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1-50 CFML scripts (listed in alphabetical order)

Scripts are listed afer name.       To display the scripts afet popularity please click here

1)   10 ColdFusion Scripting Tips
These tips allow a ColdFusion scripter in effective use of variables to secure applications to object-oriented techniques. Some of the main topics covered: Generate Dynamic SQL Statements, Secure Your Applications, Time Out Client Variables, Leverage Application Variables, Set Your Root Directory, Include a Menu With Dynamic Highlighting, Tag Your Page Formatting, Use Evaluate to Increase Reusability, Protect Against Cross-Site Scripting, and Use Fusebox.

2)   2simplifi E-mail Contact Manager
ColdFusion-based e-mail contact manager.

3)   2simplifi E-mail Contact Manager
The 2simplifi E-mail Contact Manager enables you to collect more than an e-mail address from vistors that visit your web site. Alternatively, you can add contacts to your SQL Server 2000 or MS Access database with the capability of searching the records and scheduling a future contact date and time.

4)   2simplifi Group Forums
2simplifi Group Forums allows the creation of unlimited discussion topics via a back office administration module. Administrators and moderators can create main categories and subcategories that are dynamically displayed. Members can easily communicate through the discussion board and through private messaging.

5)   2simplifi Group Forums
This tool, which contains 100% Open Source ColdFusion code and SQL Server 2000 scripts, allows the creation of unlimited discussion topics through a back office administration module.

6)   2simplifi Online Commerce
2simplifi Online Commerce is a coldfusion based e-commerce script that allows you to manage your store.

7)   4Runner CF Resources
Coldfusion Developers resources,tutorials, help in programming and design, all languages covered, ColdFusion, ASP are all here and much more, or developing an application.

8)   6.0 CF Calendar Application
This is a calendar application which can be integrated into any Cold Fusion application and used for storing and displaying the events.

9)   6.0 CF ListServ Application
A portable and easy to integrate application for creating and maintaining email lists. This allows administrators to add and remove users at any time and features simple functions that are password protected to prevent unauthorized use.

10)   A CFML Script Engine
A CFML Script Engine is a program which is capable of running coldfusion scripts and has functionalities which widens coldfusion and provide support for custom tags.

11)   A Comparison of PHP and Cold Fusion
A Comparison of PHP and Cold Fusion is an article by Mike Sheldon which analyses eloborately the pros and cons of PHP and CF.

12)   Active Spellcheck
A server side spell checker for ColdFusion.

13)   Activedit
This is a development tool that allows users to include a word processor which gives you the ability to publish dynamic, formatted pages on the Internet simply by clicking a save button. This is tool developed for Allaire ColdFusion application server.

14)   AHP Cart
If you are looking for an E-commerce solution this is a great way to go. Works great just as is but is also a great starting block for those of you looking to customize and build on to it for your own needs

15)   Akmin's Online Site Creator
This is a user-friendly, online tool used by web design companies, ISPs, ASPs &DotComs to cater to the web designing needs of small and medium enterprises.

16)   AmpleClassifieds ฎ - Amplecom Interactive
ColdFusion classified ad management solution — Manage all your ads from one easy-to-use interface. Full working demo available.

17)   AmpleDirectory ฎ

18)   AmpleMail ฎ
manage your online marketing campaigns, subscriber lists, client responses, and measure campaign effectiveness.

19)   AmpleShop ฎ
Complete shopping cart - eCommerce software solution.

20)'s ColdFusion's ColdFusion provides anwsers and information for your CFML needs.

21)   Avidweb Classified ADs
This tool gives your website a full-featured classifies ads solution which works with SQL server or Access databases. It can easily charge for posting or renewing ads online in real-time using the built-in-ecommerce module

22)   Banner Tracking System
The ETI banner tracking system is a method of displaying advertiser or product information to the visitors.

23)   barcodeZONE for ColdFusion
barcodeZONE for ColdFusion is a program which allows the users to perform the process of integrating bar codes into their website.

24)   Bit GuestBook
Bit GuestBook is a guestbook program where the users can post messages and can comment about any websites with their name, url and email address.

25)   Blog Fusion
This is a journal which is used on the website. This blogs are updated daily with the usage of this application. It requires no technical knowledge to manage blog.

26)   BlogFusion
BlogFusion is a powerful, un-encrypted, easy to install, easy to use blog functionality.

27)   Browser Based HTML Editor
QWebEditor brings the power of word processor to browsers. It is a browser based HTML editor. Its WYSIWYG feature is perfect for content management system or any web sites require asking users to enter formatted text. It uses JavaScript and DHTML only and you can easily integrate it to your site.

28)   Browser Based WYSIWYG HTML Editor
This is a demo site for HTML Editor. Menu bar contents several links to pages with editable content. You should follow any link from menu bar to display this page. The bottom part contents "Edit Content" button. Press it to start editing. After saving new content will be shown.

29)   Browser Based WYSIWYG HTML List Editor
This is a demo site for HTML List Editor that has a menu bar of contents links. These links take you to pages that have editable content. In this you do not need to save the changes as they get effected immediately.

30)   Calculate Distance Between Two Points Using Longitude & Latitude
This script provides a tutorial and sample codes to enable calculation of the distance between two locations. The provided free sample codes are in PHP, ASP, ColdFusion, C/C++, C#, Java, Perl, Visual Basic and Javascript.

31)   Candidate Management System
Candidate Management System is a program which is capable of supervising and managing the resumes and job applicants through online. This program is suitable for small and large organizations.

32)   cardtype.cfm
This application receives the CC number and tells you the card type.

33)   Cartweaver
Cartweaver supports the three most popular databases on the web. It comes with an Access 2000 database and easily "Upsize's" to MySQL or MS SQL Server using "Upsize Packs" that are available to Cartweaver users as free downloads.

34)   Cartweaver ColdFusion Shopping Cart
Cartweaver CF – Complete shopping cart application. Easy for Designers, powerful and customizable for Developers!

35)   CascadianLogin
CascadianLogin is a program which allows the users to add required login access for the coldfusion sites. This program is capable of setting session variables for desired form fields.

36)   CDG Authorize
This is used for processing credit cards and checks real time through CDG commerce.

37)   CF Authorize
This is a transaction processing software used for the ColdFusion environment which allows you to gain instant online approval of credit cards and bank checks in a matter of seconds.

38)   CF Banner
This is an ad management software designed to the advertising campaign system run with ease which includes report generating tools, banner upload utilities and client logins.

39)   CF Calendar Application
This is a powerful, portable and easy to integrate calendar application for coldfusion application. This application allows users to store the events and to control. The calendar provides a monthly view with a pop-up window to display information for a specific date.

40)   CF Forum 2000
This is a full-featured discussion software which extracts most of the necessary information related to your login.

41)   CF KnowledgeBase
All through an easy to use web based interface, your business can now store important informational articles, files, images and more. Customers and sales staff can find the information they need with an intuitive search feature and even e-mail or print off articles as needed.

42)   CF LinkManager
This allows you to run a complicated link directory system through easy to use administration pages instead of the overwhelming tasks of database entries or managing static HTML pages. Features: Multiple levels of sub categories, Automatic hit counters to show link activity, User rating system with reviews and one to five star ratings, Allow users to submit suggestions under a specific category or any level of subcategory, Ability to show prices for use as a product resource, Automatic approval of links or moderated additions, Notify users who suggest a link when their suggestion is approved, Integrated search function, Link error reports, Set the number of results per page, Highly functional web based administration area, and Access 2000 and SQL server versions of the database are included.

43)   CF ListServ Application
Powerful application of maintaining email lists.

44)   CF MegaBoard
This tool is an online discussion program based on the ColdFusion. It has features like broadcast emailing system, file attachments, fully customizable design themes and many more.

45)   CF ShopKart
CF ShopKart is a simple and powerful shopping cart program which permits users to add and customize it. The clients can get new updates. This program provides enhanced features for the users.

46)   CF ShopKart
This application offers a cold fusion solution for shopping carts or on line stores. This open source script is easy to understand and use. It has been developed with a number of features for developers as well as end users.

47)   CF-Nuke
CF_Nuke is a free easy-to-setup & easy-to-use open source ColdFusion, community style web application. Offering greater control over web site maintenance, and increased performance over previous versions, CF_Nuke 4.6 is coming into it’s own as a stand-alone web portal similar to phpNuke.

Webmasters can use this program on their website to handle their website visitors payment data collection, transaction and for data submission. It offers many enhanced features.

49)   CFBB
This is a web based forum application developed in cold fusion. This application provides various features like providing important messages from the admin, blog application, allowing the users to generate statistics reports, etc.

50)   CFDumpAllMX
CFDumpAllMX is a program which acts as a tag which has the ability to dump the variables that includes client, cookie, form, url, CGI variables, query, application and sessions.

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