1-25 Miscellaneous (Flash) scripts (listed after popularity)

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1)   How to make flash (.swf) transparent
This is an useful Flash tutorial in which the author shows two ways for making the flash file transparent. The author explains it with a sample program.

2)   Flashlet Clock
This is an attractive and dynamic clock flashlet that can be used on any active website to display an analog clock with date.

3)   Custom Curser in Flash
This tutorial will teach you how to create a custom curser for your flash movie. Here we will be using movieclip symbol and little bit of actionscript to develop custom cursor. The .fla download file is included at the end of the tutorial.

4)   Passing data from Flash to PHP
Passing data from Flash to PHP is a tutorial that teaches how the data sent by the users are passed from Flash to PHP and processed on the server side.

5)   RSS Reader
This simple RSS reader can parse XML from flash files and displays only the important elements from the news feed.

6)   Mailman
This is a powerful flash applet that allows you to include mail forms on your website to enable your site visitors to send messages from within your webpages.

7)   Templates247
It is a collection of simple readymade flash website templates which can be customized according to your desire. It allows you to customize your text, sound and images.

8)   Flash Drawing
This is a Flash tutorial that helps you in knowing the details of using various tools that are available in the flash toolbar. Screenshots are provided to understand easily without the help of anyone.

9)   Flash Vs Animated Gifs
This is a tutorial that teaches you about the difference between the flash and animated Gif images. After learning this tutorial, beginners will be able to differentiate flash and animated Gifs.

10)   Flash Masking
Flash Masking is a tutorial that helps the users in applying mask to the flash movie files. This tutorial can be used by people who are well versed in flash animation.

11)   Passing Parameter to Flash Movie
Passing Parameter to Flash Movie is a tutorial that teaches the readers how to pass parameters to a flash movie using query strings.

12)   Toon Doctor MX 101
Toon Doctor MX 101 is the compilation of the frequently asked questions of flash users. It provides the solution through animated tutorials.

13)   Calling Flash Method from Javascript
Calling Flash Method from Javascript is a tutorial that provides some examples to the users how to access the flash movie's methods from javascripts.

14)   flash sky clock
flash sky clock is an interactive flash application that will show you the exact time of your local area by representing the sky condition.

15)   Flash Vs Java Applets
This is a Flash Tutorial which will be useful for beginners in Flash that describes the difference between Java applets and Flash. By the end of this tutorial, the learners will be able to understand the concepts of Flash with regard to Java Applets.

16)   Stream It Now
It is an easy to understand tutorial for flash programmers in which author discusses about the method of encoding, uploading and adding video in to the users website.

17)   Pet feeding game
The aim of this game is to feed the four cute pets. Attention: There is a monster that eats up the food !

18)   Sending Email from Flash
This tutorials explains about what is flash? how to send email from flash programme with a simple programme. The author further says the similarites and differences between flash forms and HTML forms.

19)   Tiling Images in flash
This is a simple tutorial in which the author has explained the readers about the techniques in filling and covering backgrounds with flash effected images.

20)   Fixing Fonts In Flash
Fixing Fonts In Flash is a tutorial that teaches the users how to embed the pixel fonts in flash to avoid the blurry look after converting it into a swf file.

21)   Hello World Remoting
Hello World Remoting is a tutorial that teaches the users about flash remoting which allows the flash movies to call remote server side applications and sending parameters and receiving requests without the knowlege of the server side.

22)   Optimizing Flash
Optimizing Flash is a tutorial that assists the users how to construct the flash files in an efficient manner. This tutorial can be used by the users who have a working knowledge of flash.

23)   Flash Menu Templates
This a collection of useful flash menu templates using which you can enrich your web site layout and designs with attractive menus. All templates are predefined and hence you can easily integrate them on your website.

24)   Poedeflash
Poedeflash is a website offering tips, tutorials, opensource, reviews about flash.

25)   Flash Help Systems
This article looks at one of the ways you can improve usability on websites. Create a complex help system that is quick to load, easy to view and is always available to the user.

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