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Top 201-250 C and C++ scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

201)   Windows Standard Serial Communications Library for C&C++
This serial communication library tool is used for making serial communication with mulitiple devices using serial port and it works under windows platform only. This utility is a c based development tool.

202)   LogImage
By using LogImage user can fix, display and migrate photos easily. It requires no programming knowledge and it supports more than hundred images and document formats.

203)   SWISH-E
SWISH-Enhanced is a fast, powerful, flexible, and easy to use system for indexing collections of Web pages or other text files.

204)   Hazel
Hazel is a flexible and efficient merchandising system on WWW. This system has more advanced features that allows the users to build an efficient online store for their website.

205)   Mailing List Deluxe
Send personalized messages to clients with this powerful email program

206)   NAPSTER the CLONE
NAPSTER the CLONE is a program that permits webmasters to build their own peer to peer sharing website. It helps them in providing service to the public by using their own domain.

207)   Service Center Operator
Service Center Operator is a software used in service centers to manage their data like, cycle of repairing, estimating them, quality check etc.,

208)   Cookie.c
This tool is a C based CGI program used to get clients information from the cookies functioning on clients system.

209)   PowerStat
Powerstat2 is an online tracker that analyses each and every information about the website and about the site visitors. Webmasters can view how many visitors have entered into the website till now and visitors system configuration etc.,

210)   Clessons
This archive contains a complete course for you to learn the 'C' computer language itself. The language used is conversational English.

211)   C & C++ Interpreter-Ch
This Ch interpreter program is used for scripting in cross platform, numerical computing, shell programming etc., This tool allows users to use only one language for multiple task.

212)   C++ Home
This site has many tutorials put into very powerful database. Also has code, news, links to other C/C++/C# sites, interviews with programmers, Forums and many other things.

213)   Introduction to C Programming
C is an easy language to learn, especially if you already know Pascal or some other procedural language. An introductory tutorial on C programming. Starts from the very basics, this tutorial shows the commands and the syntax of C.

214)   Windows API hooking SDK
This program is used to hook Windows API functions or DLL function and the users can regenerate their own API function or DLL functions. After their replacement it rewrites the target function to extend existing system.

215)   Mindcracker
Mindcracker is an online community that offers tutorials and articles about C++ topics. Learn file management, thread management and more.

216)   BIOImaging Online
BIOImaging Online is a web based tool that enables the users to search for biomedical data that may be in the form of images. This tool is very easy and simple to use.

217)   Cork
Cork is a powerful file management tool that allows the users to access and share their job with others online. This tool offers many excellent capabilities right from the users to the administrators.

218)   VisualOffice
VisualOffice is a web-based e-mail and collaboration suite for Windows and Unix servers that includes WebMail, Calendar, Tasks, Journal, Notes, Bookmarks, File Storage and Instant Messaging.

219)   yacgi : Yet Another C/C++ library for CGI Programming
yacgi : Yet Another C/C++ library for CGI Programming offers more libraries for helping the users in the creation of forms on WWW using the programs in CGI.

220)   A Critique of C++
The C++ programming language is becoming widely used. So here is an intermediate tutorial designed for experienced C++ programmers.

221)   CGI-Util
This tool is a simple C development environment which contains several files that allows programmers to generate CGI programs for websites. It has cookie support and error handling facility.

222)   asNews
This is a news fetching program that collects news from online news resources like, BBC, 7AM, Freshmeat, LinuxToday, GeekNews etc and gives it on user's desktop.

223)   A Simple CGI Email Handler
A Simple CGI Email Handler is a tool that uses a simple configuration file that tells the allowable authorised users and this tool can be easily added on the webmasters CGI directory. This tool avoids the use of temporary files.

224)   HTML Snapshot ActiveX Component
The method of working of this tool will be observed from the Internet Explorer web browser. This tool is used to observe or capture a snapshot from a webpage. The observed images can be integrated with ActiveX applications.

225)   Functions
Functions is a tutorial that elaborately discusses about the functions of C++. Author defines functions as bits of code which allow program to perform complex job.

226)   IP*Works! SSL C++ Edition
IP*Works! SSL C++ Edition is an Internet Toolkit providing Secure Web Browsing, Secure Client, Secure Server, Secure Mail, Digital Certificate Management Capabilities etc . It adds SSL and Digital Certificate capabilities to the IP*Works.

227)   Calendars for the Web - Server Version
Calendars for the Web Server Version is built with C and is an online calendar on the net. This program has many enhanced features like, ability to perform merging upto 30 calendars, email notifications etc.

228)   How to build your own true random number generator
How to build your own true random number generator is a tutorial through which people can gather more tips to create their own true random number generator on C++.

229)   C Programming Email Course
C programming email course consists of 15 Lessons. Every lesson has an exercise. In addition you must complete 4 projects during the course. Your tutor will answer your course questions if you need.

230)   HTMLCAL
It is a Web calendar maker and editor. It lets you maintain live calendars on your site that anyone can view or update from any Web browser or, you can use the software to generate the calendars on your PC.

231)   SpamBoy
Spamboy is a utility which examines email to identify unwanted messages and viruses. Use it before you open your email client to pop/receive/download your email from ISP server to your local pc.

232)   Sitescape Enterprise Forum
This tool is helpful for webmasters to facilitate their website with web meetings, visual presentations, application sharing etc., for business people. It allows them to communicate with their employees and co-workers.

233)   SqWebMail
SqWebMail is a web based CGI client that allows the users to post and accept emails with Maildir mailboxes. This tool offers many enhanced features like MIME support, spell check etc.,

234)   cgiemail
cgiemail is a CGI program that has been written in C for use in UNIX platform that has the capability of changing the input in the visitors form to the format in the webmasters site.

235)   Copy Path To Clipboard
Copy Path To Clipboard is a script based on C and C++ which helps users in copying the path of the working directory into the windows clipboard.

236)   diskMETA-Personal
This search engine tool gives you the ability to search for queries online directly from your desktop with an option to add custom file extension.

ASK A PROGRAM CODE OR DOUBT is a website that allows the programmers to ask doubts regarding their programs in C and C++. They can post the source codes of their programs so that others can clarify their doubts.

238)   ShopZone Professional
ShopZone Professional is an interactive tool that helps the administrators to deliver commercial websites that satisfies the requirements of the customers.

239)   Alba Extractor
Alba Extractor extracts albumwrap files, corrupted albumwrap's (often) or incomplete. The purpose of the extractor is to extract as much as it can from a wrapped MP3 file.

240)   Miraplacid Publisher
Miraplacid Publisher converts any printable documents to images (TIFF, JPEG, TGA, BMP, PNG) or web presentation. All the documents printed to this "printer" will be converted to images, uploaded to server, or redirected to printer.

241)   WebCabCalendar
The Webcab Calender is a Program that displays a standard Calender with Events. The events can be seen in detail by simply clicking on the date.

242)   Cart32 Shopping Cart System
Cart32 Shopping Cart System is an efficient ecommerce management solution. This system is highly configurable and allows the webmasters to customize the cart pages according to their needs.

243)   Introducing pointers
Introducing pointers is a tutorial in which people can find more information about the introduction of pointers. Pointer is a location where the computer stores desired data.

244)   BOOZT
Unix-based servers available in two versions for advertising software management solutions. It is designed to handle multiple simultaneous campaigns

245)   iCommerceSeal Gateway
iCommerceSeal Gateway is an efficient solution that has been designed to meet the needs of the secure payments for merchant acquirers, webmasters etc.,

246)   Free Programming in C email course
This is a free email course in C programming. You also have access to support forums to ask your questions and there is an optional personal tutor service also available.

247)   MIDAS Network Monitoring Server
MIDAS is a Network Monitoring and intrusion detection server. It uses a distributed client/server model that allows it to scale to very large networks. As well its own client It supports both Netsaint plugins and Big Brother Clients.

248)   Basic C++ functions
Basic C++ functions is a tutorial that clearly explains about the two functions which provide similar results even they have been coded differently.

249)   CSpot
It is a saite thet helps new programmers learn the basics of C++, MFC and migrate from Visual Basic. CSpot has easy to understand tutorials, forums and project publicity.

250)   Wsmake
Wsmake is a tool based on C language that helps webmasters to design their website. Wsmake content management system contains several tools which helps them while building their website.

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