Monday, 23 July 2018
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1-50 Software (ASP.NET) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   CodeBox for .NET
CodeBox for .NET is a software that helps users to store C# and Visual Studio.NET codes into different types of databases such as, SQL Server, Access etc.

2)   IIS Application Pool Recycler
IIS Application Pool Recycler recycles or starts the crashed, hanged or stopped application pools.

3)   MS Access to .NET Converter
MS Access to .NET Converter is an effective solution for .NET framework that can be used to generate Access database applications and to change access forms and reports into online forms and crystal reports.

4)   nTierGen.NET Code Generator
nTierGen.NET Code Generator is a software for .NET that helps users to generate N tier solutions and to create C# codes for SQL server database automatically.

5)   XenoCode - Protect and Optimize your .NET Applications
XenoCode is a tool that can be used for optimizing and protecting your .NET codes and applications. This program would be of much use to .NET developers.

6)   Google Search, Blogger and Click Link Report modules for DNN 2.x
Search your site without ever leaving it or have an extensive blogger or view tracking url summaries...

7)   HttpRevealer
HttpRevealer is a ASP.Net program that lets you learn how your browser works with webservers to perform your needs. Also, you will be able to know all the aspects of HTTP protocol through this software.

8)   D4Modelizer
D4Modelizer is an effective software with which users would be able to create C # codes from different types of database applications such as, MySQL, Acess etc. This program would be helpful for programmers.

9)   SQLView - DotNetNuke Module
SQLView is a free, easy to use module that allows you to display the results of any SQL query in tabular format.

10)   KUMO Browser
KUMO Browser is a web based macro recorder using which webmasters can record each and every action on the browser and thereby to play again later.

11)   WebChecker
WebChecker is a program that comes with the ability to verify ftp, http, gopher and https internet connections continuously with an even interval.

ASPAUTHNET AIM is a payment processing program that allows administrators to perform a secured payment processing via Authorize.NET for their products on electronic commerce businesses.

13)   X-Unity
X-Unity is a development solution that helps users to perform unit testing and continuous integration tasks on their .NET applications.

14)   Octane8
Octane8 is a content management program using which administrators can build and manage enterprise level websites. This ASP.NET based enables administrators to maintain client extranets, personalized portals, product specific websites etc.,

15)   NUnit
NUnit is an easy to use unit testing framework for all .Net languages with which web developers would be able to test the units while generating their applications.

16)   J-Integra Espresso - .NET - Java Interoperability
J-Integra Espresso offers software developers a simple and flexible way of coupling applications created on the basis of Microsoft's .NET framework with Java-based systems. It facilitates the seamless interoperability of .NET applications with Java applications.

17)   Flecto - The MySQL Visual Studio.Net AddIn
It is an ASP.NET database software with VS AddIn and standalone application. This tool helps in accessing MYSQL database, adding, modifying and altering content in the database, adding new tables and fields etc.

18)   IIS Authentication Filter for IIS
IIS Authentication Filter for IIS is an effective sofware with which webmasters would be able to host their sites on IIS and to protect files and directories without generating accounts on windows.

19)   DeKlarit 3.5: Model Driven Development at its Best
The new DeKlarit 3.5 features seamless integration with Microsoft Enterprise Library and much more!

20)   ASP.NET Documentation Tool
This is a simple documenting program that helps users to document their VB.NET and C# projects. All documents are generated as HTML and also in plain text.

21)   Skelta Workflow.NET
Skelta Workflow.NET is an embeddable .NET workflow engine and is built with C# and SOAP that helps web developers to organize their applications by using embedded objects.

22)   ISAPI URL Remapper
ISAPI URL Remapper is a program to provide virtual host, it is possible to have several websites under IIS servers with the help of this program. This program comes with two mapping schemes for the benefit of the administrators.

23)   XTune
XTune is a .NET based website performance tool. It provide an efficient and easy performance settings for the users. It has many enhance features.

24)   OnTime 2004 Web Services SDK
OnTime 2004 Web Services SDK is a software developed with SOAP that helps users to generate bug reporting application and to feature requesting abilities into their existing windows or web applications.

25)   RapidSpell Desktop
This is a spell checking software written for dotNET with which users would be able to implement spell checking capabilities into their .NET application for checking text applications such as email etc.

26)   Apex SQL Diff
This is an ASP.NET database comparison tool which checks datas of two database of the MS SQL server and displays the detected changes data tables, procedures and views of the databases side by side with in few seconds.

27)   Dotfuscator - the Premier .NET Obfuscator and Efficiency Enhancing Tool
This is a code protecting and enhancing utility for .NET developers. It can protect .NET source code from the compiled programs.

28)   ServerMonitoR
ServerMonitoR is a program that allows users to view the CPU usage, network traffic etc., status of the server. This program display the status in graphical representation.

29)   RapTier - Rapid by Nature
This is an ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET and SQL code generating application for creating various database applications.

30)   TopicBar
TopicBar is an easy to use .NET based software that can offer topic bar functionality using which users can create topic bars on ASP.NET pages. This program also consists of .NET components developed with C#.

31)   Mimsware Menu
This is a menu generating software for ASP.NET applications that can provide menu capabilities using which users can generate menus and submenus on their ASP.NET pages.

32)   Rational software
This is an effective solution that helps users to generate business value by enhancing software development abilities. This is an useful tool for webmasters.

33)   Enterprise Server
Enterprise Server is a database driven program which is a .NET based object related to query framework. This program supports databases such as MySQL, MS SQL server etc.,

34)   Gagnon-Harper Chart
CHART DATA like never before... Create "ch-ART" - your own virtual masterpieces!

35)   KolorPicker
KolorPicker is a .NET color selection component which can be integrated in to your web applications.

36)   EasyProjects.NET Professional
EasyProjects.NET - the Web Project Management System based on the Microsoft .NET.

37)   TierDeveloper
TierDeveloper is an effective software for .NET with which users can generate complex database applications, map objects to relational databases and can test the generated objects.

38)   Ad Wizard Server
Complete banner management software system to manage multiple websites, unlimited advertisers, banners, and zones. With campaign weighting and Geo-Targeting, you can create advanced banner delivery from an easy to use web interface.

39)   Aquest Resource Directory
Manage your own resource directory with unlimited nested catagories, and unlimited resources. Customize the setup of each catagory, such as changing the information displayed, star icons, number of stars, and more.

40)   DomainWatcheR
This is a solution for copying files and directories from an old domain to a new domain. This is a very to use program.

41)   DL Commerce Shopping Cart
DL commerce Shopping Cart is a program that enables webmasters to create shopping cart system on their ASP.NET websites. This program allows webmasters to design custom templates for their ecommerce businesses.

42)   EMS MS SQL Manager
It is an ASP.NET application specially designed for users who are concentrating on developing SQL database application. Through this tool users can generate SQL database objects, manage the data in the database, displays the data in various available formats etc.

43)   Active Server Image
Active Server Image is a graphical component used to create charts. The user can draw charts very easily.

44)   dtSearch Engine
This is a .NET database application with search engine through which users can search various content of the text in desktop, internet, intranet site etc. It offers features like providing full text searching, allows search options for searching two dozen text etc.

45)   EaseSoftLinearControl
EaseSoft Linear Barcode Web Controls support most barcode symbologies.

46)   Jasper
This is an ASP.NET based software that helps users use their own developed java classes exposing as a COM object. The ActiveX component in jasper is capable of even converting visual classes.

47)   ActiveQ
ActiveQ is a mail service program which enables users to sent several emails in no time. Unlimited number of mails can be sent. It is written using C#.NET.

48)   ConnStr
This is an ASP.NET database application which helps the users by allowing them to select the desired fields from the ADO providers. And allows the users by generating various strings for developing applications in ADO.

49)   RADGui
RADGui is a rapid application development solution with which developers would be able to generate .NET applications in quicker time. This program comes with many enhanced features.

50)   NCTPhotoStudio.NET Library
NCTPhotoStudio .NET is an image library which helps users to make contact with the image pixels directly. This tool helps to manipulate variety of different colour images.

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