Top 201-250 Flash scripts

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201)   AEM RotateImage Flash Applet
This slideshow will rotate away your images with an optional swaying motion. This Flash applet let's you create Flash movies on the fly It offers features like You can set the image compression, You can set the rotation speed and swaying motion and You can even specify an URL for each image

202)   Becoming a Flash 5 Master
Becoming a Flash 5 Master is a tutorial that provides the ways for the learners of flash to become the masters of flash. This tutorial provides benefits both to the basic learners and well versed developers of flash.

203)   Cowtoon Avatar Chatroom builder
Avatar Chat is an online multiuser flash based chat room, users could walk around different room to chat with each other and meet new friends.

204)   FlashMash
FlashMash helps you to build a Flash movie on the fly with an easy-to-use Web forms wizard offered by the utility. It offers MashCard, an easy-to-use, online interface to create your own Flash movies that can be pressed onto business card-sized CDs.

205)   Adding Sound In Flash
Adding Sound In Flash is a tutorial that assists the users in adding sounds in flash animations that makes it more attractive.

206)   Arsa's Flash News Ticker
Arsa's Flash News Ticker is an Flash component that autoscrolls news. Easy setup behaviour, direction, margins, fonts, opacity, ets. Also Arsa's Flash News Ticker uses simple XML structure.

207)   Smosh's Flash Templates
This is a simple collection of attractive web based templates built with flash. You can use these templates in designing your websites and the layout.

Royalty free sound effects, Flash Button Sounds and Background Music. Download Soundscapes and Atmospheres for webmasters and game developers.

209)   De Flash v1.1
De Flash is a SWF DECOMPILER which can decomile swf to actionscript, images, mp3 and vecotr shapes.

210)   Patchwork
Patchwork is a feature rich tool to create and compile a seamless photo montage which can be used to tile or border the background of your home page, Desktop, CD-covers etc. The program provides detailed control over the appearance of the collage.

211) is a resource where Developers can come together with the common goal of adding interactive audio to the Web, Wireless and Digital Devices as well as advancing the development of the underlying interactive audio technologies. It also offers tutorials on Flash sound.

212)'s Flash templates provides the website administrators with a set of flash templates. It provides customizable templates which can be used for various purposes.

213)   Director Basics
Director Basics is a tutorial that teaches the users about the popular multimedia formats. This tutorial benefits the basic and advanced users of flash.

214)   3D Halloween Skull
3D Halloween Skull is a flash program which rotates the 3D loop of the skull around 360 degrees under a spot light. This flash program can be easily installed on your web applications.

215)   SharedObjects
SharedObjects is a tutorial that teaches about the shared objects, which is the main feature of Flash MX, used for local data storage. This is for people with intermediate skills in flash.

216)   A4Flash -- Flash Templates Gallery for website & intros
A4Flash -- Flash Templates Gallery for website & intros is a website which offers webmasters one-stop solutions to carryout their programming needs in Flash.

217)   Flash-XML News Ticker
Flash-XML News Ticker is a flash program that provides the headline news in the format of banner ads. The news data is sent to the flash movie through an XML file.

218)   Event Calendar
Event Calendar is very simple to use online calendar and event schedular, this can be of much use for online communities.

FLASHCARTOONS.ORG is a site that features tutorials on Flash, Shockwave games, many Flash cartoons such as Mario and the Princess. It also has a Zelda A Link To A Gentleman’s Club, and many other animations, that can be used.

220)   CoffeeCup Flash Blogger
Flash Blogger allows you to create, edit and publish your blog site.

221)   ImageMatics PE Slide Show Software
ImageMatics PE Slide Show Software can be used by the users as a powerful flash tool for the webdesigners and flash developers. This software also helps the users in creating slide shows, auto run CD ROM, web pages etc.,

222)   FlaX
FlaX creates in real time, text effects for Macromedia Flash. It comes with 35 special effects, that the user can tweak using sliders and buttons. Any adjustment that are made takes effect immediately.

223)   Flash Intro and Banner Builder
Amara Flash Intro and Banner Builder is the ultimate Flash text effect tool to help the web designer create and design animated Flash intros, Flash banners, Flash ads, Flash pop-ups and any other Flash animation.

224)   Flash 101 (part 3): Bouncing Around
This tutorial shows you how Flash's powerful tweening tools can help you create good-looking animation clips with minimal time and effort. Also covered: shape hints and motion guides.

225)   Flash Web Menu
menu solution for your web sites or flash navigation.

226)   NeonBar by Cool Focus
This is a horizontal button bar in a single level. Salient features are fading of buttons, changing button colors, text colors , colored horizontal divider lines, gradient fills and quick link to home and email.

227)   Loris Vector Map Engine
Loris Vector Map Engine (LVME) provides an easy way to integrate functionally rich interactive maps into any web application - from simple static HTML page to sophisticate database-driven sites. Main module can work with external loadable vector (or bitmap) maps and allows basic map exploration functions - zooming, panning, etc.

228)   Flashing Without Flash
Flashing Without Flash is a tutorial that teaches the users how to create flash animation without using flash. This tutorial benefits the users who do not have any knowledge of flash.

229)   Flash Audio Kit extension for Dreamweaver
Easily add universally-compatible audio to your website in Dreamweaver. Layouts, buttons, & more are all customizable. The wizards make every aspect easy to manage.

230)   Flash Kit: Movies
Flash Kit offers one of the largest archives of Open Source Flash Movies. The categories included are 3D, Animations, Applications, Effects, Games, Scripting, and more.

231)   zxChart
zxChart creates dynamic charts in the Macromedia Flash™ SWF format. Software based on the Macromedia Flash™ technology and may be used on any platform. Does not require knowledges of Macromedia Flash™.

232)   FlashMaster Creative
FlashMaster Creative is a simple screensaver creator for macromedia flash and director. This can also be used with other SWF file generating programs.

233)   PixelJunction
Photoshop Tutorials, Dreamweaver tutorials, Free interfaces, Free Web Templates, and much more.

234)   Funky binary menu
Funky binary menu is a flash based animation which can be used by the webmasters to their websites for presentations. This animation has a menu system which provides links to other information on your website.

235)   SWF Media Browser
The SWF Media Browser lets you find and organize your SWF Media files efficiently. SWF Media Browser also provides many movie manipulation functions,include making wallpaper,swf2exe,making screen saver,extract music and so on.

236)   Altermind Temp Forum
Altermind Temp Forum is an online commununity offers a message board, flash resources and more.

237)   Flash.Pro
A Flash resource site offering weekly updated news, articles, tutorials, movies (FLA files), a userforum, coolsites, projects, etc.

238)   DS Stars3D
This flash animation displays a stars effect.

239)   Flash Masking
Flash Masking is a tutorial that helps the users in applying mask to the flash movie files. This tutorial can be used by people who are well versed in flash animation.

240)   Flashstar
Flashstar is a German site. This site offers free flash files and flash actionscript examples for flash developers.

241)   Passing Parameter to Flash Movie
Passing Parameter to Flash Movie is a tutorial that teaches the readers how to pass parameters to a flash movie using query strings.

242)   HotStrip by Cool Focus
This is a compact menu that’s specifically designed for a narrow frame. The links come onto the main frame and each color as well font is editable. Current link remains highlighted, has transparent applets, sound and image are supported.

243)   FEX Clock Pack I
The FEX Clock Pack is an incredible set of Clock that can be personalized with style and elegance!

244)   Graffiti Wall
Graffiti Wall is an application, which allows the end users to communicate with the webmasters. This tool is a powerful community builder that enables the users to post messages on your site.

245)   Building with Flash and MySQL
Building with Flash and MySQL is a tutorial that guides the users how to create a complete balance between the flash frontend design and MySQL backend database.

246)   Scratch and Win game
This scratch and win feature has been written in Flash and allows your visitors to win prizes if they scratch a winning ticket. This is customizable and allows you to designate the odds, maximum people to win, listing of email addresses of winners and many more.

247)   Web design templates
This is an online collection of customizable flash templates categorized on different themes using which you would be able to build web applications.

This site offers a variety of award winning Flash open source that have been featured on,, Ultrashock, and many more.

249)   Flash Number Input
Flash Number Input is a tool which can be used to get number inputs from the website visitors for usage in calculator for calculating any mathematical equation or online calculation for the users to do a tax calculation or any thing else for their the visitors.

250)   Echovibes
Echovibes offers their services in serving with needed sounds for the flash designers to create their webpages with sound effects. The users can have it for free.

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