Friday, 20 July 2018
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1-50 C and C++ scripts (listed in alphabetical order)

Scripts are listed afer name.       To display the scripts afet popularity please click here

1)   1Free History Eraser
Free History Eraser completely and automatically erases history, typed URLs (the drop down address list) and AutoComplete.

2)   A Beginners C++

3)   A Beginners C++
This book is primarily intended to be a text for the programming component in an introductory two semester computer science course (some materials are a little advanced and might postponed to later semesters). This intent shows in terms of references to "students", "assignments" and "later studies in computing". However, the book should be equally suited to an individual who wants to learn how to program their own personal computer.

4)   A Critique of C++
The C++ programming language is becoming widely used. So here is an intermediate tutorial designed for experienced C++ programmers.

5)   A Simple CGI Email Handler
A Simple CGI Email Handler is a tool that uses a simple configuration file that tells the allowable authorised users and this tool can be easily added on the webmasters CGI directory. This tool avoids the use of temporary files.

SDL or Simple Directmedia Layer is a simple introduction to making multi-platform games. SDL is an easy to use library for Sound, Input, Timers, and 2D graphics (3D graphics are accomplised through the use of OpenGL).

7)   A-Forum ISAPI application for MS IIS web server
A-Forum ISAPI application for MS IIS web server is a convenient tool for the users which allows to easily send and get the information easily and quickly. This tool does not require any further programming and can be effectively used by anyone.

Aalu Plus is a TicTacToe game developed in C. This version features a user vs user mode, match point count with good graphics.It works on windows platform.

9)   ActiveXperts SMS and Pager Toolkit
Toolkit to enhance applications, scripts, web pages and programs with SMS and Paging capabilities. Features TAP/XIO and UCP providers. Features FBus, PDU, Text and Unicode for GSM/SMS devices. Samples included for VC++, VB, VB.NET, VC#.NET and ASP.

10)   Adevas Chat
Adevas Chat is written in C++ and is a program that helps users to integrate chat system in real time on their web server. This program helps site visitors to chat with others.

11)   Adevas Guestbook
Adevas guestbook is helpful for web site owners to receive their sites comments, suggestions about their websites from their site visitors. It offers several customization facility and is easy to use.

12)   Adevas MailForm
Adevas MailForm is a cool CGI program that allows the users to send a complete, filled in form through email and this program is highly configurable and reliable.

13)   aGNeS News Forum BBS
aGNeS News Forum BBS is a bulletin board system that allows the users to post and receive information with others easily. This system offers a software package that allows people to express their views on various topics.

14)   Ainebot
Ainebot is an artificial chat bot and is written in C . This program is based on A.L.I.C.E personality.

15)   Alba Extractor
Alba Extractor extracts albumwrap files, corrupted albumwrap's (often) or incomplete. The purpose of the extractor is to extract as much as it can from a wrapped MP3 file.

16)   Alkaline Search Engine
All-in-one index and search server.

17)   All About: File I/O in C++
This tutorial starts with the very basis of File I/O (Input/Output) in C++ and goes on to the advence level. Includes many code examples

18)   Allegro Vivace
Allegro is a game programming library. This is a comprehensive tutorial to guide newcomers to game programming and Allegro through the process of writing a simple game.

It is a football manager stimulation. It has all the functions one could need and it can be easily customized to suit your needs / league. It works on windows platform.

20)   An introduction to C
An introduction to C is a tutorial which contains more information about C++. This tutorial starts with hello word and tracks using variables, doing calculation, Arrays, strings and pointers and more.

21)   Analog
Analog is a web traffic analyser which is developed on C language. It gives report about their site visitors according to their entry into their website and it gives entire information about them. It is highly configurable and easy to use.

22)   ANSI C++
Programmers can create a more effective and reliable programming language on C++ with the help of this tutorial. Author offers this tutorial to develop the standard of the C++ coding with all latest features of the language.

23)   Architect, engineer, designer cheap download software
You want to buy the cheap download software? We offer you the software of leading world developers: Microsoft, Autodesk, Adobe, Bentley, Corel, Tekla, Borland, Symantec, Macromedia etc... We offer unique conditions of the order of the software. Only we offer a part of the software for downloading free-of-charge. That you could be convinced that we work fairly.

24)   ARCLAB's MailMe! Pro
ARCLAB's MailMe! Pro is a powerful form mailer that is mainly useful for the webservers of Windows based environment which allows the visitors to send messages from their web page to the webmasters' email account.

25)   Artistscope CD
ArtistCD is a gallery which can store several images of webmasters or programmers in a secured manner, so that the viewer don't steal them. This tool is simple to use and to display their images on their site.

ASK A PROGRAM CODE OR DOUBT is a website that allows the programmers to ask doubts regarding their programs in C and C++. They can post the source codes of their programs so that others can clarify their doubts.

27)   asNews
This is a news fetching program that collects news from online news resources like, BBC, 7AM, Freshmeat, LinuxToday, GeekNews etc and gives it on user's desktop.

28)   ASPseek
ASPSeek is an advanced fulltext Internet search engine, optimized for fast search speed and high relevance.

29)   Authenticated User Community
It is mostly a bug fix release with only minor feature additions. It offers the ability for users to have a uniform web-based interface to discussion forums, e-mail (similar to hotmail, etc.), file management, and a searchable user database.

30)   Authpg
AuthPG is a PostgreSQL Authentication Module(mod_auth_pg) that enables Apache to authenticate users with the information stored in PostgreSQL database.

31)   BannerPlus Gold
BannerPlus Gold is developed with C and is an effectvie banner exchange solution that helps web administrators to maintain a banner exchange on their web pages.

32)   Base Runner
Base Runner is used to create database driven table and web applications using dbf format database files. The execution of table is based on CGI to control online data flexibly.

33)   Base64 Bit Encryption Tutorial
This tutorial shows you how the Base 64 Bit encrypting algorithm works. Includes some code examples in C++ as well. It is a short but complete tutorial.

34)   Basic C++ functions
Basic C++ functions is a tutorial that clearly explains about the two functions which provide similar results even they have been coded differently.

35)   Beginning Visual C++ 6.0
This is a Visual C++ tutorial which is useful for the novice programmers to learn about all the fundamental concepts of VC++ programming. In this tutorial the author clearly explains the basic structure of VC++ programming with sample programms.

36)   Best Practices for Debugging C++ Applications and Components
Best Practices for Debugging C++ Applications and Components is a tutorial which has lots of information about how to debug the C++ application and components with the new techniques.

37)   BIOImaging Online
BIOImaging Online is a web based tool that enables the users to search for biomedical data that may be in the form of images. This tool is very easy and simple to use.

38)   BK2SITE
this sites transforms netscape bookmarks file into a yahoo-like website with slashdot-like news. you can use private keyword to keep some urls/folders from appearing.

39)   Blat
Blat is a program built on C and C++ using which users can automate the email functionality. This is an easy to use program.

40)   Bloodshed Software
Bloodshed Software offers programmers resources: Delphi, C, Pascal.

41)   BOOZT
Unix-based servers available in two versions for advertising software management solutions. It is designed to handle multiple simultaneous campaigns

42)   C & C++ Interpreter-Ch
This Ch interpreter program is used for scripting in cross platform, numerical computing, shell programming etc., This tool allows users to use only one language for multiple task.

43)   C ++ Boost
The Boost web site provides free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries. The emphasis is on libraries which work well with the C++ Standard Library. One goal is to establish "existing practice" and provide reference implementations so that the Boost libraries are suitable for eventual standardization.

44)   C and C++ Pointers
C and C++ Pointers is a simple online tutorial for the learners briefing the basic concepts of pointers along with its usage in C and C++ programs.

45)   C Programming Email Course
C programming email course consists of 15 Lessons. Every lesson has an exercise. In addition you must complete 4 projects during the course. Your tutor will answer your course questions if you need.

46)   C Programming for Beginners
It is a tutorial discussing in brief introduction to C programming language. It Discusses History of C, Header Files, examples and informative tables, and more.

47)   C# Code Generator
This online tutorial explains about the code generator in C#. The author explains the creations of C# Class Generator and C# Form Generator. Their restrictions are also discussed in this article.

48)   C# specification
C# specification is a tutorial which contains lots of information about C#. It starts from introduction and generics and tracks up to anonymous methods, iterators and partial types.

49)   C++ Arrays
This is a C++ tutorial deals with array data structures. This article also guides the novice users to use multi-dimensional arrays.

50)   C++ Bookmark
Join a C++ user group and be informed of latest CPP development news, events and seminars.

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