Sunday, 22 July 2018
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1-48 Miscellaneous (CFML) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Calculate Distance Between Two Points Using Longitude & Latitude
This script provides a tutorial and sample codes to enable calculation of the distance between two locations. The provided free sample codes are in PHP, ASP, ColdFusion, C/C++, C#, Java, Perl, Visual Basic and Javascript.

2)   Stop/Start coldfusion services
Stop/Start the Coldfusion services within one click.

3)   DBBrowse
DBBrowse is a program which enables the users to go through the database tables and can choose seperate records to display in an interactive way.

4)   CFX_JSpellCheck
This allows developers to build custom front ends for checking spelling in web applications. It allows you to pass in a word, or paragraph of words, and checks the spelling of all the words, and return a data structure of misspelled words, and their suggestions.

5)   ColdFusion Custom Tag Arabic Date Formatter (CFX)
An Arabic date custom tag which made in java for cold fusion. Just define this tag in your cfm file and register this class it will display Arabic now date.

6)   SalesAct Contact Management System
SalesAct is a Sales Automation Tool with a built-in calendaring tool that enables salesreps to track their prospects. The calendar will keep track of calls, follow up calls, tasks, and to dos, reminding them when it is time to get in touch with a contact.

Tag to protect your email address from spammers

8)   DSelect
DSelect is a program which generates a drop down menu box using various options. The users can select to display states of united states and countries by selecting from drop down menu.

9)   DTextArea
DTextArea is a program which is a tag that builds a text area with several options and the users can select text fonts, text color, background color and text font size for the text.

10)   Thumbnailer
Thumbnailer is a program where a form is provided for uploading images like JPG and GIF. This program is useful for the webmasters and the users to upload images on their website.

11)   barcodeZONE for ColdFusion
barcodeZONE for ColdFusion is a program which allows the users to perform the process of integrating bar codes into their website.

12)   Dine@ Restaurant Reservation System
A simple restaurant reservation system.

13)   Getwords
A tag that display X words from a given string.

14)   DynamicMSS
This is a program which provides the query attribute as a optional for the users. The users have the capability to generate html and text files.

15)   CFX GeoIP
CFX GeoIP is a simple program capable of finding the exact geographical location of your website visitors and displays the same along with the native language and currency.

16)   verveCFNumToLett
verveCFNumToLett - covert any number to a letter.

17)   Zip Code Look Up Form
Zip Code Look Up Form is a program which permit the users to find the city, state and zip codes from US postal service.

18)   Regular Expression Parser
This is a CFML tag that shall return a pattern matched string to an array, with each back reference occupying an element of the array and the whole matched string occupying the first element. This emulates the preg_match() function of PHP.

19)   Yahoo_ RSS
Yahoo RSS acts as a custom tag which is capable of displaying news from XML news feed of the yahoo that utilizes RSS.

20)   Gilgamesh Solution's Web Services
This is an useful CFML program capable of generating any kind of documents for your web pages. You can generate documents for your CFML web pages in reatime.

21)   CF_States
CF_States is a program that will help you to organize a selection box for states. Here the states can be as the full state name or the two letter abbreviation for the state.

22)   DynamicPDF 1.0
This is a great tag for those who want to generate PDF/PS/HTML files instantly with great flexibility.

23)   Active Spellcheck
A server side spell checker for ColdFusion.

24)   CF_performance
Script to test Cold Fusion Performance

25)   Unicode Email
The purpose of this tag is to protect your email address from being caught by spammers. Spammers use robots to crawl the web and pick up email addresses from all web sites that the robots encounter.

26)   Railo
Railo is an efficient compiler bundled with advanced runtime engine that enables you to translate cold fusion codes and websites into java classes. There are two distinct versions of this program as WAR and server versions.

27)   MyAccessAdmin
MyAccessAdmin is a program which provides a database admin section to the coldfusion sites of the users. This program allows the users to edit the records remotely present in the database through web browser.

28)   ForwardLink
ForwardLink is a program which has the ability to capture the users webpage url and take the user to a form page by a single click on a 'send' button when the users keep this tag on their website.

29)   CFDumpAllMX
CFDumpAllMX is a program which acts as a tag which has the ability to dump the variables that includes client, cookie, form, url, CGI variables, query, application and sessions.

30)   verveCFGetURL
verveCFGetURL - retrieve the full URL information, including the query string variables passed to the page with this ColdFusion Custom Tag.

31)   Rent A Tag
Rent A Tag is a program where the users are directed to a page for using this tag in a user friendly environment when they purchase a service for using a tag.

32)   Web To email gate
Web To email gate is a program which provides the email the requested webpage with the inserted style sheets and graphics when the user give their name, email address and their website URL.

33)   eAdmin
This is a Web-based Address administration program based on CF Server 4.5 and a MS-Access 2k Database. It is best for a small company, where you can share a central address book. It includes an export function to a outlook compatible format, or ms-excel format.

34)   CFServerInfo
This custom tag shows many Cold Fusion and web server attributes as well as path information.

35)   Daily Bible Reading
This is a custom tag meant for daily reading of the testaments. The links are so placed that the reader shall go through the Old Testament and New Testament once and twice a year respectively. This requires CFMX.

36)   cf_Clog
Tag to create custom log files

37)   DynamicMS
DynamicMS is a program which enables the users to generate word, powerpoint and MS-Excel documents and can add images to their created documents. The cellpadding and cellspacing is controlled by the users.

38)   VerityManager
Tag to manage your Verity collections.

39)   cf_backupLogFiles
Tag to Backup Coldfusion LogFiles

40)   Site Skinning
Site Skinning is a tutorial which teaches the users about providing several site designs for the visitors to select. This tutorial is useful to create website from the scratch.

41)   DynamicPDF
DynamicPDF is a program which allows the users to create PDF, PS, HTML files. This program is useful for the webmasters and the users.

42)   secsToTime()
A UDF (User Defined Function - CF5) that takes the number of seconds and mask provided and outputs the specified, formatted string.

43)   cf_MSSQLDBViewer
An User Interface to browse trough the available MS SQL databases.

44)   Server Side Spell Check.
This allows developers of cold fusion to provide a server side spell check facility within their applications through a win word interface. It requires that win word should be installed on the server.

45)   Candidate Management System
Candidate Management System is a program which is capable of supervising and managing the resumes and job applicants through online. This program is suitable for small and large organizations.

46)   couponZONE for ColdFusion
couponZONE for ColdFusion is a program where the users can manage their coupons from a single location. The visitors can browse coupons from the unlimited number of categories and sub categories.

47)   ECHCFCCompare
ECHCFCCompare is a UDF that compares two Coldfusion components.

48)   A CFML Script Engine
A CFML Script Engine is a program which is capable of running coldfusion scripts and has functionalities which widens coldfusion and provide support for custom tags.

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