Sunday, 22 July 2018
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1-28 Content Management (CFML) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Browser Based WYSIWYG HTML List Editor
This is a demo site for HTML List Editor that has a menu bar of contents links. These links take you to pages that have editable content. In this you do not need to save the changes as they get effected immediately.

2)   Browser Based HTML Editor
QWebEditor brings the power of word processor to browsers. It is a browser based HTML editor. Its WYSIWYG feature is perfect for content management system or any web sites require asking users to enter formatted text. It uses JavaScript and DHTML only and you can easily integrate it to your site.

3)   SimplyCMS
This is a content management system designed for the users of no internet knowledge and for those who are familiar with MS word using this as our content layout tool. Advanced users create complex table structures and other advanced HTML code using out raw code feature.

4)   DevEdit
DevEdit is a program and a editor which has the ability to replace the textarea in the users content management system with a WYSIWYG HTML editing component.

5)   SparkPlug
This is a powerful database-driven Content management system with powerful features enabling easy publishing and management of both static and dynamic web sites

6)   SiteExecutive
SiteExecutive is a content management program which offers framework which is developed for realizing the optimal performance of the users websites.

7)   Powered Real Estate
This script is helpful for the real estate owners and for the agents to add their listing related to real estates. Users are allowed to upload images along with the listings.

8)   CF KnowledgeBase
All through an easy to use web based interface, your business can now store important informational articles, files, images and more. Customers and sales staff can find the information they need with an intuitive search feature and even e-mail or print off articles as needed.

9)   e-publish
The e-publish web application is a content management system that is perfect for publishing newspapers, magazines or any other content, over the Internet.

10)   Server Side Spell Check.
CF_wwSpeller is a Cold Fusion interface to WinWord spelling engine that allows CF developers to provide server side spell checking within their applications. WinWord application should be installed on server side. Demo application is included. Encrypted demo version has been limited with 3 words.

11)   XML Guest Book
XML Guest Book is a program that lets your website visitors leave messages to you about your website or anything.

12)   News Publisher System
News publishing system. Manages Users (creates, edit, delete profiles). Publish, manage & delete articles in real time. Create your html pages, convert to .cfm, add two lines of code to "receive" the news. Tested with MS Access, SQL7 & 2000.

13)   Purepage HTML Conversion Engine for Cold Fusion
Purepage is a COM component which helps to create HTML pages and allows you to add powerful HTML export, conversion and reporting capabilities to your ASP Internet or Intranet applications, and dynamically create HTML documents from virtually any Windows document.

14)   Akmin's Online Site Creator
This is a user-friendly, online tool used by web design companies, ISPs, ASPs &DotComs to cater to the web designing needs of small and medium enterprises.

15)   Easy Console Web Content Management System
Easy Console Web Content Management System is a program which permit the users to update the websites from any web locations and can maintain the webcontents up to date.

16)   EditorXM
EditorXM is a program which allows the users to insert a html editor in the text area tag on forms. The attributes list is provided for the users in this program.

17)   Browser Based WYSIWYG HTML Editor
This is a demo site for HTML Editor. Menu bar contents several links to pages with editable content. You should follow any link from menu bar to display this page. The bottom part contents "Edit Content" button. Press it to start editing. After saving new content will be shown.

18)   CommonSpot Content Server
As a Web publishing and dynamic content management solution, CommonSpot Content Server allows end users to easily participate in the efficient creation, management and delivery of Web content, without the help of a Webmaster.

19)   Real Estate Ready
Real Estate Ready is a program which permit the users to update and maintain their real estate listings on their website.

20)   Activedit
This is a development tool that allows users to include a word processor which gives you the ability to publish dynamic, formatted pages on the Internet simply by clicking a save button. This is tool developed for Allaire ColdFusion application server.

21)   NQcontent
This is a an innovative development platform/application framework and a site management solution for medium and large corporations.

22)   SparkPlug Content Management System For Coldfusion
SparkPlug Content Management System For Coldfusion is a program which allows the web developers and designers to power websites, intranets or portals with a coldfusion platform.

23)   GenaWeb Online Edition
GenaWeb Corporate Edition is an effective program that can be used by the administrators to perform content management for all purposes. This program will be useful for small, medium and big level businesses.

24)   CommonSpot Content Server
CommonSpot™ Content Server 3.0, a full-featured, browser-based Web publishing and dynamic content management solution (CMS).

25)   intelli Content Manager
intelli Content Manager is a program which allows the users to build and alter their websites. The users can realize the full potential of their websites. The images can be uploaded through this program.

26)   e-publish
This content management application is designed for usage for newspapers, magazines or other content over the internet. Some of its salient features are dynamic administration, management and content publishing, capability to cross relate articles, dynamic categorization, dynamic menu creation and much more.

27)   Speck CMS
Speck CMS is a program which can offer a set of out-of-the-box content management for the users to create internet content management systems. This system is a open source CMS framework.

28)   Subscripton Track
Subscripton Track is a program which has the ability to track clients and subscribers. This script permit users to print and renew their contracts with their clients.

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