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Top 201-250 CFML scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

201)   ForwardLink
ForwardLink is a program which has the ability to capture the users webpage url and take the user to a form page by a single click on a 'send' button when the users keep this tag on their website.

202)   CF_StockGrabber
CF_StockGrabber is customizable CFML tag, which gets the detailed stock information from Yahoo Finance by passing simple parameters.

203)   verveJZip
VerveJZip is a ColdFusion custom tag (Java CFX) written in Java that adds zip functionality to any web application project. VerveJZip is ideally used whenever large files or large numbers of files need to be downloaded from the application server. Simply give it a file or directory to archive, tell it where to store the .zip file and away it goes. VerveJZip has been tested under Windows and Linux with various ColdFusion versions.

204)   CFMMaker
CFMMaker is a program that generates ColdFusion templates to let users build websites from the scratch. Users can utilize this as a generator to create complete set of CFM using their data source.

205)   Coldfusion Applications
BigOSoftware offers Coldfusion Applications.

206)   House of Fusion
Our site provides a resource for users of the ColdFusion web application programming language as well as showcases the company.

207)   CFBB
This is a web based forum application developed in cold fusion. This application provides various features like providing important messages from the admin, blog application, allowing the users to generate statistics reports, etc.

208)   CFM Manual
CFM Manual is a tutorial which guides the users in increasing the speed for their CFM development with the support of cold fusion CHM.

209)   CFDumpAllMX
CFDumpAllMX is a program which acts as a tag which has the ability to dump the variables that includes client, cookie, form, url, CGI variables, query, application and sessions.

210)   TCLink (ColdFusion)
This is a CFX tag that processes credit card transactions through the TrustCommerce payment gateway. It has features that include an easy-to-use interface, encryption using SSL and trusted certificates, fast transactions times and fail-over to geographically distributed servers for extreme reliability.

211)   CF_8Ball
Fun game designed with CFML. CF_8Ball is a custom CFML tag which answers you a Yes/No question and it will wow you with its mystical wisdom.

212)   verveCFGetURL
verveCFGetURL - retrieve the full URL information, including the query string variables passed to the page with this ColdFusion Custom Tag.

213)   Browser Based WYSIWYG HTML Editor
This is a demo site for HTML Editor. Menu bar contents several links to pages with editable content. You should follow any link from menu bar to display this page. The bottom part contents "Edit Content" button. Press it to start editing. After saving new content will be shown.

214)   CFX_ECHO Secure Payment Module
This custom tag uses ECHO merchant processing’s free secure payment gateway and open-source real-time software and drives all types of real-time credit card and checks the transactions.

215)   Red_Reservations Calendar
This Red Reservation Calendar is a small and flexible calendar application which shows the reserved dates in red format.

216)   Rent A Tag
Rent A Tag is a program where the users are directed to a page for using this tag in a user friendly environment when they purchase a service for using a tag.

217)   HTML form builder
For a developer or project manager building mid-sized web projects that wants to manage database information using HTML forms, NeXTensio is the solution that brings productivity to the process.

218)   ColdFusion FAQ
This is a large collection of ColdFusion related materials. It is fully searchable by keyword and is updated daily.

219)   CommonSpot Content Server
As a Web publishing and dynamic content management solution, CommonSpot Content Server allows end users to easily participate in the efficient creation, management and delivery of Web content, without the help of a Webmaster.

220)   CFMCentral
CFMCentral is an online community that offers CFM resources.

221)   Minchiate Tarot
The Minchiate Tarot is one of the tarot decks which describes about the astrological houses, trump cards and four elements of the game. The enlisted features are more interesting and advanced. This helps to improve the site traffic by attracting the visitors.

222)   cf_calendar_creator
This is a custom tag which was designed to create a dynamic calendar that shows when certain dates have data related to them.

223)   vgDBSearch
Search by any DB field, return a predefined number of results, show the number of records found, show a [next] link to display the next set of records.

224)   Real Estate Ready
Real Estate Ready is a program which permit the users to update and maintain their real estate listings on their website.

225)   GilgaEmail
This is a simple and useful CFML email utility that evaluates the total 'opens' and 'reads' for all the mails sent from your mail accounts.

226)   Activedit
This is a development tool that allows users to include a word processor which gives you the ability to publish dynamic, formatted pages on the Internet simply by clicking a save button. This is tool developed for Allaire ColdFusion application server.

227)   NQcontent
This is a an innovative development platform/application framework and a site management solution for medium and large corporations.

228)   Custom Tags
This is a tutorial in which one can gather more details about custom tags. This tutorial defines that custom tags are nothing but cold fusion templates which can be reused.

229)   Structure
You can learn how to use the structure: Simple (two items only), Expanded (unlimited items.)

230)   ImpAKT 2 tNG
Improve productivity for building real database driven websites.

231)   Macromedia Online Forums
Macromedia Online Forums offers discussions related to Macromedia.

232)   MX Widgets Suite
For the Dreamweaver MX PHP developers who need to implement enhanced dynamic forms, the MX Widgets Suite offers a powerful alternative to the regular HTML controls.

233)   FuseAds
This is fully customizable banner solution that allows allows web sites to properly track and report on banners and advertising campaigns thus offering administrative users scalable features to manage and properly identify banners.

234)   PowerFAQ
PowerFAQ is a program which allows the users to generate a friendly interface for listing all their frequently asked questions. The users can select the number of questions that is to be displayed per page.

235)   LinuxPlanet
LinuxPlanet offers information on cold fusion and also a discussion board.

236)   Web To email gate
Web To email gate is a program which provides the email the requested webpage with the inserted style sheets and graphics when the user give their name, email address and their website URL.

237)   CF_DealerLocator
This is a custom tag application that allows your visitors to search for companies within a specific radius. The visitor just needs to enter the zip code and radius that they would like to search in and the information stored in the database within that radius gets displayed.

238)   2simplifi E-mail Contact Manager
The 2simplifi E-mail Contact Manager enables you to collect more than an e-mail address from vistors that visit your web site. Alternatively, you can add contacts to your SQL Server 2000 or MS Access database with the capability of searching the records and scheduling a future contact date and time.

239)   CF_ODP
Tag to implement Open Directory Project direcotry to your website.

240)   ColdFusion tutorial
ColdFusion tutorial is an article which tells the users how to develop interactive and forceful websites with the coldfusion support in a sequential manner.

241)   Powered Calendar
Powered Calendar is a stand-alone events calendar system where you can create unlimited calendars, allow members to have their own private calendars, display a global calendar as well as asign Calendar Managers.

242)   vgCounter
Text, graphic, or hidden counter. Will record all visits or the unique (by IP address) only.

243)   AmpleShop ®
Complete shopping cart - eCommerce software solution.

244)   LiveSession
This useful 'LiveSession' communication tool is available with real time collaboration server to help you to communicate with people around the world.

245)   eAdmin
This is a Web-based Address administration program based on CF Server 4.5 and a MS-Access 2k Database. It is best for a small company, where you can share a central address book. It includes an export function to a outlook compatible format, or ms-excel format.

246)   SparkPlug Content Management System For Coldfusion
SparkPlug Content Management System For Coldfusion is a program which allows the web developers and designers to power websites, intranets or portals with a coldfusion platform.

247)   ddBloglet - our coldfusion blog customtag
ddBloglet our coldfusion blog customtag is a program which is capable of offering diary functionality and blog calendar on the users webpage.

248)   CF ListServ Application
Powerful application of maintaining email lists.

249)   GenaWeb Online Edition
GenaWeb Corporate Edition is an effective program that can be used by the administrators to perform content management for all purposes. This program will be useful for small, medium and big level businesses.

250)   Format
Format is a tutorial for learning how to format: [Date], [Time], [Number], [Currency].

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