Friday, 20 July 2018
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1-18 Programming in C and C++ (C and C++) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Understanding C++ data types II
Part II of the small book that teaches you the C++ data types. Even if you have an IQ under 25 you will can understand and use the data types. In this part you will see an important aspect of data types... signed and unsigned.

2)   Industrial Strength C++
This free ebook defines a C++ coding standard that should be valid and usable for almost all programmers. ISO 9000 as well as the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) states that coding standards are mandatory for any company with quality ambitions. Developing such a coding standard is, however, a non-trivial task, particularly for a complex multi- paradigm language like C++. In this ebook we give you a good start for a programming standard for a particular company or project. Such a standard is often written by the most experienced programmers in a company. If a quality manager responsible for the development of such a standard instead select this book as the base for the coding standard, experienced programmers can be relieved from this arduous task and instead continue to do what they prefer to do, designing the company products.

3)   Programming with eMbedded Visual C++
In this tutorial author says that eMbedded Visual C++ can be used for increasing the performance of the platforms Win32 API which are enabled with C-style programming interface for doing Windows Mobile software development projects successfully.

4)   learn programming 123
A step by step tutorial on programming in C and C++. It starts from the basics and goes on till the end.

5)   ANSI C++
Programmers can create a more effective and reliable programming language on C++ with the help of this tutorial. Author offers this tutorial to develop the standard of the C++ coding with all latest features of the language.

6)   Input and Output in C
From this tutorial 'Input and Output in C' you will come to know about the types of predefined streams in C and the way it uses them in giving and extracting the required data.

7)   Understanding C++ data types
Understanding C++ data types is a book that contains tutorial about C++ data types which will be usefull for the beginners in learning about C++ programming with their data types.

8)   Programming CGI in C/C++
It is a tutorial Designed for beginners in CGI programming, this tutorial presents several useful examples of C/C++ programming on Unix.

9)   Transforming a string into ASCII
This is a tutorial that elaborately discusses about how to convert a string into ASCII with the help of 'while' loop and int() using C and C++.

10)   Understanding C++ data types I
Part I of a small book for those beginners in C++ or even in programming who didn’t understand C++ data types. This is meant to be a patch to other books, that cover the basics of C++, because data types can be a little tricky sometimes, and difficult to understand.

11)   Secure Programming : Random Numbers
This paper discusses how to get secure random numbers for your application. We describe how to take a single, secure, random number (a seed), and stretch it into a big stream of random numbers using a secure pseudo-random number generator.

12)   C++ Threading - A Generic Programming Approach
C++ Threading - A Generic Programming Approach is a tutorial in which programmers can find more valuable concepts and procedures to do a thread programming perfectly.

13)   A Critique of C++
The C++ programming language is becoming widely used. So here is an intermediate tutorial designed for experienced C++ programmers.

14)   Free Programming in C email course
This is a free email course in C programming. You also have access to support forums to ask your questions and there is an optional personal tutor service also available.

15)   Understanding C++ data types III
This is the third part and the biggest of the small book named 'Understanding C++ data types'. This part covers the 'integer' data type.

16)   r to r, n converter
r to r, n converter is a tutorial that discusses about how to convert the characters which will be useful to read Unix documents in note pad.

17)   Understanding and Using Advanced C++ Template Features and Topics on ISO C++
Finally Visual C++ .NET can be considered a "real C++ compiler"! Attend this talk to get your brain wrapped around advanced template programming techniques, and other features of the C++ language that were previously unsupported by Visual C++. Learn from the master of C++ himself, Herb Sutter.

18)   Platinum Player
Platinum Player is a web page in here people can find a tutorial about this platinum player. Author says that this player was built in the similar model of CD run CD player.

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