Thursday, 19 July 2018
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1-12 File Manipulation (CFML) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   How to upload multiple files
This 3-page tutorial explains how to let a user upload multiple files to a Web Server. This could be useful in an online auction application where the users upload pictures of the goods they are selling. Or maybe you want to let employees upload documents on the company intranet.

2)   Flash File Upload
Flash File Upload is a file manipulation program where the users can upload file with the support of Flash, CF and javascript.

3)   CFile manager
CFile Manager is Cold Fusion Application let you to manage your file via browser. CFile Manager seem like Geocities File Manager and easy to use. User can upload more ten files in one time, multiple delete and move file.With the user manger inside that make you easyly to cofigure every each user, CFile Manager allows you to manage file and directory easyly.We sure that it easy for you and your user.!

4)   Uploading Files with ColdFusion
Uploading Files with ColdFusion is a tutorial which teaches the users how to upload files to the remote server with coldfusion support.

5)   File Manipulation Made Easy with ColdFusion
File Manipulation Made Easy with ColdFusion is an article which teaches the users how to build, alter and delete the files and directories which are same.

6)   File Manager
File Manager is a ColdFusion application using which a user is able to navigate through a ColdFusion server and view files. The only requirement is that the CFDirectory tag should be enabled.

7)   Cf_filemanager
This is a CFML file manager that is context menu driven. It provides for facilities such as navigation on directory structure through double click, cut, copy and paste of files and folders, deletion of folders, simultaneous uploading of unlimited number off files and many more.

8)   CFX Word2Text
CFX Word2Text is a simple program that can convert the document files of MS Word and the HTML files into a text file, even if you don't have 'MS Word' on your server.

9)   CF ShopKart
CF ShopKart is a simple and powerful shopping cart program which permits users to add and customize it. The clients can get new updates. This program provides enhanced features for the users.

10)   verveCFDirDel
verveCFDirDel - delete or empty the entire contents of a directory using the ColdFusion Custom Tag.

11)   Files & Directories
With Files & Directories you can learn how to read files and directories.

12)   verveJZip
VerveJZip is a ColdFusion custom tag (Java CFX) written in Java that adds zip functionality to any web application project. VerveJZip is ideally used whenever large files or large numbers of files need to be downloaded from the application server. Simply give it a file or directory to archive, tell it where to store the .zip file and away it goes. VerveJZip has been tested under Windows and Linux with various ColdFusion versions.

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