Monday, 16 July 2018
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1-34 Development Tools (C and C++) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Str Replace
This is a c based development tool used for replacing string. It uses very simple source code developed in C++.

2)   Libmstring
This tool is used for string manipulation. This utility is helpful for C programmers for altering string codes.

3)   CFlowdot
This program is used for generating call graph of C files and function declarations.

4)   Groundwork
This utility is used for writing web based applications using C++ class library. It allows users to generate CGI enhanced applications and multiple interface. It is included with several functional highlights.

5)   Template2doc
This program is used to generate html pages. It is used to store source of html in template documents. This tool is used for inserting words and data table.

6)   Libtemplate
This program is helpful for programmers which allows users to customize the template files of their presentation layer. Users never need to embed in HTML.

7)   COMM-DRV++
COMM-DRV++ is a C based development tool which is used for serial communication under windows platform. It enables users to stabilize the serial communication quickly and easily.

8)   Winsock Interface Library for C/C++
This is a C based winsock interface library which is used for programming winsock network communications. It supports few important internet protocols.

9)   Registration Component
This tool is very helpful for all programmers to secure their software from unauthorised users. It is basically used for generating registration components on your software which asks software users to enter their name and registration keys.

10)   STLFilt
This program diagnoses and reformats errors in C++ program. This tool is a decryptor of error message in C++.

11)   Windows Standard Serial Communications Library for C&C++
This serial communication library tool is used for making serial communication with mulitiple devices using serial port and it works under windows platform only. This utility is a c based development tool.

12)   Cookie.c
This tool is a C based CGI program used to get clients information from the cookies functioning on clients system.

13)   C & C++ Interpreter-Ch
This Ch interpreter program is used for scripting in cross platform, numerical computing, shell programming etc., This tool allows users to use only one language for multiple task.

14)   Windows API hooking SDK
This program is used to hook Windows API functions or DLL function and the users can regenerate their own API function or DLL functions. After their replacement it rewrites the target function to extend existing system.

15)   CGI-Util
This tool is a simple C development environment which contains several files that allows programmers to generate CGI programs for websites. It has cookie support and error handling facility.

16)   IP*Works! SSL C++ Edition
IP*Works! SSL C++ Edition is an Internet Toolkit providing Secure Web Browsing, Secure Client, Secure Server, Secure Mail, Digital Certificate Management Capabilities etc . It adds SSL and Digital Certificate capabilities to the IP*Works.

17)   Client & Server Communications Library for C&C++
This tool is a C based communication library for client and server which contains DLL communication component that allows users to generate client and server programs. This utility can works with TCP and IP networking facility.

18)   VBMcgi
VBMCgi is a CGI library based on C programs. It allows users to develop 3-tier architecture and it contains full of complex code inside VBMcgi library.

19)   GNU CgiCC
This is a C++ class library which contains several files by which the programmers can generate CGI applications for websites. It performs several important functions.

20)   IP*Works! C++ Edition
A Comprehensive Suite of Internet Components, Internet Enable Any Application.

21)   EncryptecSA
This program is used for protecting HTML page body and also it prevents spam robots from extracting email address. It can be used to encrypt any HTML application for security.

22)   Scriptol Compiler
Scriptol is an object oriented and xml related compiler which helps programmers to compile written program to find problems in the program. It offers several important features and easy to use.

23)   FTP Client Engine for C/C++
This tool has FTP based library functions to simply control FTP protocol. It contains win 16 and win 32 dlls that allows users to work with any windows API based applications.

24)   ppC++
ppC++ is used for generating active web pages. It is an HTML embedded program and every one can understand it easily. By using this program programmers can write only server side program.

25)   SMTP & POP3 Email Engine Library for C&C++
This tool is used to control SMTP and POP protocols which are used for sending and receiving emails from others. It works under windows OS and it is highly authenticated.

This tool is a serial communication libray which works under windows OS. By using this tool users can have their application performing RS232, RS422, RS 458 serial communication. It has adjustable communication buffers of any size.

27)   MarshallSoft DUN Dialer for C and C++
This program is used for dial up networking which runs under windows platform. This program is helpful for software and network administrators.

28)   Rudiments
This C++ class library used to provide base classes for things and wrapper classes for C standard functions. Rudiments is used to develop a set of utility classes which provides functionalities of C libraries.

29)   Professional User Interface Suite
It is a MFC extension library which enables users to deliver windows applications in user friendly interface. It offers up to date user interface facilities and it enables users to customize their objects easily.

This Ch interpreter program is used for scripting in cross platform, numerical computing, shell programming etc., This tool allows users to use only one language for multiple task.

31)   IP*Works! S/MIME C++ Edition
Send and Receive Signed or Encrypted Messages with 128-bit S/MIME Security.

32)   MarshallSoft GPS Component for C&C++
This C based GPS component tool is used to decode standard NMEA from GPS receiver. It requires win 32 C compiler and it can be used for development of win32 applications which runs under windows platform.

33)   The CGI-LIB Library
This is a C class library which is used for creating CGI programs. It uses Ansi C functions to develop this library. This library contains several important files that helps programmers while developing CGI programs.

34)   Parabase Web-Box 3-Tier Platform
This tool is used for building web based applications and it supports multiple platforms. It offers single application server and number of clients i.e- the clients may be CGI, PHP or ISAPI to develop web based programs.

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