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1-50 User Management (ASP.NET) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Obtaining Active Directory User Information Using System.DirectoryServices
Obtaining Active Directory User Information Using System.DirectoryServices is an article which explains the users about getting information on an active directory user account in an active directory domain.

2)   Active Directory Group Lookup
Active Directory Group Lookup is an article describing about the methods of getting user information. The author points out one simple method of getting details from the Primary Group.

3)   User Password Validator in C#
User Password Validator in C# is an article about checking the user password for login. The author codes this User password validator in C#, which helps the users very much to verify the password.

4)   Windows-based Authentication
Windows-based Authentication is also one of the best method of authentication which is explained through this tutorial. The author tells how to get the authenticated username from User.Identity.Name.

5)   Creating a Login User Control
Creating a Login User Control is a very useful tutorial to webmasters about the login user controls which could be retrived then and there for the reusage of the users.

6)   Using Forms Authentication in ASP.NET - Part 1
This tutorial is about safeguarding the user's websites with the help of Forms Authentication in ASP.NET. Coding is very short and simple for the beginners.

7)   How To Implement Forms-Based Authentication in Your ASP.NET Application by Using C# .NET
This is a tutorial about how to make use of Forms-Based Authentication in ASP.NET Application by using C# .NET. The main task of this function is to save the information of the users into a database.

8)   Forms-Based Authentication
Forms-Based Authentication is a tutorial which describes about the task of ASP.NET authentication. Form based authentication allows the applications to give the logon UI and finish their own document verification.

9)   Storing Passwords - done right!
This is a tutorial about creating and storing passwords in ASP.NET. Using salted hashes, the author renews the method of storing the password in a different way.

10)   Encrypting Cookie Data with ASP.NET
Encrypting Cookie Data with ASP.NET is the output of the author when it is about the security of the cookies. This tutorial helps the webmaster to safeguard their cookies.

11)   Authentication in ASP.NET: .NET Security Guidance
Authentication in ASP.NET: .NET Security Guidance is a tutorial dealing with users security guidelines while designing server application. The author highlights the security channel also.

12)   Coordinate User Interface Development with VB.NET and the MVC Pattern
This is an article which describes the users about coordinating user interface development with VB.NET and the MVC Pattern. This article is mainly meant for the collaboration of more different groups of developer while creating complex desktop application.

13)   Redirecting User to Login Page After Session Timeouts
This is a tutorial which provides a soultion for a problem that is faced very often by the webmasters in session timeouts. Here the author tells a way for redirecting user to login page after session timeouts.

14)   Pronounceable Password Generator
Pronounceable Password Generator is a tutorial which explains about the password generators. The author classifies the generators in two main categories which is explained through this article.

15)   Role-Based Security in ASP.NET
Role-Based Security in ASP.NET is an article which denotes the webmaster about the partition of website according to the role of the visitor. With the help of basic authentication, the guests are restricted.

16)   How to manipulate sessions and cookies in C#?
How to manipulate sessions and cookies in C# is the description given in this article. The sample code is also given in this article.

17)   Authorizing Users and Roles
Control client access to URL resources could be controlled using ASP.NET. This article is about the same, stating about the authorizing users and their roles in ASP.NET.

18)   Creating a Single Sign-on across ASP.NET Application and Legacy ASP Application
Creating a Single Sign-on across ASP.NET Application and Legacy ASP Application is a tutorial dealing with builing a single sign on for legacy ASP applications and ASP.NET applications.

19)   Get Your Hands In The Cookie Jar
This tutorial gives some special tips about working with cookies in ASP.NET application. Few problems are also solved in this, which might help the users to overcome these difficulties while they use cookies.

20)   Organization Chart .NET
Organization Chart .NET is an organizational chart that contain personnel information collected from database. The chart can be accessed very quickly for the user to use it. It has different types of colors and border for the user to identify particular information.

21)   USA States to DropDownList
USA States to DropDownList is a tutorial which explains the webmasters about adding a list box which allows the users to select a single state from a list of more states by its abbrevation through dropdownlist.

22)   Login System (ASP.NET)
Login System is a program built on ASP.NET with which the administrators can perform username and password validation.

23)   User Account Impersonation
User Account Impersonation is a tutorial through which a webmaster could allow the server to go on with the task using the identity of the client.

24)   Windows Authentication in ASP.NET
Windows Authentication in ASP.NET article is about safeguarding a website. The author explains about the security of sites in two main categories and its processing. The main highlight of this tutorial is windows authentication.

25)   Basics of Cookies in ASP.NET
Basics of Cookies in ASP.NET tutorial is about explaining the webmasters about how to write and read HTTP cookies. With the help of Visual Basic in ASP.NET the users could work with the cookies.

26)   Encrypting passwords with SHA1 in .NET and Java
Encrypting passwords with SHA1 in .NET and Java is about the tutorial which explains the users about how to create an SHA1 message digest. The author created it in both ASP.NET and Java.

27)   Counting Current Visitors
Counting Current Visitors, is an article in which the author gives information about checking the number of entries visited to the user's site. The tutorial just explains the code for counting the current online visitors.

28)   Working with Cookies in ASP.NET
This is a tutorial in which the author explains many functions of Cookies in .NET. The author highlights the task to be carried out while creating and using cookies.

29)   Encrypting Passwords with ASP.NET
Encrypting Passwords with ASP.NET is a very important tutorial for the webmasters giving solution for the very major issue of safeguarding the usernames and the passwords from the intruders.

COOKIES IN ASP.NET C# VERSION is a worth enough article to know something about the cookies. The author explains in a simple way along with its sample code of operation.

31)   Save your UserSettings in an Isolated Store
Save your UserSettings in an Isolated Store, is an article which is more helpful for the webmasters to retrieve their settings back whenever they needed. The author finds the place where the users could save their settings.

32)   C# And Cookies
C# And Cookies are the main topics discussed by the author in this tutorial. The author tells about the description of reading and writing of these cookies.

33)   Password and Re-Type Fields
Password and Re-Type Fields is an interesting simple article teaching the webmasters about how to create an application to accept a password and recheck the given password by validating it with its general properties.

34)   Securing ASP.NET with web.config Part 2
This tutorial explains about Authentication and Authorization in ASP.NET. This article helps the webmasters to check about in what criteria they could allow and deny the users entering into the site.

35)   Determining the Windows Users for Web Forms Applications
Determining the Windows Users for Web Forms Applications is about an article explaining how to use Windows Authentication for ASP.NET Web Forms to collect the identity of the guests signed in.

36)   Generating Forms Authentication Compatible Passwords (SHA1)
SHA1 is about creating forms authentication compatible passwords. In this tutorial the author explains about the two methods of passwords in SHA1 in ASP.NET. Through Forms Authentication, the author creates SHA1 hashes.

37)   Authentication and Authorization
This tutorial explains about the authentication and authorization which works under IIS and ASP.NET. This is a tutorial which shows how to do the verification.

38)   ASPProtect.NET
ASPProtect.NET is a .NET based user management system that comes with the ability to enable password security for all .aspx pages.

39)   User Authorization in Sub-Directories
This article is about the User Authorization in Sub-Directories. The author shows how to design this structure and shape of the security system using web.config file.

40)   Passport Authentication Provider
Passport Authentication Provider is a tutorial mainly useful for the webmasters who owns a member sites. This article tells about the centralized authentication service which allows only one sign-in and profile for the paid sites owners only.

41)   Exploring Machine.Config - User Security and More
Through this tutorial, the webmasters could analyse a lot while exploring Machine.Config and through this article the users find most of their doubts get clarified regarding User Security and More.

42)   Implementing .NET Passport Authentication in Web Applications
This is a tutorial explaining about implementing .NET Passport Authentication in Web Applications. The author also highlights the measures needed to be taken while dealing with .NET Passport Authentication.

43)   Setting and displaying cookies
Setting and displaying cookies in ASP.NET is the core objective of the author to present it through this tutorial. This might be useful for the learners to use cookies while building their sites.

44)   Using Cookies in ASP.NET
Using Cookies in ASP.NET is the highlight of this tutorial. Through this the author explains about how cookies might be used in a beter way in ASP.NET.

45)   InActiveUserModule
InActiveUserModule is a system that redirects inactive users to a ‘close down’ page in an automatic action. This will enable additional security to the web applications.

46)   Managing Application State
Managing Application State is the tutorial which explains about the working of cookie in web application. The authors describes about using session state, application state, view state and client side cookies.

47)   Cookies 101 with ASP+
As Cookies are one of the main component for the webmasters in building their site, they should know the basic details about the cookies which is done here in this tutorial.

48)   ASP.NET Authentication
ASP.NET Authentication is a tutorial which describes about the art of collecting identifications like username and password from the login user and checking it by some authority.

49)   Using cookies in your forms
Using cookies in your forms is a tutorial by Luca Ruggiero which explains in brief the usage of cookies for user mangement through forms on web pages.

50)   Advanced Cookie Techniques with ASP
This is an article in which the author highlights about the advanced cookie techniques with ASP. This might help the webmasters to update the recent development in using cookies.

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