1-22 Online Communities (Flash) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Cowtoon Avatar Chatroom builder
With Cowtoon Avatar Chat Builder 1.0, you don'thave to pay lots of money to create this chat for your webite. It can be used as soon as 15 minutes.

2)   FlashAdvisor Forum
This script offers a Flash discussion board. On this board you can put question or your doubts and can also help beginners or developers resolve their queries.

3)   KirupaForum
This is a shocked Flash resource for tutorials, downloads, support, links and a number of other facilities.

4)   Flashgimp
Flashgimp is an online resource site for Macromedia, Photoshop, Max, 2D, 3D, Flash, PHP scripting & development for the designers on the internet. With flashgimp you can learn, grow and develop new skills as a designer in all mediums such as graphic design, animation, 3D, programming, web design, typography, photography’.

5)   PixelJunction
Photoshop Tutorials, Dreamweaver tutorials, Free interfaces, Free Web Templates, and much more.

6)   Altermind Temp Forum
Altermind Temp Forum is an online commununity offers a message board, flash resources and more.

7)   Virtual-FX.net
We have tons of step by step tutorials,Messageboards, FLA, PDF downloads and more coming every week.

8)   FlashMove
A Flash resource site for all your macromedia flash needs. Site features search engine, competitions, tutorials, forum, links, mailing list, vote, and more.

9)   Flash-db Message Boards
Flash-db is a community of Freelance Flash Designers and Programmers, Dealing with Database issues, mySQL, MS SQL, Access and server side scripting including PHP, ASP, CFM, Pe

10)   Swiftdev | Swift Developers Resource
Swiftdev is a community dedicated to Swift3D.

11)   Flash 5 Bible
flashsupport.com offers an online message board about the Flash 5 Bible and other Flash Bible related topics.

12)   Pope de Flash
Pope de Flash Your 3D community is a discussion forum powered by vBulletin.

13)   FlashMXFiles.com
FlashMXFiles.com is an online community for flash users. Website offers chat, games, help, and advice.

14)   Flash online forums by Macromedia
Macromedia Flash Online Forums.

15)   We're Here
Flash resources, Flash tutorials, .fla sample downloads, and Flash discussion at We're Here.

16)   Exposure for Artists
Exposure for Artists, is set out to give the artists exposure to knowledge and the industry. Our flash forum provides industry professionals and user group managers that are ready to help with any queries.

17)   Macromedia Flash Support Center
Macromedia offers support for Flash and other Macromedia related topics.

18)   Work along with discussions
The purpose of this community is to provide a more professional and serious forum for designers and developers to interact and have discussions among themselves and with their employers. The focus is on simplicity of use and quick loading

19)   Flash Kit Community
Flash Kit Community offers an online community for Flash Fans. Post a message at the discussion boards.

20)   Flash Group
Flash Group is an online community for flash users and fans.

21)   Best Flash Animation sites
A showcase and archive of the best Flash sites including Games and Cartoons updated each week and resources for Flash sites.

22)   eStoreMenu
Building A Better Web World. Offers games, designing, hosting and more...

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