Monday, 16 July 2018
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1-26 Miscellaneous (C and C++) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Copy Text To Clipboard
Copy Text To Clipboard is a script which can be used by the users to copy the values from the first parameter to the windows clipboard. It is easy to use this C and C++ based script on windows servers.

2)   The Matrix Screensaver
The Matrix Screensaver is a cool screen saver based on The Matrix theme that lets the users decorate their desktop screens in an attractive way.

3)   LPT port control of a radio controlled car
Computer Controlled RC Car Hack is a program that has been written using C++ and can be used to control a small radio controlled car. There is a circuit diagram that tells how the pins are to be connected.

4)   C# specification
C# specification is a tutorial which contains lots of information about C#. It starts from introduction and generics and tracks up to anonymous methods, iterators and partial types.

5)   The VGA Training Program
This training program is aimed at all those budding young demo coders out there. This tutorial will teach you how to create some graphics over C++ and Pascal. It requires some programming knowledge.

6)   Fraction Class
Fraction Class is a script built on C and C++, which offers fraction arithmatic, output and input for the users programs and stores private numbers.

7)   Internal Speaker Beeper
Internal Speaker Beeper is a small program that makes a noice in the internal speaker. This program is activated when the executable file is double clicked.

8)   Pduconv C functions for converting between ASCII and PDU
Pduconv C functions for converting between ASCII and PDU has two C functions in it, first one helps users by converting from an ASCII string into the PDU array bytes and second one does a reverse process to the first one. It will be useful in sending SMS through cellphones.

9)   Game Programming in C
A good tutorials for beginners who have never drawn a pixel on the screen, and has nowhere to get started. This tutorial is for C programmers who want to start learning game programming.

10)   Kill Process
Kill Process is a script built on C and C++, which can be used in the windows systems to stop all the unwanted programs from the startup.

11)   Ip address of a computer using Winsock
Ip address of a computer using Winsock is a tutorial which discusses about a program which can be used to recover the IP address details into a sockaddr_ type.

12)   TrialCard Kitting Application
TrialCard Kitting Application is a script built on C and C++ in which users can find a process which can be used in scanning codes on prescription cards having medication information in it.

13)   Tech Helper's Help
Tech Helper's Help is a C and C++ based script that helps users in storing the contents of a text file on windows clipboard by copying them. It will be very useful in working with template texts which are stored in a file.

14)   Filterif
Filterif is a program written on C which can be used by the users in filtering and then passing the lines of texts to standard input from standard output.

15)   Allegro Vivace
Allegro is a game programming library. This is a comprehensive tutorial to guide newcomers to game programming and Allegro through the process of writing a simple game.

NAPSTER the CLONE is a program that permits webmasters to build their own peer to peer sharing website. It helps them in providing service to the public by using their own domain.

17)   Functions
Functions is a tutorial that elaborately discusses about the functions of C++. Author defines functions as bits of code which allow program to perform complex job.

18)   How to build your own true random number generator
How to build your own true random number generator is a tutorial through which people can gather more tips to create their own true random number generator on C++.

19)   SpamBoy
Spamboy is a utility which examines email to identify unwanted messages and viruses. Use it before you open your email client to pop/receive/download your email from ISP server to your local pc.

20)   Copy Path To Clipboard
Copy Path To Clipboard is a script based on C and C++ which helps users in copying the path of the working directory into the windows clipboard.

21)   Commercial Zip Code and Postal Code Database
Commercial Zip Code and Postal Code Database is distinguished database which have a complete statistical data, that provides users name of the cities, distance between two cities, zipcodes and postalcodes etc., of US and Canada.

22)   PortingManager
PortingManager is a script based on C and C++ which helps users in porting the applications from C and C++ Solaris to zSeries Linux.

23)   Casting in C++
This tutorial discusses one of the minor extensions: the new C++ casting operators. The new C++ standard is full of powerful additions to the language: templates, run-time type identification (RTTI), namespaces, and exceptions to name a few.

24)   DirectX Programming
It is a tutorial made to help C++ programmers who are new to DirectX for them to get acquainted with the libraries, in particular DirectDraw and DirectInput.

25)   Variables
Variables is a tutorial which provides some information about using variables on C++. People can gather more tips about variables too.

26)   TrialCard Kitting Application
Automation of medical prescription procedure by scanning meidcal cards.

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