Friday, 20 July 2018
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Top 1-50 C and C++ scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   File Handling
This is a simple tutorial in which the author has given an introduction on files and streams, the C++ functions involved in handling file transfer etc.,

2)   A-Forum ISAPI application for MS IIS web server
A-Forum ISAPI application for MS IIS web server is a convenient tool for the users which allows to easily send and get the information easily and quickly. This tool does not require any further programming and can be effectively used by anyone.

3)   Simple ppC++ Phorum
Simple ppC++ Phorum is a software that has been designed using C++ to create an effective online forum. This software is very fast and eficient and offers many easy features for the users.

4)   Adevas Guestbook
Adevas guestbook is helpful for web site owners to receive their sites comments, suggestions about their websites from their site visitors. It offers several customization facility and is easy to use.

5)   ppC++ Guestbook
This guestbook utility is built in C++ and which is embedded with html file. It helps users to receive their site comments from their site visitors and to store their required data related to the site inside the guestbook.

6)   All About: File I/O in C++
This tutorial starts with the very basis of File I/O (Input/Output) in C++ and goes on to the advence level. Includes many code examples

7)   Wusage
This tool is helpful for webmasters to analyse their websites daily traffic report. It tracks all reports about their site visitors. This utility is easy to handle and to use.

8)   Beginning Visual C++ 6.0
This is a Visual C++ tutorial which is useful for the novice programmers to learn about all the fundamental concepts of VC++ programming. In this tutorial the author clearly explains the basic structure of VC++ programming with sample programms.

9)   aGNeS News Forum BBS
aGNeS News Forum BBS is a bulletin board system that allows the users to post and receive information with others easily. This system offers a software package that allows people to express their views on various topics.

10)   Str Replace
This is a c based development tool used for replacing string. It uses very simple source code developed in C++.

11)   Powerful Zip Compression Library for Visual C++ 6.0
Powerful Zip Compression Library for Visual C++ 6.0 is an advanced library that can satisfy the needs of C++ data and file compressions. This library uses the standard password protection and provides security.

12)   Copy Text To Clipboard
Copy Text To Clipboard is a script which can be used by the users to copy the values from the first parameter to the windows clipboard. It is easy to use this C and C++ based script on windows servers.

SDL or Simple Directmedia Layer is a simple introduction to making multi-platform games. SDL is an easy to use library for Sound, Input, Timers, and 2D graphics (3D graphics are accomplised through the use of OpenGL).

14)   Quiz
Quiz is an online test and quiz program and is written in C with which you would be able to conduct quiz program with multiple choice questions in real time.

15)   Programming in C/C++
It is for people who want to learn how to program in C++. It starts from the very beginning, and goes to the more complicated areas of the C/C++ programming.

16)   Pong
Pong is a game built in C language. Its a game in which the users have to hit the jumping ball. It uses very simple source code and easy to setup.

17)   Password Protect
Password Protect is a simple program designed to safe guard all your files, folders and documents from unauthorized people to view or alter by protecting them with a password.

18)   The Matrix Screensaver
The Matrix Screensaver is a cool screen saver based on The Matrix theme that lets the users decorate their desktop screens in an attractive way.

19)   WebBoard - Standard Edition
WebBoard - Standard Edition is a tool that provides online discussion boards to the users to express their views online. This powerful tool offers integrated discussion boards, email lists for fully featured communities.

20)   Checkers in C++
This game is built in C++. It display like chess board and the user have to jump from one checker to another carefully but with rules. It is a simple and good game.

21)   Socket Programming in Unix
This is a basic tutorial to get basic ideas and concepts and to start to work with sockets. It teaches you on basic network programming in Unix

22)   Lucid Chat
Lucid Chat is an online chat software that helps users to allow their site visitors to chat with others in the chat room. It is capable of providing text streaming.

23)   DiscDB for MySQL
This tool is helpful for the users who wants to save all their download to CDs. MySQL database is used to store data as a catalog that is on CDs.

24)   Larbin
Larbin is a web crawler (also called (web) robot, spider, scooter, etc).

25)   Selection Sort
This tutorial is used for shot numbers and letters, will show you how the Selection Sort algorithm works. All the code examples are written in C++


27)   NFL - Network Functions Library
This is a powerful network function library that has the ability to provide details of the hosts like his name, HTTP-header etc., by referring to their IP address.

28)   Adevas Chat
Adevas Chat is written in C++ and is a program that helps users to integrate chat system in real time on their web server. This program helps site visitors to chat with others.

29)   C++ for Dumies
An easy to follow and understand 3-page C tutorial for absolute beginners.

30)   Connecting To Mysql Database
This is a small tutorial that shows how to use MYSQL C++ API to connect to MYSQL.

31)   Ainebot
Ainebot is an artificial chat bot and is written in C . This program is based on A.L.I.C.E personality.

32)   Libmstring
This tool is used for string manipulation. This utility is helpful for C programmers for altering string codes.

33)   Challenges with C++: A compilation of 550+ MCQ's
This book is a collection of 550+ multiple choice questions. The problems provided are designed to cover every aspect of C++ in a much easier and intuitive way. You will be learning all the language concepts,in the best possible way,which will then empower you exploiting the language as a professial

34)   Understanding C++ data types II
Part II of the small book that teaches you the C++ data types. Even if you have an IQ under 25 you will can understand and use the data types. In this part you will see an important aspect of data types... signed and unsigned.

35)   Sync2NAS
Sync2NAS is an useful tool for the administrators and users for replicating a Windows client or server to any server running rsync. This tool makes the data replication very easy.

36)   LPT port control of a radio controlled car
Computer Controlled RC Car Hack is a program that has been written using C++ and can be used to control a small radio controlled car. There is a circuit diagram that tells how the pins are to be connected.

37)   Thinking in C++
Bruce Eckel has kindly provided his book "Thinking in C++, Second Edition" free of charge to on-line readers. The text first sets the stage for using C++ with a tour of what object-oriented programming is all about, as well as the software design life cycle. The author then delves into every aspect of C++, from basic keywords and programming principles to more advanced topics, like function and operator overloading, virtual inheritance, exception handling, namespaces, and templates.

38)   Webalizer
This tool is used for web server log file analysis. Webalizer is built in C program. It displays the report in HTML format to view in a normal web browser.

39)   Base64 Bit Encryption Tutorial
This tutorial shows you how the Base 64 Bit encrypting algorithm works. Includes some code examples in C++ as well. It is a short but complete tutorial.

40)   CodeGuru
CodeGuru offers a message board about different programming languages.

41) - Visual C++ MFC Source Code - Visual C++ MFC Source Code is a website that offers many tools which helps the users to draw anything as they desire. This website can be used by anybody who is interested in diagrams.

42)   C# specification
C# specification is a tutorial which contains lots of information about C#. It starts from introduction and generics and tracks up to anonymous methods, iterators and partial types.

43)   DataparkSearch Engine
DataparkSearch Engine is a browser based search engine software and is written in C that helps users to search keywords on their websites and organize them.

44)   An introduction to C
An introduction to C is a tutorial which contains more information about C++. This tutorial starts with hello word and tracks using variables, doing calculation, Arrays, strings and pointers and more.

45)   DF™ TopList Professional
DF™ TopList Pro - is a professional toplist (ranking system), it has all possibilities necessary for modern toplist (reset/no reset mode, count Hits In after Out Hits, "freezing" account in toplist, categories, MultiAdd, random redirection from a selected sites amount and much more).

46)   CGI Machine- Free Counter
This script is used for counting number of visitors who have visited your site and number of hits made by them in each page. The reports are saved in a database.

47)   Yacca
Yacca is an effective chat bot and is developed with C that helps users to allow their site visitors to chat with chat bot which resembles a human chatter.

48)   CGIMachine - USERFORUM
CGIMachine - USERFORUM is a simple and easy to use application that can be used by the webmasters who like to enhance their websites with online forum.

49)   ChartDirector (C++ Edition)
A fast and powerful charting component for creating professional and clickable charts. Supports all major chart types - pie, bar, line, spline, trending, area, bubble, scatter, polar, box-whisker, finance, gantt. Easy to use, highly flexible and customizable. Comes with numerous sample codes.

50)   VisualMessenger
Web-based instant messenger that allows real-time conversations and file transfers between your users.

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