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Top 51-100 CFML scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

51)   DBBrowse
DBBrowse is a program which enables the users to go through the database tables and can choose seperate records to display in an interactive way.

52)   Browser Based HTML Editor
QWebEditor brings the power of word processor to browsers. It is a browser based HTML editor. Its WYSIWYG feature is perfect for content management system or any web sites require asking users to enter formatted text. It uses JavaScript and DHTML only and you can easily integrate it to your site.

53)   Easy to follow ColdFusion tutorial - Part 1
This tutorial will guide you to create your first ColdFusion template. Once you learnt the basic steps, you will be ready for the rest of the tutorials.

54)   SimplyCMS
This is a content management system designed for the users of no internet knowledge and for those who are familiar with MS word using this as our content layout tool. Advanced users create complex table structures and other advanced HTML code using out raw code feature.

55)   CF LinkManager
This allows you to run a complicated link directory system through easy to use administration pages instead of the overwhelming tasks of database entries or managing static HTML pages. Features: Multiple levels of sub categories, Automatic hit counters to show link activity, User rating system with reviews and one to five star ratings, Allow users to submit suggestions under a specific category or any level of subcategory, Ability to show prices for use as a product resource, Automatic approval of links or moderated additions, Notify users who suggest a link when their suggestion is approved, Integrated search function, Link error reports, Set the number of results per page, Highly functional web based administration area, and Access 2000 and SQL server versions of the database are included.

56)   MyPortal 2004
MyPortal 2004 is a program which acts as a browser based portal where the users website contents can be tranfered and altered while they access their webcontents with admin console support through their web browser.

57)   SiteDirector
SiteDirector provides you with rapid deployment environment for building your website and online store. The tools allow you to easily and quickly construct your online presence without the need of a high end programmer. With all the tools and the development process, any level of user can have a storefront in a small amount of time using pre built store templates.

58)   E-Postcards
E-Postcards is a flexible and easily customized postcard application written in CF

59)   Email List Manager
Email List Manager is a program which allows unlimited number of subscription management list where the users can send email messages.

60)   6.0 CF Calendar Application
This is a calendar application which can be integrated into any Cold Fusion application and used for storing and displaying the events.

61)   CF Banner
This is an ad management software designed to the advertising campaign system run with ease which includes report generating tools, banner upload utilities and client logins.

62)   UltraApps Portal (ColdFusion)
This is a free Web-based Portal. Its modules include: Events, Links, Classifieds, Discussions and News. Additionally, it has Search, Event registrations, PayPal payments, Moderated forums, and Newsletters. There are also ASP and PHP versions available.

This is an free open source implementation of cf_authorizenet which allows you to process secure credit card transactions through the gateway, and supports authorizenet versions 2.5 or Greater. Advanced Cold Fusion developers can modify CF_OPENAUTHNET to process Echecks .

64)   FlexChat
FlexChat is a program and a coldfusion web chatting application which is useful for the intranet or for small websites where the users can chat privately through their website.

65)   CFX_JSpellCheck
This allows developers to build custom front ends for checking spelling in web applications. It allows you to pass in a word, or paragraph of words, and checks the spelling of all the words, and return a data structure of misspelled words, and their suggestions.

66)   CF Calendar Application
This is a powerful, portable and easy to integrate calendar application for coldfusion application. This application allows users to store the events and to control. The calendar provides a monthly view with a pop-up window to display information for a specific date.

67)   CFWebstore
This is a completely integrated web storefront and e-commerce solution. It allows customizing the templates or utilizes the built-in store settings to create your own custom store. It is designed for the smaller merchant and for the web developer that wants plenty of features, but a product they can easily customize as well.

68)   verveCFDirDel
verveCFDirDel - delete or empty the entire contents of a directory using the ColdFusion Custom Tag.

69)   Cflink
CFlink is links directories with Ms access or MySql database easy to use and the perfect solution to manage any type of directory. While designed to manage links, CFink is ideal for a wide range of tasks such Press Releases, Yellowpages, Company Directories, or any other categorized database.

70)   Blog Fusion
This is a journal which is used on the website. This blogs are updated daily with the usage of this application. It requires no technical knowledge to manage blog.

71)   Powered Polls
Powered Polls v2 now lets you create unlimited polls with unlimited answers and use popup windows to display the poll results. Several other features as well as the code has been optimized to allow you to provide a polling system to your members, employees and visitors so they can create custom online polls. Poll created using Powered Polls can be inserted in any existing website by using the HTML code provided when the poll is finished.

72)   CF_Gallery
Custom tag to create an HTML image gallery directly from your image folder.

73)   CFortal
CFortal is an easy-to-use News Portal application

74)   myCFAdmin
This is a ColdFusion-based MySQL web administrator, which supports most of the features that could be applied to the database.

75)   Fun with ColdFusion
This introductory article discusses what Cold Fusion is, its advantages, and comparison with other languages such as ASP, Perl, PHP and JSP.

76)   ColdFusion Custom Tag Arabic Date Formatter (CFX)
An Arabic date custom tag which made in java for cold fusion. Just define this tag in your cfm file and register this class it will display Arabic now date.

77)   AmpleDirectory ®

78)   vgBanners
vgBanners is a complete banner rotation and administration tool.

79)   DevEdit
DevEdit is a program and a editor which has the ability to replace the textarea in the users content management system with a WYSIWYG HTML editing component.

80)   SparkPlug
This is a powerful database-driven Content management system with powerful features enabling easy publishing and management of both static and dynamic web sites

81)   SalesAct Contact Management System
SalesAct is a Sales Automation Tool with a built-in calendaring tool that enables salesreps to track their prospects. The calendar will keep track of calls, follow up calls, tasks, and to dos, reminding them when it is time to get in touch with a contact.

82)   SiteExecutive
SiteExecutive is a content management program which offers framework which is developed for realizing the optimal performance of the users websites.

83)   teg's Board Discussion Board
This tool has brought a new approach in the web based discussion forums providing most of the features that others can’t.

84)   Gravyware JobBoard
This job opening software allows seekers to search the database by keyword, date or department/category. It also allows the administrator to edit or delete all existing openings as well as add new ones.

Tag to protect your email address from spammers

86)   vgImages 3D
vgImages 3D is a complete onilne image catalog.

87)   DSelect
DSelect is a program which generates a drop down menu box using various options. The users can select to display states of united states and countries by selecting from drop down menu.

88)   MyLinkManager
To implement your own link management system on your web site with CF LinkManager

89)   UltraApps Portal
An online community management system (portal) for a Club, Association, Corporation, Nonprofit or any other company or organization.

90)   SiteDirector
SiteDirector allows you to rapidly build a robust online storefront with minimal effort. With a very powerful feature set, SiteDirector is set apart from other online store building applications. From a simple installation to full customization, SiteDirector is one powerful performer.

91)   AmpleMail ®
manage your online marketing campaigns, subscriber lists, client responses, and measure campaign effectiveness.

92)   DTextArea
DTextArea is a program which is a tag that builds a text area with several options and the users can select text fonts, text color, background color and text font size for the text.

93)   CF_Webchat Update
This is a fast web chat that does not use any database and is useful for a small site or an intranet. Some of its features are Multiple channels support, Private message, IRC commands support.

94)   PostEcards
This offers a easy solution to place the postcard application on your site. It does not offer any fancy options but is an option to make visitors coming back. It allows you to upload pictures, create categories and many more.

95)   Passport
Passport is a multi-domain user authentication system with password reset, basic information collection and user records update. If you are going to use it for one domain name portal, the encoded user related information will be delivered through domain cookies. Note: your web server does not need to be on the same domain to get the user authenticated. This application passes encrypted information through http request without using cookies. Just register your self, download demo on your server and play with that.

96)   ddformmail
ddformmail is a program in which the fields submitted on the form can be emailed to the mailto address. Optional fields are provided for the users to customize.

97)   CDG Authorize
This is used for processing credit cards and checks real time through CDG commerce.

98)   Avidweb Classified ADs
This tool gives your website a full-featured classifies ads solution which works with SQL server or Access databases. It can easily charge for posting or renewing ads online in real-time using the built-in-ecommerce module

99)   Powered Real Estate
This script is helpful for the real estate owners and for the agents to add their listing related to real estates. Users are allowed to upload images along with the listings.

100)   Cold Fusion Portal
Cold Fusion Portal is a program which enables the users to add new links and the admin can provide approval for adding the links. This script provides a list of portal authorities.

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