Top 151-200 Flash scripts

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151)   Expectal Photo Gallery
Flash Photo Gallery for your website. Expectal Photo Gallery presents your photos on your website in a PROFESSIONAL manner.

152)   Flash MX | XML Link Loader
Flash MX | XML Link Loader is a tool which can be used by the webmasters to parse their links from XML files. This is an easy to use tool for the users.

153)   SWF Protect 1.0
SWF Protect 1.0 Encrypt and Protect your Macromedia Flash® Files.

154)   Flash Templates by provides flash templates to the webmasters for their websites. All flash templates include the source files with them.

155)   RSS Reader
This simple RSS reader can parse XML from flash files and displays only the important elements from the news feed.

156)   If Action
A short tutorial on the "if" action in Actionscript. This covers description, basic syntax, and examples.

157)   NewsLine by Cool Focus
This is an animated horizontal news headline display in the type writer style. It supports unlimited headlines in individual text colors linked to their own URLs. The speed of animation can be regulated and supports sound.

158)   FlappMenu UI
FlappMenu is a flash based menu builder which can be used on your web applications. You can add any number of buttons in this menu and it is customizable.

159)   URL Action Editor
This utility, lets you edit URL-related actions in SWF files. This is useful if you lose the FLA source and need to change the URL addresses. In case there are graphical symbols referring to those URLs, the utility will also let you hide/change certain types of symbols.

160)   Content Manager Flash and PHP
create an external admin panel to modify content of a Flash movie without the need to edit an .fla file.

161)   Simple Flash Preloader
This tutorial will explain how to create a simple Preloader in Flash MX 2004.

162)   Flash MX | PHP User Authentication
A sophisticated, but simple to use Flash MX/PHP/MySQL user authentication system that allows you to protect your flash pages. It utilizes PHP/MySQL for quick interaction. All necessary files included as well as detailed instructions on how to set everything up. Files include source fla and table.sql file for easy database configuration.

163)   Flash Banners V1
Flash Banners V1 is a flash utility which lets the webmasters to create a Flash text banner for their website. It is easy to use and customize this tool for any website.

164)   Mailman
This is a powerful flash applet that allows you to include mail forms on your website to enable your site visitors to send messages from within your webpages.

165)   StoryBoard by Cool Focus
This vertically scrolling display control supports unlimited items with independent URLs. Available options include HTML tags for bold, italic and underlined text, line and paragraph breaks, separate fonts, styles, colors and more.

166)   DS SnowFade
This Flash based utility helps you to display the snow effect in the background.

167)   How to start this ActionScript Stuff?
This is a simple and easy to learn flash tutorial in which the author teaches you about the action scripts in Flash. This tutorial is useful for the novice programmers.

168)   3D Fobwatch Clock
3D Fobwatch Clock, a web based clock for the webmasters to display on their web pages. This utility gets the time from client side PC’s clock.

169)   InstantFX SE Flash Slide Puzzle Maker
Create cool slide puzzles for promotion, online games or just for fun using any JPG image. Create 3x3 or 4x4 slide puzzles with output direct to any web pages, direct to MS Frontpage (Addin Included) or to Windows EXE. Many options to customise (color, text, sound etc).

170)   FlaMXPHPGbook - Flash MX Guest book
FlaMXPHPGbook - Flash MX Guest book is a guest book program which can be used to store the comments on PHP installed sever.This Flash MX program can be easily customized on any PHP installed server.

171)   AniMenu by Cool Focus
This is a two level vertical menu. The items on the first level either act as links or contain the pane of second level items. It allows items to have gradient fills, act as html links or have a timed hover delay.

172)   Cool Focus Elevator
Elevator is a powerful, compact multi-level menu. Items can be nested up to 8 levels deep, each linking to its own URL and frame target. Two buttons at the top of the menu lead to the next lower level or to level 1. Non-reactive separators can be placed anywhere on the menu.

173)   Cascade Flash Digital Clock
This is a smartClip that allows you to add a traditional LCD Digital Clock Display to your Flash movies. This allows you to configure the colors used in the clock, thereby giving it a different look.

174)   SWF Extractor
This is the fla file for flash site. It has some workarounds, some sounds are to be added, some navigation bugs to be removed, much more interactivity to be added and an XML module is also to be added in the download section to sync it with the main site. It's a work in progress, but still very much complete in one sense.

175) allows you to build sites quickly on the basis of your choice of several components, such as background colors, background image, soundtrack, image filters and navigational interface. No programming is necessary for working with this site

176)   Gchats 3d Virtual Chat
Innovated 3d web-based flash chat and messenger virtual world for your website.

177)   BRIBBLE Free Flash Chat Box
BRIBBLE is a flash based complete chat system that can easely added to your website. Supporting themes and smileys and up to 1000+ users. We also provide to full source for download.

178)   DropBar by Cool Focus
This two level fading and sliding horizontal menu looks like a simple button bar. It supports sound effects, colors, fonts, gradient fills and vertically expanding second level buttons.

179) is a website in which the visitors can find several swf and fla component files for free of cost. This will be useful for the Flash users to develop their websites on Flash.

180)   Flasm
Flasm can be used by the users to make changes in the action scripts on their SWF files by disassembling and compiling after the changes are made. The users can compile all contents of the SWF flies by using this tool.

181)   Cool Focus TabPanel
TabPanel is a 2-level tabbed menu consisting of an unlimited number of tabs arranged horizontally in a single row above the main panel. Selecting a new tab displays an unlimited number of text-buttons on the main panel. Parameters allow full customization of all colors, fonts and styles.

182)   150+ Text Effects Components - PJ and Supreme4 Flash MX plugins
More then 150 customizable Flash Text Effects components / plugins for Macromedia Flash MX software. Now you can easily animate your fonts, letters or text directly in Flash.

183)   Swish lite
Swish lite can be used by the users to create flash animation including images, text and sounds. It comes with dozens of ready to use text effects for good convenience.

184)   Templates247
It is a collection of simple readymade flash website templates which can be customized according to your desire. It allows you to customize your text, sound and images.

185)   Using Flash
This article explains that what and how of Macromedia Flash. It will also help you to do the first steps with Flash.

186)   Free Flash Templates & Open Source Code
A collection of flash files and open source code.

187)   FlashClock
FlashClock is a program with which users can create a clock on Flash. This is an easy to use program.

188)   Flash Drawing
This is a Flash tutorial that helps you in knowing the details of using various tools that are available in the flash toolbar. Screenshots are provided to understand easily without the help of anyone.

189)   KirupaForum
This is a shocked Flash resource for tutorials, downloads, support, links and a number of other facilities.

190)   SWF, Lock & Load
It is a web based flash software through which programmers can generate a flash reloader by which the webmasters can attract the visitors to their website. This software offers several attractive features.

191)   Flash Sound On and Off Button
By reading this article you would be able to employ flash actionscript to create flash musical on and off buttons for your web applications.

192)   FusionCharts Instrumentation Suite
A collection of Macromedia Flash based animated instrumentation controls like Angular, Meter, LED, Linear, Cylinder, Real Time Line and Bulb Gauge used to develop realistic instrument panels and financial applications.

193)   Simple Digital Clock
This tutorial will explain how to create a digital Clock in Flash MX 2004. The download .fla file is also included at the end of the tutorial.

194)   Flashgimp
Flashgimp is an online resource site for Macromedia, Photoshop, Max, 2D, 3D, Flash, PHP scripting & development for the designers on the internet. With flashgimp you can learn, grow and develop new skills as a designer in all mediums such as graphic design, animation, 3D, programming, web design, typography, photography’.

195)   Flash MX | PHP Tell a Friend
Flash MX | PHP Tell a Friend is a simple way to add a tell a friend script to your flash website. Visitors simply enter their name and email address as well as their friend's name and email address and hit send. Thats it. The person that recommends your site will receive a thank yo uemail and the person that your website is recommended to receives and email containing the link. You can customize the thank you email as well as many other attributes.

196)   DS SlideFade
It is a simple flash application which can be integareted into users website inorder to display the images with slide fade effects.

197)   Demo of Dynamic Tetris
Dynamic Tetris is a game which lets the users to have a basic game on their website. It can run only in the Flash player version 6 and it is easy to customize this program.

198)   Flash Vs Animated Gifs
This is a tutorial that teaches you about the difference between the flash and animated Gif images. After learning this tutorial, beginners will be able to differentiate flash and animated Gifs.

199)   SharedObjects in Flash MX
This tutorial teaches you everything about this script that allow you to store information like a cookie on a user's system from within Flash. The tutorial teaches the entire set of applications and also how to write good code so as to create and retrieve them when desired.

200)   FeedMe
FeedMe is a simple flash based software capable of fetching news feeds from various sources and gives you the ability to modify the colors and font styles of the RSS feed as you wish.

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