Monday, 16 July 2018
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Top 251-300 C and C++ scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

251)   Client & Server Communications Library for C&C++
This tool is a C based communication library for client and server which contains DLL communication component that allows users to generate client and server programs. This utility can works with TCP and IP networking facility.

252)   VBMcgi
VBMCgi is a CGI library based on C programs. It allows users to develop 3-tier architecture and it contains full of complex code inside VBMcgi library.

253)   NEWPASW
NEWPASW is a password protection software and is written in C++ that includes two password program such as PASSWORD and PASSWRD2. These two programs can be used to check whether given username and password are valid or not.

254)   GNU CgiCC
This is a C++ class library which contains several files by which the programmers can generate CGI applications for websites. It performs several important functions.

255)   Goldpaint - Shopping Cart System
Goldpaint - Shopping Cart System offers an enterprise software that has a scripting language which can be used for designing an interactive shopping cart system.

256)   Scintillia's WWW Access Counter
This script is used for counting the website visitors to your website. It counts number of visitors visited your site and display the counts with the corresponding images.

257)   Commercial Zip Code and Postal Code Database
Commercial Zip Code and Postal Code Database is distinguished database which have a complete statistical data, that provides users name of the cities, distance between two cities, zipcodes and postalcodes etc., of US and Canada.

258)   C++ Now!
Web-based learning central and foundation for C++ enthusiasts

259)   Input / Output Tutorial
This tutorial is written for beginner to the c++ language. This tutorial presents several examples showing you how to cout/cin, work with arrays, and display data.

260)   MDC-XSL
This is a simple program written in C++ to convert XML into HTML. This program can be integrated with other applications or used as a stand alone XSL processor.

261)   W3Notify
The program periodically queries custom webscript for new notifications/messages while you are connected to internet. When a new message is received a blinking envelop image appears in the Windows tray. The messages are displayed in HTML format and might contain Links, Images and Animated GIFs, HTML Tables and Forms, Cascading Stylesheets, etc. The program can be used for a variety of tasks such as order notification systems for online stores or internal messaging systems for dating or community-type websites.

262)   Efone
Efone is a web based phone system that helps users to communicate with others through internet phone. This is an easy to use program.

263)   WebMailer Pro DB
WebMailer Pro DB is an advanced tool that offers the facility of sending the HTML data to any ODBC data files or any other text files. This addon tool allows the webmasters to report on realtime.

264) is an useful website for all C and C++ learners. In this website you will find C++ programming tutorials on all topics that might help C beginners in enhancing their basic knowledge.

265)   WebConference LiveHelp!
It is a linux based, Web-enabled suite of customer care tools designed for use with Web sites and private intranets. its new features include server side blowfish encryption, customizable web visitor categories, and customer typing notifications.

It is a simple program which creates an interface with surfers who come on your page. it can add a link to their home pages and vice-versa by copying a html code.

267)   Central Ad
Central Ad 4.0 is the latest in affordable ad serveing products it is designed to help in the increase of your advertising revenues. It Offers support for all the latest technologies, better scalibility and a newly updated interface

268)   PortingManager
PortingManager is a script based on C and C++ which helps users in porting the applications from C and C++ Solaris to zSeries Linux.

269)   ID3v1_Lib
ID3v1_Lib is a library script built on C comes with the ability to help users in handling ID3 tags. Users can utilize this script for writing and reading ID3 tags.

270)   Understanding C++ data types III
This is the third part and the biggest of the small book named 'Understanding C++ data types'. This part covers the 'integer' data type.

271)   BK2SITE
this sites transforms netscape bookmarks file into a yahoo-like website with slashdot-like news. you can use private keyword to keep some urls/folders from appearing.

272)   Hello World - Intro to C++
It takes you through the Hello World program step by step. A quick introduction to what you need to program in C++.

273)   IP*Works! C++ Edition
A Comprehensive Suite of Internet Components, Internet Enable Any Application.

274)   Image Manager
This program simplifies webmasters work to manage their image archives. It resizes the images automatically to fit their gallery. This tool is simple to use.

275)   Microsoft Visual C++.NET Home Page
Homepage for Microsoft Visual C++.NET with product information, technical information, samples and downloads, developer community information, and product news and reviews.

276)   XML for C++
This is a XML C++ parsing program that can analyse, generate, manipulate and validate documents in XML. This program does more than 150 different encodings.

277)   C++ TUTORIAL
This tutorial starts at the beginning, goes through the main concepts in the C++ programming, and finishes with the OOP (Object-Oriented-Programming).

278)   EncryptecSA
This program is used for protecting HTML page body and also it prevents spam robots from extracting email address. It can be used to encrypt any HTML application for security.

279)   Zoom Search Engine Professional
Zoom is a package for web developers to easily add a powerful custom search engine to their website in a matter of minutes. Searches are pre-indexed from the convenience of your own Windows computer. "Google-like" context descriptions, wildcard and exact phrase search, PDF/DOC/XLS/PPT, and more...

280)   IP*Works! CC ICharge V6 C++ Edition
IP*Works! CC ICharge V6 C++ Edition is a flexible and interactive design that allows easy transaction of credit card processing over the net.

281)   Scriptol Compiler
Scriptol is an object oriented and xml related compiler which helps programmers to compile written program to find problems in the program. It offers several important features and easy to use.

282)   Easy Stat
EasyStat is a tool gives solution to the webmasters about their websites traffic. It gives reports accurately and periodically. This program is written in Ansi C++ language. Users can access their report from anywhere and from any browser.

283)   Artistscope CD
ArtistCD is a gallery which can store several images of webmasters or programmers in a secured manner, so that the viewer don't steal them. This tool is simple to use and to display their images on their site.

284)   Ozzu Webmaster Forum
Ozzu Webmaster Forum is an online communication where members can discuss about web designing, Windows, search engine, and programming related topics.

285)   FormRunner
FormRunner is an easily configurable web processing tool that has been written using C and can be used with the servers which works on UNIX based platforms. It handles the entire data through a single cgi program using the text files.

286)   Whatsnew-C++
It is a easy to customize 'whatsnew' script written in MS C++. It helps you, and your viewers keep track of new files on your server. The program is well documented and comes with an easy to use custom interface.

287)   Zilla Popup Killer
Kill pop-up windows, remove banner ads, boost surfing speeds, increase privacy,

288)   harvest
Harvest is a system to collect information and make them searchable using a web interface.

289)   Casting in C++
This tutorial discusses one of the minor extensions: the new C++ casting operators. The new C++ standard is full of powerful additions to the language: templates, run-time type identification (RTTI), namespaces, and exceptions to name a few.

290) - Shopping Cart - Shopping Cart is a simple and interactive ecommerce management solution that allows the customers to purchase, search through any product they need at any time.

291)   Programmershelp C section
Programmershelp C section is a website that offers many enhanced features for their site visitors. This website benefits the basic learners of C to improve their programming skills.

292)   AALU PLUS
Aalu Plus is a TicTacToe game developed in C. This version features a user vs user mode, match point count with good graphics.It works on windows platform.

293)   XMLInspector
Generator of dialog forms with property inspector based on XML (XSD scheme)

294)   WebThing Mailer
WebThing Mailer is an easy, fast and highly featured web based email system. This system is highly configurable and provides server facilities.

295)   ASPseek
ASPSeek is an advanced fulltext Internet search engine, optimized for fast search speed and high relevance.

296)   Redland
This is a interface program for RDF where the RDF graph can be parsed, manipulated, validated, queried and stored. Storages are created as modules and loaded at run time or compiling.

This site has many tutorials put into very powerful database. Also has code, news, links to other C/C++/C# sites, interviews with programmers, Forums and many other things.

298)   Lazarus Menutree
Lazarus Menutree is an easy to use program and is written in C that can be used to build expand menus on the websites. This is a completely automated program.

299)   The C Terrain
This is an introductory guide for beginners in C programming language. It uses real life examples to illustrate the concept.

300)   CGIMachine - EMail-Responder
CGIMachine EMail Responder is a tool that has the ability to send the predefined text files from your server to your site visitors. This tool offers the users a set of choices in which type they need the response from the webmasters.

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