beginners. It shows the advantages of Microsoft's .NET impact and the definition of .NET.

28)   Introducing Generics in the CLR
This is a simple CLR article that discusses about the new feature called generics in the Common Language Runtime. This tool also explains the benefits of the generics in the coding.

29)   Beginners Introduction to ASP.NET
This article describes about the brief introduction of ASP.NET. This article also explains the advantages of ASP.NET in a simple way.

30)   Javascript Statements
This site is used for learning the functionalities of javascript statements. Learners can easily perceive and generate their own javascript program.

31)   Untangling the Web
Untangling the Web is an online refernce article from which you will come to know the applicability of XML and HTTP on SOAP in defining component interoperability standards on the web.

32)   What languages will developers be able to use to create ASP+ pages?
This is an article which shows what languages can be used by the users to create ASP+ applications. It gives the number of languages that are used.

33)   Who will test your Web service clients?
This is a simple and useful reference article where you will find some useful and valuable guide lines to test the quality of your web services.

34)   The Gold Inside the Web Services Wrapper
The author of this article narrates on the substantial characteristic feature of web services in terms of its intuitive interface and the servicing technology.

35)   ASP.NET - Software Review
This article gives information regarding ASP.NET. It describes about the avant browser etc., in an easy way and more helpful for the visitors.

36)   10 Syntax Changes in VB.NET Beta 2
This site offers ten different syntax whichever has been changed in the new version of .NET. Those syntax are explained with examples.

37)   Web Services: The Next Revolution
Web Services: The Next Revolution is a simple article relating on the developing scope for web services and the advantages in developing web services on a MS ASP.NET environment.

38)   Common ASP+ Questions
This is an ASP.NET article which offers various answers for the questions asked by several young developers. In this site there is a provision for the readers to post there questions, and read various articles about ASP.NET.

39)   Web Services: the Next Big Thing
Web Services: the Next Big Thing is an editorial approach meant to give an introduction on the fundamental of web services. You can gain knowledge on developing XML web service.

40)   How Web Services Came to Be
This is a simple editorial publish briefing on the historical trends and the driving force that leads to the development of web service.

41)   C# and it's Features
This is an effective article that describes the features of C# language. C# is a simple and an object oriented language. Developers can build applications on the .NET platform easily and quickly using C# that is derived and combined from c++, Java and Visual Basic.

42)   The lowdown on Web services
The lowdown on Web services is an article intended to give a better introduction on web services and the component elements involved in developing web services like UDDI, SOAP, WSDL etc.,

43)   Why .NET Will be a Successful Technology
This article gives information about ASP.NET success. It describes that the independent of language and more which is easily understood for the beginners.

44)   How Web Services Mean Business
How Web Services Mean Business is an online ASP.NET reference article where you will find a huge repository of several refernces related to the ASP.NET web service programs.

45)   SQLWire
This is an online community which offers latest information and development in SQL server. SQL programmers can collect their needed articles from this site.

46)   Defending Your XML Web Service against Hackers, Part I
This is an article dealing on the security of your web services. You can refer here about the ways to protect your XML web services from hackers and frauds.

47)   CSS Style Sheets Alternatives to Deprecated HTML Tags
This is a reference article for the programmers which teaches them about the usage of alternative stylesheet syntax for deplored HTML Tags.

48)   Book Review - Introducing .NET
This article reviews the book Introducing .NET. It gives the information of the book chapterwise and it is more helpful for the visitors.

49)   VB.NET: Not Your Father's Visual Basic
This is an useful article for all the VB.NET programmers. This article shows all the key features of VB.NET. This article is informative to the readers.

50)   Competing for Directory Services
This is a reference article aimed to give a better introduction for the common object request broker architecture (COBRA) and the method of developing webservices.

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