Friday, 20 July 2018
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Top 1-50 CFML scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   How to upload multiple files
This 3-page tutorial explains how to let a user upload multiple files to a Web Server. This could be useful in an online auction application where the users upload pictures of the goods they are selling. Or maybe you want to let employees upload documents on the company intranet.

2)   Powered Forums
This is a message board system based on the ColdFusion and equipped with events calendar, support for style sheets, message archives, private messages, search functions, group functions, private forums, ReadOnly forums and a host of other new features.

3)   QD Forums
This is a powerful forum application. Features: Unlimited number of forums, User lookup and retrieve information, User IP logging, Simple forum creation, Allow HTML code in message posts, Allow Code to be placed with a message and display as code, View simple stats on your forum, Simple user sign up process, Large amount of stats with each post, Message editing and deleting, Moderator support, Email notification, Viral email-a-friend, Remembers last logins, Appealing interface, and Mood icons.

4)   QD Forums
This is a simple yet powerful forum application based on the ColdFusion.

5)   Flash File Upload
Flash File Upload is a file manipulation program where the users can upload file with the support of Flash, CF and javascript.

6)   CFile manager
CFile Manager is Cold Fusion Application let you to manage your file via browser. CFile Manager seem like Geocities File Manager and easy to use. User can upload more ten files in one time, multiple delete and move file.With the user manger inside that make you easyly to cofigure every each user, CFile Manager allows you to manage file and directory easyly.We sure that it easy for you and your user.!

7)   Calculate Distance Between Two Points Using Longitude & Latitude
This script provides a tutorial and sample codes to enable calculation of the distance between two locations. The provided free sample codes are in PHP, ASP, ColdFusion, C/C++, C#, Java, Perl, Visual Basic and Javascript.

8)   Uploading Files with ColdFusion
Uploading Files with ColdFusion is a tutorial which teaches the users how to upload files to the remote server with coldfusion support.

9)   A Comparison of PHP and Cold Fusion
A Comparison of PHP and Cold Fusion is an article by Mike Sheldon which analyses eloborately the pros and cons of PHP and CF.

10)   Bit GuestBook
Bit GuestBook is a guestbook program where the users can post messages and can comment about any websites with their name, url and email address.

11)   2simplifi Group Forums
2simplifi Group Forums allows the creation of unlimited discussion topics via a back office administration module. Administrators and moderators can create main categories and subcategories that are dynamically displayed. Members can easily communicate through the discussion board and through private messaging.

12)   ColdFusion Poll
ColdFusion Poll is a program where the visitors can answer for the poll questions on the website generated by the users and can run a web poll on their website.

13)   File Manipulation Made Easy with ColdFusion
File Manipulation Made Easy with ColdFusion is an article which teaches the users how to build, alter and delete the files and directories which are same.

14)   File Manager
File Manager is a ColdFusion application using which a user is able to navigate through a ColdFusion server and view files. The only requirement is that the CFDirectory tag should be enabled.

15)   Creating a User Login Feature with ColdFusion
This 5-page tutorial shows you how to build a site login, authorization tools, and how to track your users with ColdFusion. Main topics include: Validating Entry and Storing Statistics, Storing Login Information on the Client, and Checking Login Information Page-By-Page.

16)   Cf_filemanager
This is a CFML file manager that is context menu driven. It provides for facilities such as navigation on directory structure through double click, cut, copy and paste of files and folders, deletion of folders, simultaneous uploading of unlimited number off files and many more.

17)   ReserveAbility Pro
The professional version of the ReserveAbility family of open source, online restaurant reservations software. ReserveAbility Pro delivers a set of online reservations functionalities, as well as CRM components that provide the restaurant the ability to effectively market to patrons.

18)   Loops
Learn how to use the loops: Index Loop, Conditional Loop, Return all rows by delimiter, Return all row items as arrays, Return all list items by delimiter.

19)   Script-Shed Guestbook
Script-Shed Guestbook is a program which can email the webmaster and the message poster after they perform the process of posting comments.

20)   CF-Nuke
CF_Nuke is a free easy-to-setup & easy-to-use open source ColdFusion, community style web application. Offering greater control over web site maintenance, and increased performance over previous versions, CF_Nuke 4.6 is coming into it’s own as a stand-alone web portal similar to phpNuke.

21)   ColdFusion Data Structures - Arrays
ColdFusion Data Structures arrays is a tutorial which teaches the users how to handle arrays with the coldfusion support.

22)   String
Learn how to work with strings: [Replace], [Encrypt, Decrypt], [Find], [GetToken], [Hash], [Left, Mid, Right], [Len], [RemoveChars]

23)   2simplifi Group Forums
This tool, which contains 100% Open Source ColdFusion code and SQL Server 2000 scripts, allows the creation of unlimited discussion topics through a back office administration module.

24)   ColdFusion Tutorial - Lesson 1
This 5-page tutorial explains what ColdFusion is, Who Needs It, Installing ColdFusion, Identifying a data source on the server and making the modifications needed to get the database ColdFusion-ready.

25)   CF Forum 2000
This is a full-featured discussion software which extracts most of the necessary information related to your login.

26)   CF ShopKart
This application offers a cold fusion solution for shopping carts or on line stores. This open source script is easy to understand and use. It has been developed with a number of features for developers as well as end users.

27)   Cartweaver ColdFusion Shopping Cart
Cartweaver CF – Complete shopping cart application. Easy for Designers, powerful and customizable for Developers!

28)   ColdFusion Data Structures - Structs
ColdFusion Data Structures structs is a tutorial which teaches the users how to handle structs to implement the capability of the coldfusions and for manipulating data.

29)   Stop/Start coldfusion services
Stop/Start the Coldfusion services within one click.

30)   Tom's Cold Fusion Guestbook
Easy to install Cold Fusion guestbook program using text files.

31)   CFX Word2Text
CFX Word2Text is a simple program that can convert the document files of MS Word and the HTML files into a text file, even if you don't have 'MS Word' on your server.

32)   Hourly Timekeeping System (HoTS)
This is a complete solution for a web based timesheet for intranet portals. It permits both employees as well as supervisors to interact and access time sheet, project information, create reports and execute many more functions.

33)   Cold Fusion Multipage Counter(CF_Counter)
CF_Counter is a multi page hit counter. One copy of the tag will allow you to put a counter anywhere on your server.

34)   BlogFusion
BlogFusion is a powerful, un-encrypted, easy to install, easy to use blog functionality.

35)   jBLOB
This offers a set of ColdFusion CFX Java classes meant for developers that work with large databases. It can be utilized to read and write binary information to and from database with ODBC connection. This can be used to upload docs on UNIX and NT platforms.

36)   CF Authorize
This is a transaction processing software used for the ColdFusion environment which allows you to gain instant online approval of credit cards and bank checks in a matter of seconds.

37)   Cool Forms with ColdFusion
This tutorial brings out a variety of form handling techniques in ColdFusion. It brings out that this great tool offers ways to make a new kind of form that is far more dynamic and responsive. The modern form, created with ColdFusion, has five key characteristics which are Data awareness, Validation, Memory, Robustness and Adaptability.

38)   iGallery updated
This ColdFusion custom tag can be added to your look and feel very quickly and easily. It gives you the flexibility to get the image gallery set up and comes with an administration console that allows you to maintain the gallery.

39)   CF_DreamBanner
This is a ColdFusion-based banner rotation manager which supports HTML and Flash banners.

40)   CF ShopKart
CF ShopKart is a simple and powerful shopping cart program which permits users to add and customize it. The clients can get new updates. This program provides enhanced features for the users.

41)   Hi-Rater
This is a clone of and is available for users with cold fusion services on their server. It can be easily customized and has more features that the original site. This is very easy to set up and install.

42)   cf_advert
This is a Cold Fusion banner ad rotating system.

43)   Cartweaver
Cartweaver supports the three most popular databases on the web. It comes with an Access 2000 database and easily "Upsize's" to MySQL or MS SQL Server using "Upsize Packs" that are available to Cartweaver users as free downloads.

44)   ColdCalendar
This is a powerful dynamically generated events calendar which has an in-built search facility. It can easily be integrated with most applications as it has been coded with the FuseBox methodology.

45)   ColdOfficeView
ColdOfficeView is a program where the members have the ability to post information about everyone to the calendar.

46)   HTML form builder
HTML form builder is a program which allows the project managers to create online projects which has the ability to manage database information with HTML forms.

47)   CFX_JpegResize
Custom Cold Fusion tag to resize and scale JPG images.

48)   Easy Content Management System
Internet Business Content Management System that is full featured and light on your wallet. Designed for companies, authors, and musicians in search for a turn-key website with built in features such as: news blogger; email list; members section; mass email; news section; and store items, much more.

49)   cf_ezcart
This is a very powerful eCommerce solution that has been priced for the small business owner and ColdFusion developer. This is a robust scalable application that can handle a number of products.

50)   Browser Based WYSIWYG HTML List Editor
This is a demo site for HTML List Editor that has a menu bar of contents links. These links take you to pages that have editable content. In this you do not need to save the changes as they get effected immediately.

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