Top 351-400 Flash scripts

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351)   Flash Audio Kit extension for Dreamweaver
Easily add universally-compatible audio to your website in Dreamweaver. Layouts, buttons, & more are all customizable. The wizards make every aspect easy to manage.

352)   123 Flash Chat server
123 Flash Chat server is a software which can be used by the flash users to have a chat client on their websites or on others forum, intranet and extranet portals.

353)   movies @
This offers a categorized Flash movie archive which is available for download. The categories included are Scripting movies, Special effects, Text effects, Video in Flash, and 3D effects

354)   Streaming MP3 Player
This program can be used for streaming Mp3 songs and flash movies from websites. It offers volume control and random play. Users can modify multi albums and songs easily.

355)   Generated List Scroller
The Generated List Scroller is a system that creates a scrollable list in a flashmovie, generated from an external TXT file. It has been developed to create systems/structures that use greater amounts of external SWF-files which change or must be updated regularly.

356)   Flash Templates from SmartWebby
Smart, eye-catching & affordable Flash Templates that can be customized just using Dreamweaver & Fireworks. These templates with Flash headers are ideal for both business & personal web sites. You can easily modify the text appearing using notepad. Some templates display replaceable dynamic images.

357)   Pretty Screen Saver
No programming skills needed! Make your own screen saver with your favorite flash movies in senconds with Pretty screen saver!

358)   Flash 5 Bible offers an online message board about the Flash 5 Bible and other Flash Bible related topics.

359)   Swish max
Swish max is a powerfull tool which lets the users to create their flash websites. It contains 230 new effects to meetout the needs of the users in creating an interactive flash presentation.

360)   Working with Layers in Flash MX 2004
This is a simple article that guides you to work with layers and the method of including layers on tweens through the advanced flash MX technology.

361)   Audio CD Maker
This software is used to create audio CD with MP3 files. It's a simple and easy way to create good brand audio CD's. It can be played in any kind of players. It records files in a very high speed that helps the user in quick burning.

362)   Linx Flash editor
Linx Flash editor can be used by the users in editing, manipulating and combining SWF files. It is easy to use this program and create Flash files.

363)   Using the flash tool bar
Using the flash tool bar is a tutorial that teaches the readers how to use flash tools to create flash animation. This tutorial can be used by the basic learners of flash.

364)   DS Stars
This is a simple Flash tool which helps you to display a start effect on your web sites. You can enhance the attractiveness of your web site using this tool.

This is an online website offering custom solutions for webmasters who are looking for freelance workers from various parts of the world to work on their projects.

366)   AEM FadeTreeMenu Flash Applet
This advanced multilevel tree menu will display your menu items in an impressive way. Menu items will fade into the Flash applet, each time you select a parent menu item. It supports background images for both the applet and the menu items.

367)   KoolMoves
Koolmoves is a Web animation software for creating Flash animated web pages, banners, navigation systems, and introduction pages. It lets you combine and manipulate text, images, shapes, vector clip art, and sounds to create Flash movies as well as frames for animated GIFs

368)   Flash 101 (part 2): Lights, Camera, Flash!
In this second part of the Flash 101 introductory tutorial series explains a few other basic concepts such as symbols, frames and the library. It also illustrates the process of exporting a Flash movie and embedding it into a Web page.

369)   Click4Ward.Net
Click4Ward.Net is a collection of open ActionScript and JavaScript codes. It also includes excellent samples by Mustafa Basgun.

370)   Favourite Website Awards
Favourite Website Awards is a site that includes an easy to browse directory of winners and interviews with some of the world's leading flash masters and motion graphics experts.It also offers a daily updated list of winners caliber in the cutting edge Technologies.

371)   Local Flash FLV Video & MP3 Player
Local Flash FLV Video & MP3 Player is an application which can be used by the webmasters to verify the properties of any FLV or MP3 file on their system.

372)   Pope de Flash
Pope de Flash Your 3D community is a discussion forum powered by vBulletin.

373)   Empressnet
We provide Free customizable Flash templates, marketing help, Free special reports, Webdesign tutorials, Webdesign News, MLM tips.

374)   Fixing Fonts In Flash
Fixing Fonts In Flash is a tutorial that teaches the users how to embed the pixel fonts in flash to avoid the blurry look after converting it into a swf file.

375)   RedFrameKit
This allows creation of Flash website, Flash PocketPC website, Flash electronic business cards, Flash email commercials, Flash presentation and much more. It has an easy template download from within the software and does not require programming knowledge.

376)   X-Chat
X-Chat is FLASH5 client for jChatBox server. It is based on XML communication. X-Chat is provided by and is available for free.

377)   fXgraph 3D
A Flash-based animated graphing product for the Web. Compatible with many server-side scripting languages

378)   Envision
Envision is the premiere Screen Recording/Capture extension for Flash MX 2004 used to create Desktop Screen Captures, Product Demonstrations , Interactive Tutorials , Corporate Training , eLearning Material and more...

379)   Help 4 Flash
This is a resource/community site for Flash developers. It offers downloadable movies, sounds, tutorials, links, and forums.

380)   Cool Focus SlideBar
SlideBar is a two-level horizontal menu. Bars containing second-level links slide out horizontally when the mouse moves over a first-level label. The menu can be aligned to the left or right of the page and items slide out in the appropriate direction.

381)   SwiSH
With SWiSH you can create professional Flash animations very easily without even buying Flash. SWiSH is so easy to use, you'll be able to produce complex animations with text, images, graphics and sound in no time.

382)   AMediuM
AMediuM is a media designing company and this team including web and flash designers, professional 2D and 3d designers, business consultants etc.

383)   Dynamic Flash Menu - Frunder FM1
Frunder Flash Menu is a dynamic flash menu that allows the user to dynamically change menu options.

384)   Color Picker Pro
Color Picker Pro v1 is a professional Macromedia FLASH component that can be used along with your flash movies.

385)   Flash4D V.3
Flash4D lets the webmasters to create intros on their flash websites. It provides its service in simplest process and it permits the users to be used as both online and offline programs.

386)   FLASH Templates by My Template Network
My Template Network provides flash templates with full flash sources and flash intros. In this website the users can obtain flash templates designed by some good designers.

387)   Flash Studio PRO
This compile a SWF file into a fully customizable projector or screensaver. It also extends Flash Actionscript with over 90 new and extremely powerful fs commands, including advanced commands that allow database connection, real time socket communication and true video and HTML support for real multimedia capabilities

388)   Flash Photo Gallery
Flash Photo Gallery is a program which can be used by the webmasters to set an album for their personal photographs on their flash websites. It has many enhanced features.

389)   dotdragnet Flash
DotDragNet is a community for people on the internet - it's non-excluding, stands for free speech, and aims to be a useful place to get information, help with web related issues, and have fun!

390)   Flash Site Navigation Menu
Flash Site Navigation Menu is a highly configurable web site navigation solution for small sites. Menu structure and visual appearance are defined through an XML file. Small, highly performance, and easy to use. It can be either vertical or horizontal.

391) is an online community for flash users. Website offers chat, games, help, and advice.

392)   Blurr Design's VideoRecorder
This video recorder will help you to stream video over the internet and also to send an audio video email message to any desired mail address with advanced audio and video recordings.

393)   Wild FX Pro Video Titling and Text Animation Software
Wild FX Pro Video Titling and Text Animation Software can be used by the users as a text animation software. By using this program the users can build text effects on flash.

394)   Flash online forums by Macromedia
Macromedia Flash Online Forums.

395)   19.5 fla
This is the fla(source) file for the flash site. Some sounds are to be added, some navigation bugs to be removed, much more interactivity to be added and an XML module is also to be added in the download section to sync it with the main site.

396)   Pop Templates :: Flash, PHP-Nuke, and More Website Templates
Pop Templates :: Flash, PHP-Nuke, and More Website Templates

397)   Flash Banner Now
This allows creation of Flash banners using only your browser. Uploaded images can be used backgrounds, you can embed your logo into flash banners and save your ads for future updates.

398)   Action Script Viewer
Action Script Viewer (ASViewer) is a Windows application that lets you view the ActionScripts in SWF files. ASViewer assists you to decompile action scripts in a SWF file and presents a Flash compatible (compilable) text of the script. It offers other features like script text for Movie Clips, Frames and Buttons, All Frame Labelsand so on

399)   FlashAdvisor new
This is a Flash open developer resource site that offers free flash movies, Message Board, Resources, Sound Library, tutorials, Knowledge Base, FAQ, lessons, etc.

400)   Console
Console is a flash page which is based on the old computer console type and provides special features such as search box, scroll bar, nav bar etc.

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