Sunday, 22 July 2018
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1-42 Server Management (ASP.NET) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Viewing Active Directory Objects via ASP.NET
This article describes about how to view active directory objects through ASP.NET. This article gives key steps to the users for configuring active directory and the setup of LDAP.

2)   Setting up your ASP .NET server (IIS)
A guide that shows you how to install IIS server and configure it to work with ASP .NET, not just with ASP.

3)   WebToolBox.UpTime
It is a ASP.NET component used to display the system uptime. It helps the users known the systems uptime in day, hour, minute and seconds since last restart.

4)   Enabling HTTP Compression in IIS 6.0
This article guides the users how to enable HTTP compression in Internet Information Services server and also it discusses about HTTP compression in detail.

5)   PWS & IIS Come to blows
This article demonstrates about Personal Web Server and about Internet Information Services server and about its benefits. Users can clear their doubts regarding to PWS and IIS from this tutorial.

6)   C# & JAVA Socket Programming
This tutorial teaches the programmers to establish a C sharp client web applications in a socket connection by using java server applications by enabling TCP/IP protocols.

7)   Server-Side Caching Options
In this article the author discusses about the server side caching techniques available with ASP, he also tells about the advantages of using cache.

8)   INFO: Configure .NET Remoting When the Remoting Client Is an ASP.NET Application or the Client Is An
This article gives information about how to configure .NET remoting tool using another remoted component which is hosted by IIS or by remoting client of ASP.NET applications.

9)   Deploying and Configuring Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 with Remotely Stored Content on UN
This is an online reference article which contains the information about IIS and guides the users to configure and deploy IIS for using with remotely stored content.

10)   PortSight Task Scheduler
PortSight Task Scheduler is a ASP.NET application which performs intensive resource and continous process on the server and makes ASP.NET more efficient.

11)   Dotnet Monitor
Dotnet Monitor is a .NET web based program. The function of this monitor is to manage the server via web. It helps to remove the unwanted process which destroys the CPU resources.

12)   CrazyBeavers SysInfo
This is a very simple tool that runs on a server to display the server information like CPU speed, OS, memory usage etc.,

13)   IIS Cron for .Net
IIS Cron utilize .NET components which allows webmasters to access task scheduler on windows server rather they use coding to do site monitoring, data retrival, mailing list, customer notifications etc.

14)   What's New in Internet Information Services 6.0
This tutorial instructs about Internet Information Services and also gives description for the features available with IIS. It helps users to deploy web sites easily.

15)   HOW TO: Enable ASPX Compression in IIS
This tutorial briefly describes about how to compress .aspx files by configuring Internet Information Services. This article guides the users how to edit metabase.

16)   FTP Server in C#
This tutorial is helpful for the network administrator which helps them to collect the information about the usage of FTP server in C#. To understand easily the author shows architectural representation.

17)   SQL Server and .NET: A Dynamic Duo
This article is demonstrating about how to create a web based membership application using SQL server based on .NET framework. SQL server database is used for storing data online.

18)   Creating User-Defined Data Types in Yukon
The tutor of this article guides the learners to create user defined data types under .NET framework and visual studio.NET using Yukon. This article guides the users easily.

19)   Authenticating Active Directory user in ASP.NET
This article teaches about how to authenticate active directory user through ASP.NET pages and how to validate the user in any sort of code.

20)   Cassini Web Server
This tutorial teaches developers about cassini web server and its benefit in detail. This article says cassini web server is used for providing a lightweight HTTP server applications.

21)   Use DFS for Storing Your ASP.Net Application
This tutorial holds the information about DFS which means Distributed File System that allows the users to replicate content on the server. The tutor of this article steers the users to configure DFS.

22)   Building the IIS Infrastructure
This tutorial briefly gives description about IIS and about its infrastructure. Users can use this article as guidance for configuring IIS easily.

23)   How To Set Up Multiple User Debugging in Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0
From this tutorial one can learn how to setup multiple user debugging in IIS web server. The author discusses and guides about this pattern in detail.

24)   Security Enhancements in Internet Information Services 6.0
This article gives introduction on security enhancements in IIS which helps the users to secure their web server. System administrators can refer this article and then they can try to enable this facility on their IIS.

25)   Start Optimizing Where It Matters Most
Start Optimizing Where It Matters Most is an article on different optimization techniques which can enhance the performance of .NET applications.

26)   How to determine what server is given web site running on using ASP.NET?
This tutorial elaborately describes about how to find what type of application is running on and also to check the type of server.

27)   Manipulate IIS in .Net
This article teaches the programmers how to manipulate IIS in .NET applications. This article helps the users to provide Active Directory for IIS manipulation included with LDAP and WinNT.

28)   VS.NET Tip #4 - Column (Box) Selection
This article discusses about the use of codewright which helps the users to add column(Box) mode selection in visual studio.NET. The author gives explanation in detail.

29)   ATL Server Tutorial
This tutorial can be used for learning about how to create ATL server application which allows the programmers to develop ISAPI extension easily.

30)   IIS Applications and ASP.NET Specifics
This tutorial discusses about IIS applications and about ASP.NET specifications. This article offers huge points related to IIS applications and ASP.NET has been given.

31)   Running ASP.NET within a Command-Line .exe (Outside of IIS)
This article gives details about how to run ASP.NET outside of IIS by using a command line. The author has given three different steps for performing this feature.

32)   IIS Applications and Virtual Directories
From this tutorial users can have an overview about IIS and virtual directories and also the users can receive guidance from this tutorial for IIS configuration.

33)   .NET Enterprise Servers Launch
This tutorial discusses about .NET enterprise servers and about its features elaborately. This server is helpful for internet based business solutions and for enterprise integration.

34)   Increasing the Number of SQL Server Error Logs
This article describes about how to increase the number of SQL server error logs by modifying the registry. The author has given definitions about registry modifications in different steps.

35)   SQL-strings considered harmful
This article helps the developers to create SQL statements with the help of objects without using SQL strings to prevent SQL injection from hackers.

36)   IISTracer
IISTracer is an .NET website monitoring tool for Microsoft IIS server. This tool tells compeletely about the performance of IIS server which helps the users to know the server status.

37)   Remote Objects: Part 2
This tutorial guides the users to create a remote server and remote client with the help of remote object. For quick reference this article has provided snapshots for remote server configuration.

38)   IIS Insider
This article is helpful for the server managers and system administrators which instructs briefly about how to manage Internet Information services.

39)   Configuring SQL Server 2000 Options
This article can be used as a reference through which the users can configure their SQL server 2000 options easily. This article also describes about removed server options and database option on SQL server.

40)   KB100006: Troubleshooting ASP.NET on IIS
This article provides some helpful tips for troubleshooting ASP.NET on Microsoft's Internet Information Services (IIS) web server.

41)   VS.NET Tip #4 - Column (Box) Selection
This article discusses about the use of codewright which helps the users to add column(Box) mode selection in visual studio.NET. The author gives explanation in detail.

42)   Preventing SQL Injection Attacks
This tutorial teaches about SQL injection and guides the users about how to prevent SQL injection attacks with example codes. The author describes in different steps how the intruders attack your web site.

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