Friday, 20 July 2018
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Top 51-100 C and C++ scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

51)   TurboExcel
TurboExcel converts Excel spreadsheets to C++ code. This helps developers create perfect code instantly. When you have to write a new function, prototype it in Excel first, getting the logic working before writing a single line of code. Then, push a button, and a perfect DLL is instantly created.

52)   The VGA Training Program
This training program is aimed at all those budding young demo coders out there. This tutorial will teach you how to create some graphics over C++ and Pascal. It requires some programming knowledge.

53)   CxIV Internet Discussion System
CxIV Internet Discussion System is an efficient program that has been written using 'C' and can be used by the webmasters to organize discussion boards easily and this program has many enhanced features like instant Messaging, compile time selectable grading system etc.,

54)   WebThing Calendar
WebThing Calender is a fully featured groupware calender suitable for internet, intranet or extranet

55)   VisualDrive
VisualDrive is a web-based file storage application that allows users to store and share files securely, quickly and simultaneously via the web.

56)   What's New in Visual C++ .NET 2003
Visual C++ .NET 2003 represents the most significant update to the product in many years! Come learn about all new ISO standards-conforming language features, enhanced optimizations, and Windows Forms support for C++.

57)   Fraction Class
Fraction Class is a script built on C and C++, which offers fraction arithmatic, output and input for the users programs and stores private numbers.

58)   Net.Polemics
Net.Polemics is a bulletin board system that makes request and reply of the customers more easy for the users. This tool allows unlimited number of members to take part in the discussions. It has many enhanced features like support conferences, open user discussions etc.,

59)   CamSplitter
CamSplitter software allows to use one webcam driver and device in multiple applications without locking the device.

60)   WordFTP
WordFTP is an easy to use addon tool that allows the webmasters to use their MSWord files in real time environment. This tool is easy to handle by anyone.

61)   File Assemble
File Assemble is a program that has been designed using C. This script tells how to assemble two different files together using 'C' program.

62)   The Ultimate Introduction to C
This tutorial is an introduction to C programming. It teaches you how to program in C, learn: Your very first C program, what pointers are and why do we use them, file operations, arrays, conditionals, control structures and much more.

63)   Protec Site Line
Protec SiteLIne is a powerful encryption program that allows the webmasters to encrypt different files into a single encrypted file. This is a simple and easy software that can be used by anyone who need security for their data.

64)   Multi-Room Live Chat
Features: socket technology (band-width saving); multiple chat rooms; private messages; ignore list; smileys; user info pages. Chat server - PHP/MySQL (MySQL optional; can work in safe mode and with script execution time limits). Chat Client - Windows application (skins support).

65)   SQL Relay
SQL Relay is a powerful database tool which persists database connection used for system load balancing, pooling and for proxying. It supports all types of database. SQL Lite with API is used for GUI configuration and for documentation.

66)   Industrial Strength C++
This free ebook defines a C++ coding standard that should be valid and usable for almost all programmers. ISO 9000 as well as the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) states that coding standards are mandatory for any company with quality ambitions. Developing such a coding standard is, however, a non-trivial task, particularly for a complex multi- paradigm language like C++. In this ebook we give you a good start for a programming standard for a particular company or project. Such a standard is often written by the most experienced programmers in a company. If a quality manager responsible for the development of such a standard instead select this book as the base for the coding standard, experienced programmers can be relieved from this arduous task and instead continue to do what they prefer to do, designing the company products.

67)   XOR Encryption Tutorial
This program does exactly as the C program does, but you are able to see how it does what it does. Learn the basics to XOR encryption and write your own program.

68)   Namazu
Namazu is a full-text search engine intended for easy use.

69)   Adevas MailForm
Adevas MailForm is a cool CGI program that allows the users to send a complete, filled in form through email and this program is highly configurable and reliable.

It is a football manager stimulation. It has all the functions one could need and it can be easily customized to suit your needs / league. It works on windows platform.

71) - Free Programmers', Webmasters' and Security Resources is a website that has a collection of free Programmers, Webmasters and Security Resources and it offers various tutorials, articles on programming languages that benefits the website visitors.

72)   Horner's Algorithm
This tutorial teaches you how to run the Horner's algorithm, for number convertion. It converts numbers from specified numeric system into decimal, without using powers, which makes the whole process faster.

73)   Computer Science Tutor
This website offers a variety of programming resources including C and C++.

74)   Codebase
CodeBase is a database tool which is helpful for programmers to generate their own database table. Its a high speed database engine for programmers or webmasters.

75)   Internal Speaker Beeper
Internal Speaker Beeper is a small program that makes a noice in the internal speaker. This program is activated when the executable file is double clicked.

76)   Start Poker Site
Poker program is used to run a poker site with multiple players. This software is helpful for the users to provide their site with online gaming to earn more money.

77)   Pduconv C functions for converting between ASCII and PDU
Pduconv C functions for converting between ASCII and PDU has two C functions in it, first one helps users by converting from an ASCII string into the PDU array bytes and second one does a reverse process to the first one. It will be useful in sending SMS through cellphones.

78)   Base Runner
Base Runner is used to create database driven table and web applications using dbf format database files. The execution of table is based on CGI to control online data flexibly.

79)   Game Programming in C
A good tutorials for beginners who have never drawn a pixel on the screen, and has nowhere to get started. This tutorial is for C programmers who want to start learning game programming.

80)   Kill Process
Kill Process is a script built on C and C++, which can be used in the windows systems to stop all the unwanted programs from the startup.

This is very useful as not everyone has their email program set up to work with 'mailto:' HTML links. This simple Comments Form CGI will take visitors comments and store them on the server You can view the comments, delete them etc

82)   HotCache
It is a transactional distributed caching system that runs on top of most RDBMS's. it uses embedded rdbm’s to provide an object-relational mapping tool thus saving days of tedious mapping programming.

83)   Programming with eMbedded Visual C++
In this tutorial author says that eMbedded Visual C++ can be used for increasing the performance of the platforms Win32 API which are enabled with C-style programming interface for doing Windows Mobile software development projects successfully.

84)   Pointers And Arrays
It introduces the concepts and usage of pointers and arrays . It is in C and is dedicated to pointers and the arrays that are in C.

85)   Tatvasoft - Offshore Outsourcing Software Development India
TatvaSoft is experienced offshore outsourcing service provider for software development. Since last 4 years we are providing custom software development and web - intranet development in Microsoft .NET technology as well as in C++.

86) - Professional C++ CGI libraries - Professional C++ CGI libraries offers various libraries for their site visitors related to the language C++ like socket library, database library, parser library etc.,

87)   Programming In C
This tutorial goes through some of the main concepts in the C programming. This memorandum is a tutorial to make learning C easier. C lets you write your programs clearly and simply.

88)   learn programming 123
A step by step tutorial on programming in C and C++. It starts from the basics and goes on till the end.

89)   Ip address of a computer using Winsock
Ip address of a computer using Winsock is a tutorial which discusses about a program which can be used to recover the IP address details into a sockaddr_ type.

90)   MySQL Web
MySQL Web is written C program that helps programmers to manage their database table for querying data from the table. MySQL is used as a database to store and access data.

91)   Web Crossing
Web Crossing is a powerful and efficient solution for discussion boards, email services, calendar services, real time chat, cross platform compatibility etc., This tool can be used by the webmasters easily to create online forums of their own.

92)   WebConference Chat Server
This is a powerful web based community system with which the site visitors can communicate with others online. This program offers browser enabled admin tools and community chat rooms.

93)   dbi++
This is an useful library containing all essential functions etc., You can use this library on your programs by just inserting this on the top of the source files.

94)   Libstocks
Libstocks is an online library and is developed with C that helps users to fetch quotes from stock markets. This program also gets historical quotes for the american market.

95)   Peephole
Peephole is a server that searches the users' email boxes to take regular expressions only from the latest emails. This tool offers flexibility to the users by working with any kind of protocol like pop3, pop3s and apop.

96)   CFlowdot
This program is used for generating call graph of C files and function declarations.

97)   Using Internet Sockets
This is a beginner's guide to Network Programming in C++. starting from basics it gives a foundation to the next level.

98)   C++ Arrays
This is a C++ tutorial deals with array data structures. This article also guides the novice users to use multi-dimensional arrays.

99)   Web SQL Browse
WebSQL Browse is helpful for webmasters to store their data records inside the database on their website. Site visitors can also store their data inside the database online. This tool displays search results and users can customize the browse views.

100)   DF TopList Lite
Cool free top-sites script with the big opportunities. Simple in installation; Not used MySQL, cron, Perl, Php; Detailed statistics (Raw, Uniq, In, Out, Proxy); Anticheat: filter proxy hits, count only unique hits, gateway page; Great opportunities of design; Many useful functions; Detailed documen

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