Top 101-150 Flash scripts

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101)   Flash MX 2004 Bouncing effect
This is a simple article in which the author has explained and instructed on the method of including bouncing effects for objects through 'Motion Tween' and 'Shape Tween' using flash MX 2004.

102)   WebDesignHQ Flash SiteBuilder v2.0
The WebDesignHQ Flash-SiteBuilder Software is a userfriendly community based Multimedia Flash Web Site creation tool

103)   Flash Puzzle - Dragons
Simple Puzzle is a Flash game which can be used for entertainment. This puzzle works on a drag and drop basis. This game can be placed on all the websites.

104)   Flash Files
Flash developers index of design inspiration, tutorials, loops and rich media.

105)   Wild FX Power Effects
Wild FX Power Effects provides 200 additional text effects for your Wild FX versions.

106)   full dynamic flash gallery
Free full dynamic photo gallery you just have to put your images on your ftp space, and people will see them No limit : you can take the number of photos and directory you want, and the size you want for the photos

107)   Motion Tweening 101
Motion Tweening 101 is a tutorial that teaches the users about motion tweening in flash. This tutorial can be used by the beginners of flash.

108)   Soundrangers - Sound Effects and Music
Sound effects and production music downloads. Everything from nature to UI sounds to music loops all optimized for Flash and all interactive media.

109)   Amara Flash News Ticker
Amara Flash News Ticker creates news tickers instantly. It only takes a few minutes to create a complete Flash news scroller. This Flash news scroller lets you create impressive and professional Flash Tickers for your web site or Flash project.

110)   Cowtoon Avatar Chatroom builder
With Cowtoon Avatar Chat Builder 1.0, you don'thave to pay lots of money to create this chat for your webite. It can be used as soon as 15 minutes.

111)   Flashlet Clock
This is an attractive and dynamic clock flashlet that can be used on any active website to display an analog clock with date.

112)   Search and Replace in Flash
This is an online tutorial which helps the developers and webmasters to learn about action script search and replace in Flash. This tutorial guides the users in a simple way.

113)   Play Sound using Actionscripts
Play Sound using Actionscripts is a tutorial which teaches the users about the usage of controls of flash sounds using the actionscripts. This tutorial is very simple and can be used by beginners of flash.

114)   Custom Curser in Flash
This tutorial will teach you how to create a custom curser for your flash movie. Here we will be using movieclip symbol and little bit of actionscript to develop custom cursor. The .fla download file is included at the end of the tutorial.

115)   Flash Blog with flash cms and gallery
complete flash site with blog, gallery, static page and flash cms/admin. Build in flash/php/xml. No database required. Some bug exist but it's free..

116)   Gallery by BrightIdea
A simple, highly configurable image gallery for photographers, artists, and anyone else who wishes to show off their portfolio of images with class and style.

117)   Creating a fishing game using actionscript
here you get help on how to make flash driven fishing game

118)   FlashCam
FlashCam is a tool for easy integration of webcam to any website and it takes full control over the presentation on the website.

119)   Flash/ASP Instant Messenger
This is a very basic but efficient Instant Messenger developed using ASP and Flash. Users must have Flash installed and have javascript and cookies enabled. Very easy installation, just copy the files into a directory on your web server and start using! (updated version, 1.1!)

120)   Cool Focus DropBar
DropBar is a 2-level fading and sliding horizontal menu. Hovering over a first-level button can reveal a second level of buttons below. Items can use gradient fills, and any item can act as a link. The second-level strip expands into and out of view vertically, and buttons fade between colors.

121)   Simple Masking in Flash
This tutorial will teach you the basics of masking in Flash MX 2004. The download .fla file is also included at the end of the tutorial.

122)   DataGrid Extensions
Enhance the power of the Flash MX DataGrid component with these extensions. Change many more cell properties, and enable wrapping within cells. Now updated for use with the Flash 2004 datagrid!

123)   Passing data from Flash to PHP
Passing data from Flash to PHP is a tutorial that teaches how the data sent by the users are passed from Flash to PHP and processed on the server side.

124)   IntroWizard Flash Website Builder
Create an unlimited amount of Flash websites easily with this website builder.

125)   Basic Xml Menu
Basic XML Menu is a tutorial that assists the users in creating the flash menu using basic XML code. It teaches the users from the start to finish of the menu creation.

126)   Fruity Slots
This is a slots game, but quite unlike the other slots-games. You must try to get as many rows of 3 of the same fruits as possible. You need to get more than 100 points each time, if you do then you win, else you lose. You can also chose your stake (1-5.

127)   Timeline Motion Tween in Flash MX 2004
Learn how to create a simple animation in Flash using motion tweening in Flash.

128)   WillsPage Dynamic Photo Album
Dynamic Photo Album, allowing you to put photos in directories defined by you using web based control panel - can put text under every photo - definining number of photos in each directory, titles etc.

129)   Simple AM and PM Flash Clock
Simple AM and PM Flash Clock is like an ordinary clock with an additional feature of telling whether it is AM or PM. It is very compact and hence can be placed on any small flash area.

130)   FlashFreaks
FlashFreaks offers FLA's, and tutorials on 3D, actionscripting, games, buttons and animations. These fare downloadable form the site.

131)   FlashAdvisor Forum
This script offers a Flash discussion board. On this board you can put question or your doubts and can also help beginners or developers resolve their queries.

132)   amara Flash Slideshow Builder
Amara Flash Photo Slideshow software is a Flash album creator to help the web designer to create and design animated Flash slide-shows. The software is compatible with all popular graphic file and audio formats.

133)   getElementsByTagName Method
getElementsByTagName Method is a method which can be used by the webmasters and programmers to get an extensive idea with in-built Flash XML object by using the Flash Actionscript.

134)   Variables 101
This tutorial is essential for beginners as it outlines the basic principles of Variables and their use in Flash Action scripting. It assumes that you do not have any programming knowledge and comes with assessment questions as well as a number of examples.

135)   3D Photo Revolution
3DPR is a VR viewer (Virtual Reality) in Flash. Ideal for interactive presentations of works of art, sculptures and collectors objects. Without software. Without programming. Without installation. All webmasters, artists and photographers can use it with simple JPG photos.

136)   Sliding Puzzle Component for Flash
Build easily your own sliding puzzles with flash using this component

137)   3D Flash Animator Ver 3.0
Innovative Flash Animation Software with a galaxy of features comparable to the best in the industry. It is an excellent tool for developing Games and other flash applications. Compares with the best, but does not cost as much.

138)   Flash Web Site Builder
Hoover Web Design's Flash Builder will allow you to design a Flash Web Site for your Business or Personal use without knowledge of Macromedia Flash. Build your site online by selecting your photo, colors, and text. Your web site will be sent to you automatically via email.

139)   Asteroid Dodge
Asteroid Dodge is a flash game which can be used for entertainment. This game is very interesting and interactive for the users. Controls are very simple and easy.

140)   Introduction to Flash Buttons
This is a tutorial that describes in detail about the basics of creating buttons using Flash. It educates the user how to handle the different types of objects in flash.

141)   Flash 2004 Progressive FLV Video Player
Flash 2004 Progressive FLV Video Player is a program that comes with the ability to provide an experience of the latest Flash player for those who do not have that.

142)   FM2.5 - Frunder Flash Menu
Professional Flash Menu with sliding submenus that is fully customizable without using Macromedia Flash. Dynamically change text, color, horizontal or vertical alignment, menu options, alpha, border options, and more. Over 110 Options.

143)   FEX Clock - Clean
The FEX Clock Series are an incredible set of Clock that can be personalized with style and elegance.

144)   Wooden flash menu
Wooden flash menu is a flash based menu which can be loaded by the webmasters on their websites for presentations. This design can be easily integrated with any type of websites.

145)   AEM ImageFader Flash Applet
This is the classic ImageFader applet that fades each image against each other, that produces a beautiful slideshow.

146)   Flash Interactive Cartoon Maker by Cartoon Magic
Flash Interactive Cartoon Maker by Cartoon Magic lets the visitors to create their own cartoon in this website.

147)   Ameya
Ameya offers three programs for the users to use the Flash files on their sites. It provides programs to create empty movieclip constructor and analog clock in Flash scripts and to attach movieclip in Flash scripts.

148)   FEX F-Cart Paypal for Flash
The FEX F-Cart PayPal for Flash is a shopping cart fully powered with XML and directly integrated with PayPal shopping cart features, very fast to customize and with less than 30 minutes is ready to begin to sell.

149)   Bouncing effect in Flash
This tutorial will teach you how to create a bouncing effect animation using Motion Tween and Shape Tween in Flash MX 2004. The .fla download file is included at the end of the tutorial.

150)   Hit Santa with a snow ball
Hit Santa with a snow ball is a macromedia animation, which can be added by the users on their websites. This animation can be included on any type of websites.

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