Sunday, 22 July 2018
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1-16 Web Traffic Analysis (ASP.NET) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   ASP.NET Web Counter
This is a simple counter script based on .NET which is used on the website to count number of hits made by the visitor on the website and on each page. The main highlight is it utilizes less memory from the server.

2)   Display active users with VB and ASP.NET
Display active users with VB/ASP.NET is a tutorial that describes about how could the webmasters count the active online clients.

3)   Easy to use Hit Counter
This tutorial explains about the author's creation of a hit counter by a custom control which shows an HTML table. This HTML table has assigned one seperate cell for one of the counter digits. Through this the users could add this counter to visual studio tool box.

4)   Messenger Status
Messenger Status is an ASP.NET based component that helps to find if an instant messenger user is online. This program supports yahoo, AOL and ICQ messengers.

5)   Traffic Monitor
Traffic Monitor is a .NET based component which monitors traffic on web servers and logs several traffic related details. This program allows user to customize the data that has to be logged.

6)   Tracking Visitors with ASP.NET
With IIS and ASP.NET, the author proves very easily about how to find out the customers or clients who visited the user's site and how long they stayed there and for what purpose.

7)   Gathering your own site statistics
User statistics plays a vital role for marketing, usability and maintenance which is the main highlight of this tutorial. The author explains about collecting the user's own statistics for the website.

8)   Getting Information on Current Visitor
Getting Information on Current Visitor is an article which helps the webmasters to know about the present online guests or clients on the website using the readymade component called Request Object.

9)   .Net Web Stats
This is a .NET base web tracker which is used for tracking the websites regular traffic and to store the report on the SQL or MS Access database for later retrieval.

10)   Create Custom Performance Counters
This author helps the users to get the significant presentation and business logic data from ASP.NET applications. The output in this article creating custom performance counters.

11)   XML Counter
The visitors could be tracked using counters. In this tutorial the author introduces about the XML Counter. This counter also finds out the viewers trend.

12)   .Net Counter
This script is based on .NET and it uses Access database as backend to store the tracked data. Webmasters can use this script on their web pages to restrict multiple entries from the same visitor.

13)   StatMentor.NET
StatMentor is an web counter tool that counts number of visitors online and number of hits made by them on each pages. Users can create and view the reports of their required month.

14)   Displaying Information about the ASP.NET Process
This article is about displaying information about the ASP.NET Process. This tutorial also helps the users about how to read the details in the ASP.NET working process.

15)   DS WebStats
DS WebStats is a website traffic analyser which is used for tracking the website traffic and produce the report statistically. It allows users to provide password for protecting the traffic report.

16)   SiteLog ASP.NET Enterprise Edition
SiteLog ASP.NET Enterprise Edition is a web statistics reporter that comes with several functionalities for the benefit of the administrators of hosting companies. This program can be used for multiple websites.

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