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Top 151-200 CFML scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

151)   CF MegaBoard
This tool is an online discussion program based on the ColdFusion. It has features like broadcast emailing system, file attachments, fully customizable design themes and many more.

152)   Regular Expression Parser
This is a CFML tag that shall return a pattern matched string to an array, with each back reference occupying an element of the array and the whole matched string occupying the first element. This emulates the preg_match() function of PHP.

153)   W Glossary
WGlossary is a CFML script, to find the computer glossary from a searchble database.

154)   Collaboration Server
This is a powerful groupware tool that helps all members of a team to share and exchange their files and documents online irrespective of the time and zone from which they work.

155)   2simplifi E-mail Contact Manager
ColdFusion-based e-mail contact manager.

156)   Yahoo_ RSS
Yahoo RSS acts as a custom tag which is capable of displaying news from XML news feed of the yahoo that utilizes RSS.

157)   Server Side Spell Check.
CF_wwSpeller is a Cold Fusion interface to WinWord spelling engine that allows CF developers to provide server side spell checking within their applications. WinWord application should be installed on server side. Demo application is included. Encrypted demo version has been limited with 3 words.

158)   Gilgamesh Solution's Web Services
This is an useful CFML program capable of generating any kind of documents for your web pages. You can generate documents for your CFML web pages in reatime.

159)   FusionChat
This is a fast web chat which is useful for a small site or an intranet without the usage of any database.

160)   AHP Cart
If you are looking for an E-commerce solution this is a great way to go. Works great just as is but is also a great starting block for those of you looking to customize and build on to it for your own needs

161)   TKC Contact Manager (ColdFusion)
Organize your company's contacts easily and effectively via the web - Available in ASP and Cold Fusion.

162)   DHL
DHL is a tag to retrieves the cost and the expected delivery time for a parcel/document from the UK to anywhere in the world.

163)   Popup Calendar
Popup Calendar is a program where the users can choose the date for the input field. In this script the image can be displayed after the input box.

164)   XML Guest Book
XML Guest Book is a program that lets your website visitors leave messages to you about your website or anything.

165)   CF_DreamBannerLite
This is lite version of CF DreamBanner which is used to display an image/banner on a page using ColdFusion

166)   SX:Forums
SX Forums an advanced forum/discussion board system which is a ColdFusion-based where the administrator has full control over the forums from a fully featured web based control panel.

167)   News Publisher System
News publishing system. Manages Users (creates, edit, delete profiles). Publish, manage & delete articles in real time. Create your html pages, convert to .cfm, add two lines of code to "receive" the news. Tested with MS Access, SQL7 & 2000.

168)   DB Manipulation
DB Manipulation is a website that will allow users to learn how to set and use a database connection.

169)   Purepage HTML Conversion Engine for Cold Fusion
Purepage is a COM component which helps to create HTML pages and allows you to add powerful HTML export, conversion and reporting capabilities to your ASP Internet or Intranet applications, and dynamically create HTML documents from virtually any Windows document.

170)   ColdBookmarks
This application allows saving of bookmarks in a database for searching. Thus, these are available at anytime from any browser with Internet access. Bookmarks can be organized into categories and provides complete search facility.

CF_COMMUNITY is an application which allows the easy deployment of Web-based communities for COLDFUSION environment.

172)   CFM-Resouces.Com
Complete tutorials, free hosting and resources for all your ColdFusion needs!

173)   CF_States
CF_States is a program that will help you to organize a selection box for states. Here the states can be as the full state name or the two letter abbreviation for the state.

174)   Creating a Shopping Cart with ColdFusion
Learn how to create your own shopping cart with ColdFusion. This tutorial is designed for experienced ColdFusion developers who have worked with data sources before. It does not explain how the code actually work, but rather, focuses on the concepts and components that are required to build a working shopping cart.

175)   DynamicPDF 1.0
This is a great tag for those who want to generate PDF/PS/HTML files instantly with great flexibility.

176)   CFM Mail Form with BCC
This offers a quick cut and paste solution for a Cold Fusion E-mail form, that will e-mail you and also send a blind carbon copy somewhere. The server should have Cold Fusion and after submission of form, the surfer shall be directed to a thanks page.

177)   Cookies and ColdFusion
This tutorial starts with a brief explanation of the technical side of cookies, including how the browsers handle them and how cold fusion manages them. Then it shows you how to use cookies to track a user's progress through a website, using what the author refers to as a "cookie crumb" trail.

178)   xSearch
This is a searchable link database with the ability to use up to three categories. Each link can be specifies with individual keywords. It has an easy interface that allows edit, add and delete links, or get the box code.

179)   Active Spellcheck
A server side spell checker for ColdFusion.

180)   CF_performance
Script to test Cold Fusion Performance

181)   Hosting Considerations
Hosting Considerations is a tutorial which teaches the users how to handle the several types of hosting with CFM. This tutorial provides a summary of hosting options for the users to view and learn.

182)   Akmin's Online Site Creator
This is a user-friendly, online tool used by web design companies, ISPs, ASPs &DotComs to cater to the web designing needs of small and medium enterprises.

183)   Easy Console Web Content Management System
Easy Console Web Content Management System is a program which permit the users to update the websites from any web locations and can maintain the webcontents up to date.

184)   QD Cart
QD Cart is the robust commerce solution you have been looking for. It offers a powerful and extremely customizable interface. We have left nothing out of this product and we are sure you will find it one of the best shopping cart packages available on the market.

185)   SiteAccessManager
SiteAccessManager is a program which is capable of saving the users site informations in a safe location which can be found by their team members.

186)   CFMMaker
CFMMaker is a powerful yet easy-to-use code generator that creates a full set of CFM (ColdFusion templates) quickly from your Data Source.

This custom tag which supports unlimited amount of counters, is a simple counter that use text files to store the count.

188) ColdFusion FAQ's
A collection of ColdFusion development FAQ's such as Showing the execution time of a query, How to know what fields are passed to an action page, How to alternate background colors, How to create pdf's on the fly with coldfusion, How to flush a database, etc.

189)   EditorXM
EditorXM is a program which allows the users to insert a html editor in the text area tag on forms. The attributes list is provided for the users in this program.

190)   Unicode Email
The purpose of this tag is to protect your email address from being caught by spammers. Spammers use robots to crawl the web and pick up email addresses from all web sites that the robots encounter.

191)   Railo
Railo is an efficient compiler bundled with advanced runtime engine that enables you to translate cold fusion codes and websites into java classes. There are two distinct versions of this program as WAR and server versions.

192)   TCLink (ColdFusion)
This tool processes the credit card transactions through the TrustCommerce payment gateway.

193)   Defusion
Defusision offers a discussion board and cold fusion resources.

194)   MyAccessAdmin
MyAccessAdmin is a program which provides a database admin section to the coldfusion sites of the users. This program allows the users to edit the records remotely present in the database through web browser.

195)   DynamicPDF
Using this 'DynamicPDF', webmasters would be able to generate PS, HTML and PDF document files for their web applications based on CFML.

196)   FreeDB
Freedb is a set of 3 tags that will assist in querying the free version of the CDDB database.

197)   AmpleClassifieds - Amplecom Interactive
ColdFusion classified ad management solution Manage all your ads from one easy-to-use interface. Full working demo available.

198)   MX Looper Suite
For Dreamweaver MX programmers who create dynamic websites, MX Looper Suite is a collection of Commands and Server Behaviors for the PHP, ASP and ColdFusion server models that create complex repeated regions.

199)   Error Handling With ColdFusion
Error Handling With ColdFusion is a tutorial which teaches the users how to handle various errors that occurs when a web application is generated by them.

200)   Exam9 Online exams
This is a simple online educational software designed to help educators in conducting online multiple choice tests for students or trainees with graphical interface.

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