Top 1-50 Flash scripts

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1)   Flash MX | XML Transition Gallery
Flash MX | XML Transition Gallery is a simple gallery that requires absolutely zero editing.

2)   Dynamically Loading Images with Flash MX
This article will show you how to dynamically load JPEG images from any URL. This article assumes basic knowledge of Flash MX.

3)   Simple Flash XML Photogallery
Simple Flash XML Photogallery is a tutorial that contributes to readers on creating a photo gallery with all basic functionalities on flash with XML.

4)   Flash Slide Show Applets
This offers a downloadable package of categorized ready to use Flash slide show applets. The package includes 20 customizable special effects and it lets you create flash slideshow, flash menu, and flash text effect for as many web sites as you wish.

5)   Flash Slide Show Tool
FhSlide is a tool which can be used by the webmasters to display slideshows on their websites. FhSlide is a flexible tool which provides easy modifications of the images.

6)   setInterval
setInterval is a simple tutorial that instructs the users how to create a loop in the timeframe to repeat an action in flash. This tutorial can be used by Flash programmers who would like to know how to repeat the same action again and again.

7)   Advanced XML Menu
Advanced XML Menu is a tutorial that assists the user in creating an advanced flash menu. It helps the users from the start to finish of the creation of the menu.

8)   Flash Ripple Effect
Learn how to create a simple and beautiful ripple effect in Flash.

9)   XML Powered FLV Video and MP3 Audio player
This is a powerful multimedia tool using which you would be able to play MP3 and FLV files within the advanced flash MX media controller.

10)   Flash PNP Image Gallery
Flash PNP Image Gallery is a tool for providing flash image gallery for your websites. They allow the administrators to replace the flash files to change the appearance of the image gallery.

11)   Flash Slideshow
Flash Slideshow is a tool which allows the webmasters to include flash slideshows in their websites. They can customize this program for their needs.

12)   SlideBar by Cool Focus
This two level horizontal menu has the second level sliding horizontally from the first level. The application supports mouse hover hove, fading, gradient fill, different fonts and styles, separate colors for both levels and many more.

13)   How to create a simple circular Ripple effect in Flash MX 2004.
This is a simple and easy to understand article relating the ways and means of applying circular rippling effects on images with the help of flash player 7.0.

14)   Flipping book - Page flip flash component
FlippingBook page flip flash component is intended for page flipping and supports Flash MX and Flash MX 2004 authoring tools. You may get the component ready to work in just a few seconds right from the development environment.

15)   Flash GuestBook using PHP and Text files
This tutorial teaches how to create a simple, efficient, fast, and easy to implement Guest Book in Flash. There are no complicated database or xml issues to worry about. One swf, one script, and one text file.

16)   Flash Random Link
Flash Random Link is a flash button that opens different links randomly. This tool can be used to add random links to any type of website.

17)   Percentage Preloaders
This tutorial teaches you how to implement a percentage pre loader that is capable of displaying information such as achieved and remaining in terms of bytes and percentages. The tutorial assumes very little knowledge and explains the code in detail.

18)   Calling External Text Into Flash
Calling External Text Into Flash is a tutorial that helps the user to add text file into a flash text box. This tutorial requires the learners to have a basic knowledge of Flash.

19)   Drop down menu
This tutorial shows a simple but dynamic way of creating a drop-down style menu using flash animation. It creates stunning and versatile effect, which can be used with frames pages or single pages with tables, etc.

20)   Instant Flash Photo Gallery
The gallery runs off advanced PHP and Actionscript code. There is no database to update, no XML files to maintain. You simply drop your images in the gallery folder and shazam!

21)   Functions: The Complete Guide
Functions: The Complete Guide is a tutorial that helps the users to understand the functions in flash. This tutorial analyses and explains the nook and corners of functions.

22)   PicStrip by Cool Focus
This image scroller displays unlimited images in a horizontal strip. This permits selection of scroll direction as well as speed with mouse movement. Options include editable background color, spacing between mages and many more.

23)   Flash Color Picker
Flash Color Picker is an easy to use tool which can be added to the websites to enhance its dynamic features. This is a tool which will allow the website visitors to select and customize the colors.

24)   SWiSHsites
SWiSHsites provides users some royalty free templates to create their flash websites. It presents templates for swish 2 and swish max that can be easily customized.

25)   Flash Sound On/Off Button
A simple tutorial on creating a sound on/off button using Flash actionscript.

26) Tutorials Section is known for its top quality tutorials. They have tutorials which cover the foundations of ActionScript programming for the beginner, all the way through to complicated menu systems for advanced users.

27)   Analog Clock
Analog clock lets the webmasters to display a Flash clock on their websites. It is easy to use and customize this script.

28)   Memory game with highscore
This is a memory game with nice cat pictures. You can choose between 10 speed level (0=slowest 9=fastest). The highscore will be saved in a file on webserver (PHP script) or in a local file (shared objects).

29)   Flash News System Using Php, Mysql and Xml, Part 1: Admin and Mysql
Flash News System Using Php, Mysql and Xml, Part 1: Admin and Mysql is a tutorial that guides the users to create an easy, powerful news system with a Flash Frontend.

30)   PhotoBook
PhotoBook is a simple image slideshow that loads data froman external XML file.

31)   XML Flash Slideshow Creator
The XML Flash Slideshow Creator allows you to easily create high-impact Flash slideshows in Dreamweaver. The wizards make all aspects of slideshow creation and editing easy.

32)   Animated Buttons
In this tutorial you will be able to learn about the methods of creating buttons in flash using advanced effects with animation. You can view a sample demo on the website.

33)   Complicated preloader
Complicated preloader is a tutorial that teaches the readers how to create advanced preloaders using Flash MX. This tutorial benefits people who have an adequate knowledge of flash.

34)   Drop Down Menu Pro
Drop Down Menu Pro v1 is a professional component that can be used along with your flash movies. Drop Down Menu Pro is special designed for Flash MX 2004.

35)   XML-menu with submenus
The third version of XML-menu, that allows you to add different icons to the menu, set the url and target to post to. All values are stored in the XML-file, and you can add menu items and sub-menu items as much as you want.

36)   3D Camera Flash
3D Camera Flash is a movie clip that comes as a loop of a 3D camera with the capability to rotate in 360 degrees angle.

37)   Flash - Snowing Effect
Flash - Snowing Effect is a tutorial that assists the users in creating the animation of snowing effects in flash. It provides the scripts needed for creating the snow effects.

38)   Frunder Flash Menu 2
Frunder Flash Menu is a simple Flash menu generator tool using which you can create flash menus with sliding submenus on your website. This tool is easily customizable

39)   Advanced Buttons
This is a Flash tutorial in which you will be able to create buttons in flash using advanced effects. The concepts are explained with examples for easy understanding.

40)   Falling down snowflakes
Falling down snowflakes is a tutorial that teaches the actionscipt principles and the creation of falling down snowflakes. This tutorial requires the users to have an adequate knowlege in flash.

41)   Transparent Flash
This tutorial will show how to create transparent Flash for your webpage. You will be able to see right through Flash to the webpage with perfectly antialiased edges (no jaggies).

42)   Google in a Flash
Google being the favorite search engine of millions of internet users, and flash being the bread and butter tool, the idea was to create an experiment where flash can fetch Google results and display it within its own interface. This has been achieved through this tutorial.

43)   Displaying Multiple Fields and Records with Flash and ASP
This tutorial describes how to display multiple fields and records using Flash and ASP. The attempt is to integrate Flash with Active Server Pages.

44)   Harry Potter Quidditch Flash Game
Harry Potter Quidditch Game is a flash game which can be used for entertainment. Anyone can install this game on their website. It is both interactive as well as an interesting game.

45)   Flash Audio Kit extension for Dreamweaver
Easily add universally-compatible audio to your website in Dreamweaver. Layouts, buttons, & more are all customizable. The wizards make every aspect easy to manage.

46)   Userplane Web Chat
Userplane Web Chat is a robust, multi-user, multi-room, Flash chat room system with real-time text and audio/video.

47)   Flash DS ImageScroll
This software is used to produce special effects of images and texts. This software can be used to scroll images and texts of your choice in any direction. It can be used to decorate websites.

48)   Flash Buttons 101
Flash Buttons 101 is a tutorial that guides the users on the creation of flash buttons. This tutorial can be used by basic learners of flash.

49)   Get Property
This tutorial is an important function for action script user. It allows you to obtain all possible information about a Movie Clip. This tutorial has a number of examples and explanations that are easy to understand.

50)   iMPlayer
You can integrate this flash based MP3 player on your website to offer free musical web service for your site visitors and to share your collection with others.

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