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Top 101-150 C and C++ scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

101)   WWW Homepage Access Counter and Clock
WWW Homepage Access Counter and Clock is a program that can maintain raw hit records on the web pages. This program is capable of displaying GIF images in the counter.

102)   MailForm
MailForm is a CGI program that offers flexibility by parsing the CGI queries faster. This tool offers the facility of multiple recipients, and sends multiple cookies with the HTML response.

103)   dtSearch Desktop with Spider
dtSearch Desktop with Spider is a simple and an easy to use searching program that helps users to search any text on their systems instantly. This program supports all file formats.

104) is a website for people who are interested in coding. Specifically C language.

105)   Space
Space game is written in C and C++ language and which needs Direct X to run. This game can be run in any platform. It is a simple program and easy to use.

106)   Faaast XChange
FaaastXChange is a ad server package and is written in C that can maintain a banner exchange on the websites. This program comes with many enhanced features.

107)   TrialCard Kitting Application
TrialCard Kitting Application is a script built on C and C++ in which users can find a process which can be used in scanning codes on prescription cards having medication information in it.

108)   Win32 Socket Client
Win32 Socket Client is an article that explains about a program which is in win32 which lets the programmers to create a synchronous client socket by providing some basic details.

109)   Blat
Blat is a program built on C and C++ using which users can automate the email functionality. This is an easy to use program.

110)   ANSI C++
Programmers can create a more effective and reliable programming language on C++ with the help of this tutorial. Author offers this tutorial to develop the standard of the C++ coding with all latest features of the language.

111) Online Classes Online Classes is a site that offers many online classes that is related with game programming in C and C++. These online classes can be attended by anyone who is interested in creating game programs.

112)   Input and Output in C
From this tutorial 'Input and Output in C' you will come to know about the types of predefined streams in C and the way it uses them in giving and extracting the required data.

113)   Understanding C++ data types
Understanding C++ data types is a book that contains tutorial about C++ data types which will be usefull for the beginners in learning about C++ programming with their data types.

SIGL is a cross platform C++ graphical library. With its Graphical Library, one can design and deploy the graphical application running across different platforms.

115) is a web site designed to help you learn C or C++ and provide you with C and C++ programming resources.

116)   Weekday
It is a very small programm, which tells you the weekday once it has been given the Year, Month and Day.

117)   1Free History Eraser
Free History Eraser completely and automatically erases history, typed URLs (the drop down address list) and AutoComplete.

118)   Programming CGI in C/C++
It is a tutorial Designed for beginners in CGI programming, this tutorial presents several useful examples of C/C++ programming on Unix.

119)   cgitelnet
cgitelnet is a script built on C, it is a gateway for performing telnet session. It is specially for the users those who are not in capable of performing telnet session on their own system.

120)   diskMETA-Lite
diskMETA-Lite is a simple and effective online desktop search engine tool that can be installed on your PC desktop to search online with a simple interface.

121)   Statomatic
Fast and comprehensive analysis of your web site traffic.

122)   Groundwork
This utility is used for writing web based applications using C++ class library. It allows users to generate CGI enhanced applications and multiple interface. It is included with several functional highlights.

123)   Transforming a string into ASCII
This is a tutorial that elaborately discusses about how to convert a string into ASCII with the help of 'while' loop and int() using C and C++.

124)   Un-CGI
Un-CGI is a powerful frontend CGI program that has the capability of running the forms accessed from the net on UNIX systems. This program can be used only by the users who are familiar in accessing the forms from the net.

125)   C++ Tutorial - Data types
C++ Tutorial - Data types is an useful guide for all C++ learners in gaining knowledge on the basic data types like character and numerical data types available in the language.

126)   Template2doc
This program is used to generate html pages. It is used to store source of html in template documents. This tool is used for inserting words and data table.

127)   Events and Scheduling
Events and Scheduling is a browser based calendar and is developed with C that can be used to track information such as appointments, birthday, meeting etc.

128)   Whois.exe
Whois.exe is a system built with a quality syntax, it is enabled with -p for porting and -h for server. This C based script can be used on any windows server.

129)   Introductory C++ Tutorials
These C++ tutorials have been designed with the absolute beginner in mind (no computer programming experience). Introductory tutorials for those just getting started with the C++ programming language.

130)   proscan
proscan is a script built on C which lets users to scan ports. It perfoms this process by using winsock control.

131)   Libtemplate
This program is helpful for programmers which allows users to customize the template files of their presentation layer. Users never need to embed in HTML.

132)   C# Code Generator
This online tutorial explains about the code generator in C#. The author explains the creations of C# Class Generator and C# Form Generator. Their restrictions are also discussed in this article.

133)   MP3SPLT
It is a command line utility that splits an mp3 file selecting a begin and an end time position, without decoding. if you have a file created either with Mp3Wrap or AlbumWrap you can split it just in few seconds.

134)   Visual Office
Visual Office is a groupware application which is helpful for every private firms to share their business information like Contacts, appointments, files, Bookmarks and Notes through online from anywhere by using any standard web browser.

135)   C and C++ Pointers
C and C++ Pointers is a simple online tutorial for the learners briefing the basic concepts of pointers along with its usage in C and C++ programs.

136)   EaseSoft Barcode .Net Control
EaseSoft Linear Barcode Windows Form Controls support most barcode symbologies

137)   A Beginners C++
This book is primarily intended to be a text for the programming component in an introductory two semester computer science course (some materials are a little advanced and might postponed to later semesters). This intent shows in terms of references to "students", "assignments" and "later studies in computing". However, the book should be equally suited to an individual who wants to learn how to program their own personal computer.

138)   EdgeDesk
EdgeDesk is a web-based e-mail and collaboration suite for Windows and Unix servers that includes WebMail, Calendar, Tasks, Journal, Notes, Bookmarks, File Storage and Instant Messaging.

MnoGoSearch Pro is a full-featured web search engine software for intranet and internet servers. mnoGoSearch has been tested with MS SQL Server, MySQL, InterBase, PostgreSQL, SyBase, OpenLink Virtuoso using corresponding ODBC drivers.

140)   COMM-DRV++
COMM-DRV++ is a C based development tool which is used for serial communication under windows platform. It enables users to stabilize the serial communication quickly and easily.

141)   C++ Copy constructors
C++ Copy constructors is a tutorial that briefly discusses about copy constructing on C++. It says that a constructor should perform as a perfect copier over the objects.

142)   Calendars for the Web - PC Version
Calendars for the Web - PC Version is an online calendar and is written in C that can create calendar by using Web Site Wizard. This is an easy to use program.

143)   Bloodshed Software
Bloodshed Software offers programmers resources: Delphi, C, Pascal.

144) - resources for web developers and programmers

145)   Understanding C++ data types I
Part I of a small book for those beginners in C++ or even in programming who didn’t understand C++ data types. This is meant to be a patch to other books, that cover the basics of C++, because data types can be a little tricky sometimes, and difficult to understand.

146)   Ringers
It is a ring-based software navigational system several web sites linked to each other A hub is a software device which acts as the glue for a ring community, allowing for multi-directional navigation.

147)   Changepassword
ChangePassword modifies the passwords of passwd, Samba, and Squid through the Web. All passwords are syncronized and changed in real time over a browser like Mozilla, Netscape, IE, Opera, and others.

148)   How To Create an eBook Using Visual C++
Are you having trouble finding an eBook compiler that suits your unique needs? Why not create your own executable eBook that fulfills all your needs?

149)   Lotus Sametime connect Application
Lotus Sametime connect Application is an easy to use program and is developed with Visual C++ that helps users to implement menu items. This program also creates additional menus that can be integrated into .dll files.

150)   Tech Helper's Help
Tech Helper's Help is a C and C++ based script that helps users in storing the contents of a text file on windows clipboard by copying them. It will be very useful in working with template texts which are stored in a file.

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