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Top 251-300 CFML scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

251)   ColdFusion Data Structures Lists
ColdFusion Data Structures Lists is a tutorial which teaches the users how to manage lists with the coldfusion.

252)   CFServerInfo
This custom tag shows many Cold Fusion and web server attributes as well as path information.

253)   verveCFListRand
verveCFListRand - randomly dispay your query results and lists.

254)   Banner Tracking System
The ETI banner tracking system is a method of displaying advertiser or product information to the visitors.

255)   The guide to ColdFusion error handling
This tutorial explains what tools ColdFusion offers to help handle errors in your code, and how to use them. This tutorial requires at least a minimum understanding of the Application Framework.

256)   Daily Bible Reading
This is a custom tag meant for daily reading of the testaments. The links are so placed that the reader shall go through the Old Testament and New Testament once and twice a year respectively. This requires CFMX.

257)   Flash Form with CF Server-Side Validation
Flash Form with CF Server-Side Validation is a program which perform the operation of combining a flash form with CFs inserted validation form.

258)   ColdFusion (CFM) Email Address Encoder
This is an advanced email utility using which you can encode mailto addesss of your website by replacing the special characters with numeric entities.

259)   Magic List Pro
Magic List Pro is a program which is capable of creating and managing the users mailing lists and can get demographic informations. Users can upload email messages from remotely or from home PC.

260)   CommonSpot Content Server
CommonSpot™ Content Server 3.0, a full-featured, browser-based Web publishing and dynamic content management solution (CMS).

261)   Powered Calendar
This is a stand-alone events calendar system which facilitates it’s members by can creating their own calendars, allow them to have their own private calendars and display a global calendar as well as assign calendar managers

262)   Webreview
Discuss with other programmers about Coldfusion.

263)   Web Monkey
Web Monkey is a web developers resource.

264)   Codesweeper
Codesweeper Consulting is a full service ColdFusion, Spectra and web application development and consulting firm.

265)   cf_Clog
Tag to create custom log files

266)   DynamicMS
DynamicMS is a program which enables the users to generate word, powerpoint and MS-Excel documents and can add images to their created documents. The cellpadding and cellspacing is controlled by the users.

267)   CF_ECHOpayform
This is an online payment form to accept credit cards and checks by including an ECHO PAYFORM in your website.

Webmasters can use this program on their website to handle their website visitors payment data collection, transaction and for data submission. It offers many enhanced features.

269)   Security Manager
Security Manager is a web security application that provides an interface that gives you control over what users and groups can see and do in your domain.

270)   evCal Events Calendar
This is a full-featured events calendar which has the ability to set recurring events for a specified time(daily, weekly, monthly, yearly etc) basis.

271)   VerityManager
Tag to manage your Verity collections.

272)   cardtype.cfm
This application receives the CC number and tells you the card type.

273)   intelli Content Manager
intelli Content Manager is a program which allows the users to build and alter their websites. The users can realize the full potential of their websites. The images can be uploaded through this program.

274)   CF_WebBoad
This is a complete discussion board with features such as outlook style navigation bar for discussion categories, multiple folders for each category, unlimited thread levels, reply to posts and replies of posts and many more.

275)   CF_PseudoDNS
Quick and easy Subdomains... replace ugly url's with groovy ones.

276)   cf_backupLogFiles
Tag to Backup Coldfusion LogFiles

277)   Site Skinning
Site Skinning is a tutorial which teaches the users about providing several site designs for the visitors to select. This tutorial is useful to create website from the scratch.

278)   e-publish
This content management application is designed for usage for newspapers, magazines or other content over the internet. Some of its salient features are dynamic administration, management and content publishing, capability to cross relate articles, dynamic categorization, dynamic menu creation and much more.

279)   DB Queries
DB Queries will help to learn how to build SQL queries and now to work with the results.

280)   The Next ColdFusion - Blackstone
This is an useful article for all coldfusion and flash programmers in which the author has given an introduction on the concepts and the wizards of 'Blackstone'.

281)   Web To e-Mail gate
Put the site URL, your name and e-mail address and this service will e-mail you requested WWW page with embedded graphics and style sheets so this e-mail message will look exactly like web page. Consider this service like substitute or extension of standard ColdFusion, ASP.NET or JSP mail system.

282)   DynamicPDF
DynamicPDF is a program which allows the users to create PDF, PS, HTML files. This program is useful for the webmasters and the users.

283)   WuName Generator
WuName Generator, as name indicates this is WuName generator. What WuName? Play and have fun...

284)   secsToTime()
A UDF (User Defined Function - CF5) that takes the number of seconds and mask provided and outputs the specified, formatted string.

285)   cf_MSSQLDBViewer
An User Interface to browse trough the available MS SQL databases.

286)   Server Side Spell Check.
This allows developers of cold fusion to provide a server side spell check facility within their applications through a win word interface. It requires that win word should be installed on the server.

287)   Candidate Management System
Candidate Management System is a program which is capable of supervising and managing the resumes and job applicants through online. This program is suitable for small and large organizations.

288)   couponZONE for ColdFusion
couponZONE for ColdFusion is a program where the users can manage their coupons from a single location. The visitors can browse coupons from the unlimited number of categories and sub categories.

289)   vgSelect
vgSelect is a select field builder that will display a drop-down menu and much more.

290)   ECHCFCCompare
ECHCFCCompare is a UDF that compares two Coldfusion components.

291)   CFX_ECHO
This Custom tag was developed for easy implementation for interfacing with ECHOnline transaction process

292)   Dive Into Cold Fusion
Dive Into Cold Fusion is a tutorial which teaches the users how to handle cold fusion web hosting, SQL statements, databases and bandwidth. This is an useful article for the beginners.

293)   Web4W3 is a site for web developers who are looking for possible solutions of non usual tasks. After years of developing Web sites and Web-based applications we have accumulated a vast industry experience and ready to share with you our knowledge and creations.

294)   Conditional
Learn how to use the conditionals: [CFIF ... CFELSEIF ... CFELSE], [CFSWITCH / CFCASE]

295)   A CFML Script Engine
A CFML Script Engine is a program which is capable of running coldfusion scripts and has functionalities which widens coldfusion and provide support for custom tags.

296)   Threaded Discussion with ColdFusion
This is a comprehensive article on creating a threaded discussion board in ColdFusion. Covers working with databases, custom tags, and other ColdFusion nitty gritty. This article is geared toward intermediate-level ColdFusion developers.

297)   Speck CMS
Speck CMS is a program which can offer a set of out-of-the-box content management for the users to create internet content management systems. This system is a open source CMS framework.

298)   Subscripton Track
Subscripton Track is a program which has the ability to track clients and subscribers. This script permit users to print and renew their contracts with their clients.

299)   ColdFusion-HowTo
ColdFusion Tips Tutorial Help Questions

300)   Tell Friends
Tell Friends is a program and a form which can be placed on the users webpage with the cf_tellafriend tag. This script send emails to the friends of the users.

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