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Top 101-150 CFML scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

101)   Thumbnailer
Thumbnailer is a program where a form is provided for uploading images like JPG and GIF. This program is useful for the webmasters and the users to upload images on their website.

102)   barcodeZONE for ColdFusion
barcodeZONE for ColdFusion is a program which allows the users to perform the process of integrating bar codes into their website.

103)   Clickfix
Macromedia Coldfusion based banner ad management software that supports Microsoft Access, SQL 2000, Oracle & MySQL. Free 25000 monthly impressions for personal and small businesses.

104)   CF KnowledgeBase
All through an easy to use web based interface, your business can now store important informational articles, files, images and more. Customers and sales staff can find the information they need with an intuitive search feature and even e-mail or print off articles as needed.

105)   CFX Symencrypt
CFX Symencrypt is a powerful tool for encrypting both data and images of your online application. This program supports 256-bit encryption algorithm for the process.

106)   10 ColdFusion Scripting Tips
These tips allow a ColdFusion scripter in effective use of variables to secure applications to object-oriented techniques. Some of the main topics covered: Generate Dynamic SQL Statements, Secure Your Applications, Time Out Client Variables, Leverage Application Variables, Set Your Root Directory, Include a Menu With Dynamic Highlighting, Tag Your Page Formatting, Use Evaluate to Increase Reusability, Protect Against Cross-Site Scripting, and Use Fusebox.

107)   SourceX
The following are applications and custom tags we have developed in Cold Fusion ( Some are free and available for download for use in your own Cold Fusion enabled site, while others are applications we develop for sale and subject to the conditions outlined for each.

108)   CF_Merchant
Adding shopping to your website is now easier than ever with CF Merchant. CF Merchant is a shopping cart program designed for ease of use and unprecedented power. With our step-by-step guide you can quickly and inexpensively build a secure storefront to sell your products.

109)   SentraCommerce e-Commerce Server
A Powerful, scalable, and open source e-commerce solution for Windows & Linux Now with built-in point & click storefront editor, and many new features added.

110)   Variable Scopes in ColdFusion
Variable Scopes in ColdFusion is a tutorial which teaches the users how to track the location of the variables that they handle.

111)   Dine@ Restaurant Reservation System
A simple restaurant reservation system.

112)   Dyt4 CFML Gusetbook
A french guestbook written in CFML.

113)   6.0 CF ListServ Application
A portable and easy to integrate application for creating and maintaining email lists. This allows administrators to add and remove users at any time and features simple functions that are password protected to prevent unauthorized use.

114)   CascadianLogin
CascadianLogin is a program which allows the users to add required login access for the coldfusion sites. This program is capable of setting session variables for desired form fields.

115)'s ColdFusion's ColdFusion provides anwsers and information for your CFML needs.

116)   Grouping Results in CFML
Grouping Results in CFML is a simple tutorial that clearly describes how to group data from database using Cold Fusion.

117)   WebLogin PRO with Computer Activation Key (ColdFusion)
This is a secure professional single login application that comes with a computer activation key. This is especially required when there are several users using one and the same account or there are hackers stealing and posting your passwords. This shall secure your website.

118)   CFX XML Parser
Fast Parser which convers XML document to XML document in coldfusion structure.

119)   Getwords
A tag that display X words from a given string.

120)   SourceX
Tool for online collaboration between developers

121)   Secure Login
This is a password protection application for your templates. It allows you to permit access to selective pages as well as parts within a page. It has an access database and an admin section that allows database management.

122)   jBLOB : Custom Tags for Large Date Objects.
jBLOB library is a set of easy to use ColdFusion CFX Java classes used to read and write binary information to and from database. jBLOB can be used to upload docs (images, MS Office files, etc) into Oracle, MSSQL and any databases with ODBC connection. The set of classes can be used on UNIX and NT.

123)   CFLink
This is an easy to use link directory manager that uses MS Access or MySQL database. It can be used for a wide range of tasks such Press Releases, Yellowpages, Company Directories, or any other categorized database. It has a powerful, fast, and well tested engine.

124)   myCal Personal Events Calendar
This is a personal events calendar that has the facility to set recurring events and view daily, weekly or monthly calendars. Users can receive reminder emails of their personal events

125)   CFML Scripts CMS
Manage, track, and sell your software with this coldfusion application!

126)   Tarot Online
This utility is designed to increase the number of visitors by offering each user a Tarot reading. Thus,it makes to return the customer for their sites very oftenly.

127)   How to create a "Next X / Previous X Records" Navigation
In this 3-page tutorial, you will be shown how to limit your database query results with a "Next 10 records" or a 'Previous 10 records" button instead of displaying all the results n a huge table which takes forever to load.

128)   CFM-Resources
CFM-Resources is an online community for programmers to share information about CFM.

129)   DynamicMSS
This is a program which provides the query attribute as a optional for the users. The users have the capability to generate html and text files.

130)   e-publish
The e-publish web application is a content management system that is perfect for publishing newspapers, magazines or any other content, over the Internet.

131) is a developer resource designed to bring together top quality content and interactive discussions to a central hub for Cold Fusion developers.

132)   ShowTimes
ShowTimes is a program where the users can have their performance theater and showtimes schedules on their websites. Users can take the schedule view.

133)   GoogleBot Visit Viewer
This open source web traffic analysis utility is designed specifically to monitor visits from GoogleBot or FreshBot. It allows you to track unlimited number of domains on your server through a simple cold fusion data base.

134)   QuickEStore
QuickEStore is simply the fastest, easiest way to set up a commerce website, bar none. Set up your store in minutes. Collect customer and order information for manual settlement, or use one of these supported payment processors: AuthorizeNet, VeriSign, LinkPoint, SkipJack, PayPal, CyberCash.

135)   eLearning Server
Through this CFML application you can develop and deploy a fully functional enterprise level e-learning program compatible with SCORM courses with GUI.

136)   intelli MailBot Enterprise
intelli MailBot Enterprise is a program where the users can offer mail list service to their clients and can maintain their accounts. This program can be customized and configured easily.

137)   Memberlogix
This is an event driven membership management tool. It allows organizations to let members register for events. It offers services such as own web board, member area, photo gallery, rotating banner server with tracking and a full administration area.

138)   Files & Directories
With Files & Directories you can learn how to read files and directories.

139)   Enter To Win
The main aim of this software is to enable a website and capture the e-mail addresses of entrants and to select a winner automatically.

140)   MyAccessAdmin2
With usage of ColdFusion and Access, this allows a developer to easily set up an administration section for any site. In addition to original features, this allows you to control access with simple built in security; add, alter and drop tables remotely, add and delete columns remotely and many more.

141)   vgValidEmail
Validates any email address using all known parameters. You may see the example.

142)   2simplifi Online Commerce
2simplifi Online Commerce is a coldfusion based e-commerce script that allows you to manage your store.

143)   CFX GeoIP
CFX GeoIP is a simple program capable of finding the exact geographical location of your website visitors and displays the same along with the native language and currency.

144)   CF_Webchat
A fast web chat which uses no database, useful for a small site or an intranet. Features: Multiple channels support, Private message, IRC commands support.

145)   verveCFNumToLett
verveCFNumToLett - covert any number to a letter.

A world community for web developers, promotes the mutual free exchange of ideas, skills and experiences.

147)   Cold Fusion Multipage Counter
This is a multipage counter script that can be called from anywhere on the server to create a counter fill initialized to the number you specify

148)   iGallery
This ColdFusion custom tag is designed to be dropped into your look and feel quickly and easily. A list of 40 attributes give you the flexibility needed to get your image gallery set up the way you want it. It comes complete with the database structure and an administration console allowing for you to easily maintain the gallery with little effort.

149)   Zip Code Look Up Form
Zip Code Look Up Form is a program which permit the users to find the city, state and zip codes from US postal service.

150)   CFMCentral
CFMCentral is an online cold fusion resource website.

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