1-50 FLA Movies (Flash) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Flash MX | XML Transition Gallery
Flash MX | XML Transition Gallery is a simple gallery that requires absolutely zero editing.

2)   Flash Slide Show Applets
This offers a downloadable package of categorized ready to use Flash slide show applets. The package includes 20 customizable special effects and it lets you create flash slideshow, flash menu, and flash text effect for as many web sites as you wish.

3)   Flash Slide Show Tool
FhSlide is a tool which can be used by the webmasters to display slideshows on their websites. FhSlide is a flexible tool which provides easy modifications of the images.

4)   Flash PNP Image Gallery
Flash PNP Image Gallery is a tool for providing flash image gallery for your websites. They allow the administrators to replace the flash files to change the appearance of the image gallery.

5)   Flash Slideshow
Flash Slideshow is a tool which allows the webmasters to include flash slideshows in their websites. They can customize this program for their needs.

6)   SlideBar by Cool Focus
This two level horizontal menu has the second level sliding horizontally from the first level. The application supports mouse hover hove, fading, gradient fill, different fonts and styles, separate colors for both levels and many more.

7)   Flash Random Link
Flash Random Link is a flash button that opens different links randomly. This tool can be used to add random links to any type of website.

8)   PicStrip by Cool Focus
This image scroller displays unlimited images in a horizontal strip. This permits selection of scroll direction as well as speed with mouse movement. Options include editable background color, spacing between mages and many more.

9)   Flash Color Picker
Flash Color Picker is an easy to use tool which can be added to the websites to enhance its dynamic features. This is a tool which will allow the website visitors to select and customize the colors.

10)   Memory game with highscore
This is a memory game with nice cat pictures. You can choose between 10 speed level (0=slowest 9=fastest). The highscore will be saved in a file on webserver (PHP script) or in a local file (shared objects).

11)   PhotoBook
PhotoBook is a simple image slideshow that loads data froman external XML file.

12)   XML-menu with submenus
The third version of XML-menu, that allows you to add different icons to the menu, set the url and target to post to. All values are stored in the XML-file, and you can add menu items and sub-menu items as much as you want.

13)   Frunder Flash Menu 2
Frunder Flash Menu is a simple Flash menu generator tool using which you can create flash menus with sliding submenus on your website. This tool is easily customizable

14)   Harry Potter Quidditch Flash Game
Harry Potter Quidditch Game is a flash game which can be used for entertainment. Anyone can install this game on their website. It is both interactive as well as an interesting game.

15)   Flash DS ImageScroll
This software is used to produce special effects of images and texts. This software can be used to scroll images and texts of your choice in any direction. It can be used to decorate websites.

16)   Flash MX | XML MP3 Loader
Flash MX | XML MP3 Loader. Loads mp3's from an easy to edit XML file. Title of mp3 as well as the artist included. No need to edit the fla file unless you want to change the looks of it. Everything is included, fla, xml file and sample mp3 files as well as complete editing instructions. Check out the demo.

17)   XML NewsTicker with links
A XML-ticker that uses an XML-file for input. You can attach a link to each ticker-line, so when you click on the ticker, a page linked to that specified ticker-line will be opened. You can add as many sentences as you want, just add them to the XML-file.

18)   Flashcentric
Flashcentric are providers of solutions for FLASH based web technologies. They have a collection of readymade FLASH programs for the use of webmasters.

19)   Flash Video Player (FLV)
This program is used for creating flash video player. This program allows users to customize the player easily and it offers many important features.

20)   Advanced Flash Preloader
Advanced Preloader, Loader. Shows Bytes Loaded, Total Bytes and Percentage Complete, Looks Really Professional! Easy to Use. Comes with Instructions, just in case!

21)   Shooting Gallery
This is a simple game software through which you would be able to enjoy online shooting for yourself and win points based on the target you shoot.

22)   Flash open source for flash developer and beginners
Flash open source for flash developer and beginners

23)   Jigsaw Puzzle Component for Flash
Build easily your own puzzles with flash using this component

24)   Snake with ASP highscores
Snake with ASP highscores is a snake game just like the original game, but there is a top 15 highscore attached to it. It is a free game and can run on Windows platform.

25)   Flash Puzzle - Dragons
Simple Puzzle is a Flash game which can be used for entertainment. This puzzle works on a drag and drop basis. This game can be placed on all the websites.

26)   FlashCam
FlashCam is a tool for easy integration of webcam to any website and it takes full control over the presentation on the website.

27)   Cool Focus DropBar
DropBar is a 2-level fading and sliding horizontal menu. Hovering over a first-level button can reveal a second level of buttons below. Items can use gradient fills, and any item can act as a link. The second-level strip expands into and out of view vertically, and buttons fade between colors.

28)   Fruity Slots
This is a slots game, but quite unlike the other slots-games. You must try to get as many rows of 3 of the same fruits as possible. You need to get more than 100 points each time, if you do then you win, else you lose. You can also chose your stake (1-5.

29)   Simple AM and PM Flash Clock
Simple AM and PM Flash Clock is like an ordinary clock with an additional feature of telling whether it is AM or PM. It is very compact and hence can be placed on any small flash area.

30)   Asteroid Dodge
Asteroid Dodge is a flash game which can be used for entertainment. This game is very interesting and interactive for the users. Controls are very simple and easy.

31)   Wooden flash menu
Wooden flash menu is a flash based menu which can be loaded by the webmasters on their websites for presentations. This design can be easily integrated with any type of websites.

32)   AEM ImageFader Flash Applet
This is the classic ImageFader applet that fades each image against each other, that produces a beautiful slideshow.

33)   Hit Santa with a snow ball
Hit Santa with a snow ball is a macromedia animation, which can be added by the users on their websites. This animation can be included on any type of websites.

34)   NewsLine by Cool Focus
This is an animated horizontal news headline display in the type writer style. It supports unlimited headlines in individual text colors linked to their own URLs. The speed of animation can be regulated and supports sound.

35)   FlappMenu UI
FlappMenu is a flash based menu builder which can be used on your web applications. You can add any number of buttons in this menu and it is customizable.

36)   Flash MX | PHP User Authentication
A sophisticated, but simple to use Flash MX/PHP/MySQL user authentication system that allows you to protect your flash pages. It utilizes PHP/MySQL for quick interaction. All necessary files included as well as detailed instructions on how to set everything up. Files include source fla and table.sql file for easy database configuration.

37)   StoryBoard by Cool Focus
This vertically scrolling display control supports unlimited items with independent URLs. Available options include HTML tags for bold, italic and underlined text, line and paragraph breaks, separate fonts, styles, colors and more.

38)   DS SnowFade
This Flash based utility helps you to display the snow effect in the background.

39)   AniMenu by Cool Focus
This is a two level vertical menu. The items on the first level either act as links or contain the pane of second level items. It allows items to have gradient fills, act as html links or have a timed hover delay.

40)   Cool Focus Elevator
Elevator is a powerful, compact multi-level menu. Items can be nested up to 8 levels deep, each linking to its own URL and frame target. Two buttons at the top of the menu lead to the next lower level or to level 1. Non-reactive separators can be placed anywhere on the menu.

41)   Cascade Flash Digital Clock
This is a smartClip that allows you to add a traditional LCD Digital Clock Display to your Flash movies. This allows you to configure the colors used in the clock, thereby giving it a different look.

42)   DropBar by Cool Focus
This two level fading and sliding horizontal menu looks like a simple button bar. It supports sound effects, colors, fonts, gradient fills and vertically expanding second level buttons.

43)   Cool Focus TabPanel
TabPanel is a 2-level tabbed menu consisting of an unlimited number of tabs arranged horizontally in a single row above the main panel. Selecting a new tab displays an unlimited number of text-buttons on the main panel. Parameters allow full customization of all colors, fonts and styles.

44)   FlashClock
FlashClock is a program with which users can create a clock on Flash. This is an easy to use program.

45)   Flash MX | PHP Tell a Friend
Flash MX | PHP Tell a Friend is a simple way to add a tell a friend script to your flash website. Visitors simply enter their name and email address as well as their friend's name and email address and hit send. Thats it. The person that recommends your site will receive a thank yo uemail and the person that your website is recommended to receives and email containing the link. You can customize the thank you email as well as many other attributes.

46)   DS SlideFade
It is a simple flash application which can be integareted into users website inorder to display the images with slide fade effects.

47)   FeedMe
FeedMe is a simple flash based software capable of fetching news feeds from various sources and gives you the ability to modify the colors and font styles of the RSS feed as you wish.

48)   AEM RotateImage Flash Applet
This slideshow will rotate away your images with an optional swaying motion. This Flash applet let's you create Flash movies on the fly It offers features like You can set the image compression, You can set the rotation speed and swaying motion and You can even specify an URL for each image

49)   Canzine.com's Flash templates
Canzine.com provides the website administrators with a set of flash templates. It provides customizable templates which can be used for various purposes.

50)   Flash-XML News Ticker
Flash-XML News Ticker is a flash program that provides the headline news in the format of banner ads. The news data is sent to the flash movie through an XML file.

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